7 Best 62mm Filters

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As your photography skills develop you will undoubtedly want to experiment with new accessories. Once you have purchased a selection of lenses, why not look at some filters? Lens filters can add protection. They can also improve your creative options and allow the utilization of different techniques.

To show you the power and creativity available, we have listed seven different 62mm filters, from basic UV protective filters, through to graduated sunrise filters:

1. Tiffen 62mm UV Protection Filter

Tiffen 62mm UV Protection Filter Image

A UV protective filter is an essential item for any photographer’s kit. As one of the best 62mm filters, this offers protection more than effects or improved photography.

A UV filter does filter out basic UV rays and keep images clear. However, its main purpose is to protect the lens from dirt, scratches, dust, and moisture. This is exactly what the Tiffen 62mm UV protection filter does. It is affordable, durable, and has excellent quality glass.

Once you venture into purchasing lens filters, a UV protective filter is the first one we would advise buying. For those who frequently venture outdoors, this Tiffen protective filter is a must-have accessory.

2. AmazonBasics Circular Polarizer Camera Photography Lens

AmazonBasics Circular Polarizer Camera Photography Lens Image

Second to the UV protective filter is the circular polarizer. This is another hugely popular filter for professional photographers. This type of filter primarily helps to eliminate glare from harsh lighting and reflections.

In addition, it is used to create even landscape photos with skies that have intense blue coloration. This can improve your landscape photography dramatically without the need for post-processing software.

The AmazonBasics circular polarizer is affordable but well-made. It has a glass coating made from different materials that provide extra protection. Also, it is waterproof and has an easy screw-on mechanism to attach to your lens.

3. Gobe NDX 62mm Variable ND Lens Filter

Gobe NDX 62mm Variable ND Lens Filter Image

Completing the trio of must-have 62mm filters is the variable ND filter. Gobe has created a high-quality accessory that gives photographers a large degree of control over the lighting of their photos.

Variable ND filters allow you to control light intake onto the lens and sensor. Moreover, the glass is designed in such a way that it shouldn’t affect color balance.

The Gobe NDX 62mm variable ND filter has a rotating ring. You can reduce the light between one to 8.66 stops. This makes it perfect for landscape photography, but also for videos too. In addition, the glass is premium quality and provides additional protection.

4. Hoya 62mm Variable Density Filter

Hoya 62mm Variable Density Filter Image

An alternative to the Gobe variable ND filter is the Hoya 62mm variable density filter. This is one of the best quality 62mm filters we have seen. It is a little more expensive, but the quality and functionality are worth the cost.

This variable density filter allows exposure control of between 1.5 to nine stops. This is a great range of control and is perfect for use with slow shutter speeds to create beautiful long exposure photography. If you want to produce gorgeous long exposure water photography, the Hoya 62mm variable density filter is a wise choice.

By using this variable ND filter, you can avoid purchasing multiple ND 62mm filters at different exposure stops.

5. Tiffen 62mm Color-Grad Neutral Density .6 Filter

Tiffen 62mm Color-Grad Neutral Density .6 Filter Image

A graduated color filter usually has two parts, a clear glass part, and a color graded part. This allows you to balance photos that have high contrast with lighting. For example, a landscape shot with a bright sky.

The color graded section would be focused on the sky. This reduces the highlights and ensures the sky isn’t washed out. The clear section would be focused on the foreground creating a balanced image with great detail.

The Tiffen 62mm Color-Grad ND filter does just this. It is half clear glass, which grades into a neutral gray color. Any 62mm filters like this can improve your landscape photography. Furthermore, they can also work well for black and white photography.

6. Tiffen 62mm Glimmerglass 1 Filter

Tiffen 62mm Glimmerglass 1 Filter Image

Aside from the basic 62mm filters, there is also a great range of effects filters. These provide interesting effects to your photos and are great for creative photography.

One such accessory is the Tiffen Glimmerglass filter. The glass of this filter has a distinct silver sparkle that softens details of images. The silver sparkle also adds a highlighting glow to your photos. The effect is pleasing but not too over-the-top.

It is classed as a diffusion filter and is a great accessory for portrait photography. Furthermore, it is also a useful filter for film and studio photography if you want to try different recording techniques.

7. Tiffen 62mm Color-Grad Sunrise Graduated Filter

Tiffen 62mm Color-Grad Sunrise Graduated Filter Image

The Tiffen 62mm Color-Grad Sunrise Graduated Filter is one of the most unusual 62mm effects filters but it allows you to have some fun. Half of the filter is clear glass. The other half has a graduated density coloration with a light sunrise color.

The colored half allows you to add additional color tones to a scene such as a sunrise. This Tiffen model can accept a lens cap. Moreover, it has a high-quality screw thread and you can easily fit this to your lens.

Improve Your Photography With 62mm Filters

To start, we would recommend purchasing a UV protection filter, and a variable neutral density filter. These are basic accessories. You can use them and see how the lens filters work. Furthermore, you can gain a basic idea of their potential.

As you progress, why not try some of the advanced 62mm filters and expand to own a full set of filters for different purposes?

Be sure to check the size and diameter of your lens first. Also, check what type of filters it can take i.e. does it have a screw thread.

We also have buying guides on a range of other filter thread sizes too including 72mm, 49mm, and 77mm.

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