Irix 150mm f/2.8 Macro Dragonfly Review: Fully Manual Quality

Irix has been bringing out some tasty lenses recently, with both good optics and functionality. Now they are adding to the lineup with the Irix 150mm f/2.8 Dragonfly Macro which can double up as a regular lens with macro mode. 150mm is quite long for macro purposes, but the macro functionality has 1:1 magnification, which


13 Photography and Camera Terms You Need to Know

Learning the plethora of terms and definitions for any subject area can be an ongoing task. Considering all the areas of photography, there can be a lot to learn, some specific to film and some to digital. We will be dealing with what you could consider as the fundamental terms in photography, rather than other

9 Best Camera Straps

Most cameras that photographers tend to invest in will come with an included strap. In most cases, this will be a neck strap and will provide basic functionality that allows you to easily keep your camera with you – directly around your neck – making it easy to take a shot at any time. The

Pelican 1510 Case Review: Protect Your Gear

Moving around with camera gear can be extremely risky, especially if you are traveling abroad with it. But regardless of where you are going, having a lens, a camera body, or any other necessity break is something photographer do not look forward to or want to experience. Of course, with weather, carelessness, or anything else

Camera accessories with Camera Lens Bags

9 Best Camera Lens Bags for Photographers

Just like you depend on your camera when you go on a photography exhibition, you also rely on your lenses. While there are many camera bags that come with additional storage space for your lenses, they may not always be affordable or offer enough space for all of the lenses that you own. This calls


Nikon D750 Camera Review: Still a Contender

The Nikon D750 camera is a significant release of the company as its a full frame DSLR which provides many of the features of the D610 and the D810, while sitting in between the two. Some aspects such as faster continuous shooting and improved autofocus system better than what can be found in the D810

Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag Review: Lives Up to the Name

When it comes to photography shoulder bags, there is an infinite amount to choose from. You have shoulder bags that are perfect for your commute and others that have been designed for your camera and extra accessories. And while some are hits, there are also many misses. It can be a tedious process having to

Camera Hand Strap

10 Best Camera Hand Straps

You’ve paid a lot of money for your camera, along with your other photography equipment, so you obviously want to keep them in pristine condition at all times. A falling camera can be damaging. Even though there are many cameras today that come with shock absorbing features, when your camera falls, scratches and chips can


Irix 15mm f/2.4 Review: Surprisingly Good Optics

Irix may not be the most obvious make of camera lens, but they are designed by Switzerland-based TH Swiss and put together in Korea to keep down costs. Boasting great optics, the lens comes in two varieties of the ‘Firefly’ and ‘Blackstone’ with basically different outer shells at different price points. Design To start with

Camera accessories

7 Best Inexpensive Camera Accessories To Buy

Whether photography is a hobby of yours or you consider yourself a professional, one thing is for sure – a camera alone is often not enough to help you capture the perfect photos. There are many accessories that have been released to make your job as a photographer much easier and enjoyable, and to help

BlackRapid Sport Breathe Camera Strap Review: Still One of the Best?

BlackRapid is no stranger to making top-of-the-line and unique camera straps. With each release, you can expect nothing but quality. The BlackRapid Sport Breathe Strap became an addition to their Breathe Line back in 2017 but still remains relevant. The Breathe Line itself is different from other camera straps due to how the elements of

Camera woman

6 Best Camera Bags for Women

When you read a post about the top camera bags that are out there on the market right now, you might notice that many of these lists tend to focus a lot on general bags and it often seems like the products are geared toward a male audience. There are many bags out there that


How to Choose an SD Card for Your Camera

A memory card used to be a set-and-forget type item in my camera kit. Buy once, plug in and use, then only worry about it once I need more capacity, right? Well, it started to become a concern a few camera upgrades back— with more consideration for multiple card slots in a camera, how much

10 Best Bridge Cameras

Zoom is a feature that is often desired in a digital camera, but with mirrorless cameras, DSLR cameras, and similar options, a great zoom function can also be exceptionally expensive. This is where bridge cameras come in, offering you an excellent zoom function, while also providing the other features that photographers rely on. In this

Drone in a sunset

9 Best Beginner Drones

If you are only dipping your toes into the world of drones, then you may not know which one would be the best option for you. There are many options that are considered the best beginner drones, but with so many different brands, a variety of prices, and unique features, you need to ensure the

Putting Together a Beginner Astrophotography Kit

It seems many digital photographers are under the impression that one needs to use a telescope in order to engage in astrophotography. While that is indeed one excellent way to start imaging the wonders of the night sky, a lot of night sky photography can be accomplished with the equipment you probably already have. Let’s

MeFoto Backpacker Tripod Review: Light and Compact

When the opportunity comes to travel with photography gear, this is where you have to determine what is actually important. This can difficult because bringing everything you have is not ideal. Of course, there’s the go-to lenses, camera bodies, chargers, and memory cards but many tend to overlook the tripod. It is actually an important

10 Best Action Cameras

Action cameras have become quite popular, allowing you to capture action on-the-go, even in outdoor environments. Whether you are planning a ski trip up the mountain, planning to go hiking with a few friends, or simply want to capture your skateboarding tricks on film, an action camera can truly be your best friend when it


Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS Review: A Solid Prime

Sony has been producing some top quality lenses of late and it seems they have now added to the list the Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS. This piece of glass is set out to double up as a 90mm macro and portrait lens, with a very usable focal length for both purposes. Strapping

