7 Best 72mm Filters

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Lens filters are brilliant accessories that improve a photographer’s creativity. There is a fantastic range of 72mm filters available – from variable ND, and color graduated ND, to specialist contrast filters and circular polarizers. Each filter has a different purpose and it is wise to have a collection to use in different situations.

For your benefit, we have gathered seven of the best 72mm filters covering a wide range of purposes:

1. Tiffen 72mm Variable ND Filter

Tiffen 72mm Variable ND Filter Image

Neutral Density Filters are available as fixed or variable – the variable variety allows you to control exposure by several stops. This is what the Tiffen 72mm Variable ND Filter does. It is a high-quality ND filter that allows exposure control of two to eight stops.

The ring has a thin profile of just 9mm, and the viewing optic is wide to reduce the vignetting effect. In addition, the ring itself is made from black aluminum, and the glass is high quality, using Tiffen ColorCore technology.

This ensures excellent image quality and clarity when using the filter. The Tiffen 72mm Variable ND filter is a top choice for 72mm filters.

2. Tiffen 72mm Color Grad Neutral Density .6 Filter

Tiffen 72mm Color Grad Neutral Density .6 Filter Image

A color graduated neutral density filter has two parts to the glass – half is clear, whilst the other half has a neutral density filter. The two parts are graded smoothly, much like a gradient in photo editing software.

The Tiffen 72mm Color Grad Neutral Density .6 Filter is one of the best 72mm filters for creating a clear balance between sky and foreground. To get the most out of this filter, you would focus the darker portion on the sky, and the clear part on the foreground. This would enable you to retain the detail in both the sky and foreground without blowouts.

This filter is excellent quality and made from durable material. It is available for other lens sizes as well.

3. AmazonBasics Circular Polarizer

AmazonBasics Circular Polarizer Image

Circular polarizing (CPL) filters are extremely popular filter types. They are incredibly useful and improve the intensity of color in the sky while also helping reduce glare.

The AmazonBasics range is an affordable range of lens filters and this polarizer is a top choice. It is cheap but high-quality, and the glass has a multi-coating that helps reduce reflection. Furthermore, it is waterproof and can be used for cameras with and without autofocus.

Instead of purchasing an expensive circular polarizer, the AmazonBasics does an excellent job and is one of the top 72mm filters for effects.

4. Hoya 72mm R72 Infrared Filter

Hoya 72mm R72 Infrared Filter Image

If you want to experiment with different photography techniques then why not try an infrared filter? These filters have a special coating the emulates infrared photography. These lenses can be used to create digital infrared photography without the need to develop the photo using special infrared film.

The Hoya 72mm R72 Infrared Filter is one of the best of its kind available. It has a high-quality build and effectively filters the rays required to create infrared images.

Using this lens, you can develop infrared film if you wish, but it is also suitable for infrared digital photography. This specialist filter is a great addition to your lens kit for creating interesting, artistic images.

5. Tiffen 72mm Orange #21 Filter

Tiffen 72mm Orange #21 Filter Image

Contrast filters are used to control color and contrast within images and are often used in black and white photography. The Tiffen 72mm Orange #21 Filter is used to eliminate ultraviolet light, whilst also providing darker shades of green and blue.

Furthermore, it provides a milder effect than a red contrast filter, but a stronger effect than a yellow contrast filter. It is often used for marine photography. When using this lens, green and blue shades will look darker to improve the overall tone of your images.

Tiffen also has a range of other contrast 72mm filters including yellow, red, green, and blue allowing excellent control over the colors of your photos.

6. AmazonBasics UV Protection

AmazonBasics UV Protection Camera Lens Filter Image

UV protection filters are used for a dual purpose. Firstly, they help eliminate ultraviolet light and the blueish tint sometimes present in photography. Secondly, they help protect your lens from external damage and debris.

This type of lens filter is ideal for outdoor usage to protect from dust, dirt, and sand, for example. The AmazonBasics 72mm UV Protection filter offers excellent protection without sacrificing image quality – the glass is clear, and your images will remain sharp and clean.

Due to its protective qualities, this is one of the best 72mm filters to have – it can help improve the longevity of your lenses.

7. Tiffen 72mm Black Pro-Mist Filter

Tiffen 72mm Black Pro-Mist Filter Image

The Tiffen 72mm Black Pro-Mist Filter creates a pleasing pastel effect on your photos. Furthermore, it allows control of highlight flares, lessens contrast, and retains shadows. It is a professional lens filter that creates a brilliant effect and provides photographers with excellent creative options.

For those creating stylish and artistic videos or photography, this 72mm filter is an excellent choice. You must use it sparingly, however, as it is not suitable for every photographic situation. This Tiffen lens benefits from a high-quality build and durable filter glass.

Upgrade Your Lens Kit With a Range of 72mm Filters

We hope you have found this guide on 72mm filters useful. If you are serious about photography, we advise upgrading your lens kit today. As a bare minimum, a UV protection filter is an absolute must. But why not try some of these other fantastic filters too and see what affects you can create?

When purchasing a lens filter, ensure that you have double-checked the lens diameter – it is advisable to check on the manufacturer’s website to be 100 percent sure – if you purchase the wrong size, the filter simply won’t screw onto your lens.

Don’t forget that we also have reviews on other size filters too for a wider range of lenses including – 77mm filters, 58mm filters, and 49mm filters.

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