5 Best Holy Stone Racing Drones

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Holy Stone is a relatively new producer of drones, but it has an impressive range of models. This ranges from Holy Stone racing drones through to premium models with high-quality cameras for photography and videos.

Many of the Holy Stone drones are suitable for racing due to their excellent controls, sturdy build design, and solid battery life. Also, they usually feature a range of flying controls that allow you to learn how to pilot a drone in a safe manner.

When choosing a Holy Stone drone, be sure to look at the flight type. Not all Holy Stone racing drones offer FPV controls and use headless controls instead. This can affect how you use the drone and the places you could fly it.

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1. Holy Stone HS165

Holy Stone HS165 Image

One of the best Holy Stone racing drones is the HS165. This affordable camera drone offers an excellent mix of racing features and video/photography capabilities. It has an excellent flight time of up to 28 minutes and the standard carry case can hold two batteries.

There are FPV capabilities either via an FPV headset or a smartphone or tablet. The FOV camera provides a decent 90-degree viewing angle and the drone also features a 5G Wi-Fi transmission of up to 820ft. This means you can fly it comfortably and receive a constant video stream for piloting.

The HS165 has a range of useful flight features such as a safe GPS return home function. It has several flight functions for photography including follow me, circle fly, and tap fly. This means you can be creative with your drone flights, and the content you create.

For racing, the drone features a durable design with strong motor arms and a low-profile main chassis that minimizes resistance. The robust rotor blades can also be easily removed and changed if damaged.

2. Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee

Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee Image

The Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee is a small and lightweight drone that is ideal for racing. It features a simple control system and a quality controller with ergonomic control designs. The motors are capable of speeds up to 50kmh.

The durable motors and blades also have decent wind resistance so you can keep the drone stable even in tricky weather conditions. The flight time is 15 minutes and the standard package comes with two Li-Po batteries.

When racing, the drone has fluid and responsive controls, and you can perform a variety of cool flips using single buttons on the controller. The only downside with this racing drone is that it does not have FVP capabilities and must be flown in headless mode i.e. looking at the orientation of the drone.

To improve stability, the HS150 Bolt Bee also has a 2.4GHz six axis gyro stability which means the handling and control are excellent.

3. Holy Stone HS110D

Holy Stone HS110D Image

The Holy Stone HS110D is a great, dual-purpose drone that can be used for racing and general piloting. It has a built-in 1080p FOV camera which can also be used for FPV control. The controls feature a combination of mobile phone technology and a controller where you fix your smartphone into the controller rig.

This quality drone comes with two batteries and supports a maximum flight time of 20 minutes. Also, the batteries are easy to access and replace for quick changeovers.

For racing and control, the drone handles perfectly. It is responsive and has an altitude hold function. This means if you release the controls, the drone will hold at its present height. You can also perform 3D flips and advance maneuvers relatively easily.

The design of the HS110D is robust and it has a smooth, low-profile black chassis. The rotor blades have minimal protection with four protruding guards that protect from collisions. This is one of the top Holy Stone racing drones but is also decent for video and photography. We put it through its paces in our Holy Stone HS110D review.

4. Holy Stone HS210

Holy Stone HS210 Image

The Holy Stone HS210 is a smaller racing drone that is an excellent drone for beginners and children. It has a simple controller that is similar to an X-Box joypad. The controls are easy to understand, and this is one of the best Holy Stone racing drones for those who want to learn how to pilot drones for the first time.

The standard package comes with three batteries and the flight time per each is a decent 21 minutes. The batteries are easy to access within the drone so you can change quickly and keep flying.

For different skill levels, this drone has various speed settings. As you progress and improve your confidence, you can increase the speed to perform more complex maneuvers. There is also a useful low battery alarm, so you know when you need to land the drone to change batteries.

The blades are fully protected by a circular plastic ring. This keeps the blades relatively safe from collisions.

5. Holy Stone HS170 (Budget Winner)

Holy Stone HS170 Image

The best budget Holy Stone racing drones are the HS170s. This compact and lightweight model is affordable and a great choice for children and teenagers who want to learn how to pilot a drone for racing.

The drone has various flight features so you can comfortably learn the basics. This includes an auto-hovering feature and a one-touch takeoff and landing button. There are three different speed modes that you can switch through as you learn.

The flight time is okay at 16 minutes, and you do receive two batteries in the standard package. The HS170 allows you to perform some fun 3D flips using buttons on the controller.

It has a durable design and the blades are protected from underneath by four barriers. It has a control range pf 165ft too. For beginners, this is an excellent budget drone, with a steady learning curve we analyze in our full review of the Holy Stone HS170.

Learn Drone Piloting Basics with Holy Stone Racing Drones

These Holy Stone racing drones are excellent for beginners and those learning the basics. The smaller models like the HS210 and HS170 are perfect drones for children and young teenagers who are interested in drone piloting and want to learn how to fly for racing.

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