5 Best Affordable Camera Drones

Best Drones with Cameras for Under $300 - Drone

Camera drones have become a popular “tool” for photographers and videographers as well as for other professionals who want to capture landscapes, properties, and other shots from a different perspective.

High demand, ever-growing popularity, and more production have made prices quite versatile. Some camera drones are pricey, while others are more affordable. In this post, we’re going to review the affordable camera drones for under $300. Let’s check them out. 

1. Force1 F200W Shadow (Overall Winner)

Force1 F200W Shadow Image

Force1 is also a big player in budget-friendly drone game. Although their drone is the priciest on this list, it has the longest flying time than any other device. Force1’s Shadow has a flying time of up to 30 minutes regardless of whether you use it during the day or night. Thanks to full 1080P video capabilities, the users of this drone can capture stunning views from the air. You can enjoy the live video feed at any time with the LCD screen attached to the remote controller.

Due to the fact that the Force1 drone offers three return home functions, the device is easy to use and ideal for both beginner and professional users alike. With a simple press of the button, the drone returns right back, even if it’s out of your sight. Using artificial intelligence, the drone returns to the owner without any input in situations when the battery is low, or the signal is getting weak.

The stealthy brushless drone motors and advanced features with VR capabilities are yet another reason why Force1’s drone is considered the best device of this kind for buyers on the budget. All you need to do is to strap on a VR headset to watch the real-time, live-streaming video.

The drone is also accompanied by an iOS or Android app. The 500m GPS tracking allows users to capture truly remarkable videos and photos from more than five football fields away. This feature is especially useful for those who want to use a drone to take photos or videos of landscapes, sceneries, and other vast areas.

2. Hubsan H501S X4 Air

Hubsan H501S X4 Air Image

Over the last few years, Hubsan has become a go-to brand for affordable camera drones. While the price is not the only criteria to consider when buying a drone (quality is also important), Hubsan’s devices are praised by their users for their versatility and outstanding images.

The X4 Air is basically a quadcopter with an HD camera for beginners. If you’re just dipping your toes in drone photography or videography you want something that’s affordable, but decent in quality while being easy to use, then this is the device for you.

The drone is equipped with a remote controller and delivers 5.8G real-time video transmission. The built-in HD camera of the X4 Air is tuned specifically to capture high-quality pictures and videos. What we love about this drone is that the built-in GPS enables the quadcopter to enter “failsafe” mode when it loses connection with the transmitter.

According to the brand, this device has 18 to 20 minutes of flying time, which is quite decent compared to other drones. Control distance is 300m while the charging time is 150 minutes.

3. Holy Stone HS100

Holy Stone HS100 Image

Holy Stone was founded in 2014, and during this short period of time, they have released innovative drones with professional-level features thanks to the hard work and dedication of their team. Their drones are available in the Americas, Japan, EU countries, the Middle East, and India.

The Holy Stone HS100 features a GPS assisted flight that provides users with accurate positioning details of the device. When the battery is low, or the signal becomes weak, the drone will automatically return to home base thanks to the built-in RTH (return-to-home) feature. In other words, due to RTH, you won’t have to worry about losing the drone because it will always come back.

One of the best features of this drone is the newest 1080P 120° wide-angle HD WiFi optimized camera with adjustable angle. In addition to high-quality images, you can also create outstanding videos and even live video of everything the drone sees. The addition of altitude hold function enables the drone to fly while its height is locked, which comes handy when the drone is out of the user’s sight.

The HS100 drone was created with user-friendliness in mind, which is why you can start the drone simply by pressing a single button. Another useful thing is that users can control the drone via the app too. 

Compared to the Hubsan camera drone, this is not one of the most affordable camera drones and it has a shorter flying time of 12 to 15 minutes. On the other hand, the Hubsan drone can fly up to 20 minutes. The charging time of Holy Stone camera drone is three to six hours, WiFi distance is 150m, while maximum transmission distance is 500m.

4. Potensic T25

Potensic T25 Image

Potensic is yet another popular name in affordable camera drones. Their T25 drone is useful for beginners, but also for people who want to operate a quality drone without spending a fortune. This device is compact and very lightweight, which is particularly useful for anyone who doesn’t want bulky or heavy devices. The small size makes this drone ideal for indoor flying, and it fits easily into a backpack. 

The Potnesic T25 is fitted with a 1080 HD camera that shoots high-quality still images and videos. The adjustable 90° angle means the camera has a wide field of view. Another practical thing about this drone is that it can transmit all captured moments and photos without any delay. It’s important to mention that photos and videos are crystal clear.

When fully charged, Potensic’s T25 has about 10 minutes of flying time, which is a bit shorter compared to Holy Stone and Hubsan drones reviewed above. However, this device also has a return to home feature, and it features a custom flight path. The drone comes with an aluminum carrying case so that you can safely transport it from one place to another.

5. DBPOWER X400W (Budget Winner)


If you’re on a very tight budget but still want a camera drone, then DBPOWER’s device is worth checking out. The brand attributes the quality of its affordable camera drones to continual improvements and firmware upgrades, followed by strict testing.

The DBPOWER quadcopter comes with a built-in HD camera, and users can control the device using their smartphone. It’s necessary to install the MJX H app, and in order to connect the phone to the drone you need to enter the smartphone’s settings, make sure WiFi connection is turned on, and connect the signal to MJX H. It’s quite simple actually. Once the drone is connected to the app on the phone, users can see everything their quadcopter sees via live video feed.

The headless mode controls the direction of the drone, so users don’t have to worry about the direction the drone is facing at the moment. Thanks to the headless mode, DBPOWER drone is ideal for beginners and even for children. With a press of the button, the drone will come back to you.

Although this quadcopter comes with 3D split-screen display and #C4005 FPV high-resolution camera it may not be overly convenient for users who are looking for long flying time. The flying time of this drone is eight to nine minutes. But, it’s more than enough for users looking for an affordable drone for shorter flying sessions.

Choosing Affordable Camera Drones

Camera drones have changed the world of photography forever. They allow users to capture indoor and outdoor locations from a different perspective. Drones are easy to use and come at various prices. In this post, we have reviewed the best affordable camera drones under $300. Go for the drone that answers your needs the most, especially the flying time.

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