Yashica Turns to Kickstarter to Launch Three New Cameras

The previous camera released by the Yashica brand received quite harsh comments from critics. The company did not give up, however, as they are now turning their efforts toward Kickstarter once again in order to bring three new cameras to life. All three cameras will use 35mm film and, in addition to launching these cameras,

Pricing for Adobe’s Popular Photography Plan Doubled

Some people have noticed an increase in the pricing for the Photograph Plan that has become a popular option for photographers who rely on Adobe’s suite of software. The new pricing seems to be double the amount that photographers used to pay in the past. Since 2013, Adobe has offered photographers an affordable way to


Tokina Opera 50mm f/1.4 FF Review: A Pleasant Surprise

The Tokina Opera 50mm f/1.4 was first shown at the Photokina 2018 as part of their top-notch Opera series of lenses. Above the AT-X lens and aiming squarely at the top offerings from Sigma and Tamron, the 50mm lens market has a lot of competition, even at f/1.4, so this will be interesting to see

Moment Tele 58mm Lens Review: Enhancing Smartphone Photography

The enhancement of smartphone photography has taken a giant leap as many companies are creating these phones with more than one lens. This allows users to take impeccable photos without the need of having some sort of professional camera. But another alternative to enhancing your photography is external lenses for smartphones. Over the past years,

iPhone Will Soon Have A 3- Camera Setup With 12MP Selfie Shooter

iPhone packs the punch when it comes to its cameras. A buzz is going around that Apple is actually planning to introduce an upgraded and enhanced camera setup with even better picture resolution. This particular upgrade will most probably be released later this year. The latest iPhones have a 7 MP front camera. Reportedly, this


Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 G SSM II Review: A High-End Operator

The 70-200mm is a popular focal range among photographers and with Sony allowing other glass to be fitted to their cameras via an adapter, they definitely have hot competition on their heels. However, there is nothing like having the same brand lens fitted to your camera, which means Sony camera owners are going to be

Tokina Announced New Macro Lens with Support for Sony Cameras

Tokina has officially announced the release of a brand new lens from the popular brand. The new lens is a type of Macro lens, called the Tokina FiRIN 100mm f2.8 FE Macro lens. The lens is compatible with full-frame mirrorless cameras from the Sony brand. The announcement for the new camera lens from Tokina was

❤ Useful Social Media Symbols You Can Copy and Paste ✓

Emojis are the most fun when to express yourself in a new post for your Instagram, Snap, Facebook, or Twitter. There are so many of them, it’s easy to forget how to type out these symbols. There are thousands of symbols that you can choose from – and one of the primary benefits of them

The Term “Leica” Banned by the Chinese Government

After a short film was published by the Leica camera brand, a large number of the citizens within China found some details in the video to be offensive. Conversations about the video imposing a negative view of China went to such an extent that the Chinese Government decided to take matters into their own hands.

Magisto Video Creation Platform Acquired by Vimeo

Vimeo recently announced that they have officially acquired Magisto, a video production platform that has gained quite a lot of popularity in recent years. The platform was initially an Israeli start-up and had more than 100 million registered users prior to Vimeo acquiring the service. The Magisto platform helps the user create videos with “excitement

Instagram Now Testing Update Where Like Count Is No Longer Shown

Instagram is considering the possibility of adding a new update to its platform. In the update, like counts will no longer be shown beneath photographs and videos that have been uploaded by users. According to current findings, it has been suggested that this may be a move from Instagram’s side to make the platform less

Nikon Releases Affordable Waterproof Coolpix W150 Camera

Nikon Corporation has officially announced the release of a compact digital camera – the Nikon Coolpix W150. The Coolpix W150 is one of the five new cameras that users are expecting from Nikon. Not only does the new camera offer waterproofing and shockproofing capabilities, but it’s also affordable. Users can capture memorable moments at the

LIT Flash Is About to Make Your Smartphone Photos a Lot Better

Back in the day, phones didn’t have great cameras, but today the story is different. Thanks to the wonderful evolution of technology, you’re able to capture amazing photos using your smartphone. That explains why an increasing number of people prefer taking photos with their smartphones rather than a “regular” camera. However, you’re well aware of

Meet DOTMOT: The Camera Kit Replica Made Entirely of Paper

Human imagination has no limits, and that’s definitely a good thing. Creativity and a little bit of effort are all that’s necessary to create some truly awesome things, and you’re going to love this one – camera kit made entirely from paper. Yes, we’re serious! The paper camera was created by DOTMOT, a Seoul-based motion

Google Pixel 3 AI Allows Users to Snap Amazing Selfies

Let’s be honest; we all love a good selfie. We take selfies on our own, with friends and family, to create memories, to mark a special occasion, you name it. Bearing in mind how much people love selfies, manufacturers started designing and creating their devices and software to enhance our overall experience. Google is about

Raspberry Pi Project Turns into an Etch-A-Snap Camera

The Raspberry Pi system has given people an endless number of possibilities, with creativity truly being the only limitation. What Martin Fitzpatrick built, however, was something unseen among both the photography community and enthusiasts who dabble with the Raspberry Pi system. He built quite a fascinating device that draws a photograph onto an Etch-A-Sketch device. 

Dead Fly in Lens Barely Affects Image Quality

Roger Cicala at Lens Rentals, along with his team, made quite a discovery last week. After their Canon 70-200mm F2.8L IS II lens has been circulating for over three years, a fly ended up in the lens. Prior to taking on a very intricate task of removing the dead fly from the lens, the team