9 Best UV Protection Lens Filters

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When shooting outdoors, you need to make sure that your camera has the same protection as your eyes. You may not have known this, but ultraviolet (UV) rays can affect the inner workings of your lens. Newer model lenses usually have special coatings that help prevent damage, but a UV protection lens filter will make a world of difference in protecting your eyes.

Not only does a UV protection lens filter help protect your lens from the sun’s rays, but it will also help to protect the expensive glass from dust, scratches, and various other damage. A second, easily replaceable, piece of glass over your lens is always a good thing to have.

There are many UV protection lens filters currently available on the market, but when you decide to select which one to pick, it is best to read the reviews. To spare you the trouble, we’ve selected the best UV filters for you. Check them out and pick the one that suits you best. 

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1. Breakthrough Photography X2 UV

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The X2 UV protection lens filter is considered a high-quality filter with very sharp AGC glass. It is made in Japan and features top-quality nano-coatings that remove low contrast, ghosting, and flaring, including MRC8. This technology repels water or other elements that might damage the camera. So, instead of smearing and absorbing the water, the filter will bead it.

When you hold the filter at just the right angle, it will create a uniform coating that can be seen with the naked eye. It will remove vibration from photos. In fact, it’s so durable, it comes with a 25-year guarantee. Each product has its own serial number. It’s all about quality and craftsmanship.

Photographers will appreciate this filter as it’s structurally harder than glass, and the MRC coating will increase slight transmittance. Of course, good quality UV filters come at a hefty price, but there’s a reason the X2 UV is the number one ranked product on Amazon with near-perfect reviews.

2. HDStars 58mm UV Filter

HDStars 58mm UV Filter Image

If you love climbing mountains and taking pictures of the snow, we highly suggest you try this UV protection lens filter. It will improve contrast and decrease haze by minimizing the amount of UV light. This filter will prevent build-up of dirt and dust and protect the lens from accidental damage and scratches. It’s always better to break the filter than the lens!

This UV protection lens filter is more expensive than others in the same category, but it is compatible with pretty much every 58mm lens. It is a clear filter for everyday use, especially for beginner photographers. It is pretty durable and provides great protection for the lens.

3. Vivitar UV / CPL / FLD Filter Kit

Vivitar 3-Piece Filter Kit Image

The Vivitar 3-Piece Filter Kit includes a UV filter, along with a super handy circular polarizer and FLD filter for shooting in fluorescent light. Each filter is multi-coated and heat-treated to avoid distortion and movement. The filters protect the lens from fingerprints and scratches along with giving digital images a sharp contrast by absorbing and removing UV rays. The UV filter deals with the ghosting effect caused by light.

The Vivitar filters remove all the reflections from glass or water, along with cutting through haze to improve the contrast and color of your photos. This kit comes at a relatively affordable price. All pieces are very durable and can last for months, depending on how well you take care of them.

4. Hoya 58mm PRO1

Hoya 58mm PRO1 Image

The Hoya PRO1 is designed to protect the lens and reduce UV light. It is useful for reducing ghosting and flare. The Black Almite frame decreases reflection and improves contrast around the filter edge. Its thin frame is designed to be easily removed and re-attached.

Hoya’s filter helps with UV light more than regular UV(0) filters. It is a good filter that comes at an affordable price and is very easy to clean. Compared to other more expensive brands, this filter offers great effects and is made of high-quality materials. To make sure it lasts longer, it is best that you clean the filter once in a while with a proper lens wipe

5. B+W 58mm UV Filter

B+W 58mm UV Filter Image

The B+W 58mm UV filter cuts out the glare and ensures that the photo doesn’t appear blurry. It is a high-quality lens with the ideal smoothness and shape to provide sufficient optical quality. It protects the lens from watermarks, fingerprints, scratches, and dirt. Its most important goal is to protect the photo from ghosting and flare.

Like all glass, to help the B+W 58mm filter last longer, it has to be cleaned often. The filter will not distort or affect the quality of the photos and compared to other, more expensive brands, it doesn’t cost too much. It is not as cheap as some of the other filters on this list, but it is very useful for anyone who takes good care of their camera.

6. Tiffen 58mm UV Protection Filter

Tiffen 58mm UV Protection Filter Image

Tiffen 58mm UV Protection Filter provides basic UV light reduction, which is sufficient enough for beginner photographers. It protects the lens and removes the bluish cast in photos. Like any other filter, its primary goal is to protect the lens from damage, fingerprints, water, dust, and scratches.

Tiffen 58mm UV Protection Filter comes with a 10-year warranty which ensures quality and durability. Its ultra-thin design makes the videos and pictures appear very clear. You can clean it very easily without any fear of damaging the filter. It easily screws on the lens and stays secured in place. It does weigh a bit more, but you can still carry it around because of its size. It is a very affordable filter.

7. YSDIGI UV Filter

YSDIGI UV Filter Image

This is another popular choice that helps to protect the lens from scratches, dirt, dust, and UV light. YSDIGI’s UV filter removes the bluish cast from photos. It is perfect for the outdoors and keeps the lens protected at all times. It is a double-threaded and ultra-slim filter. It is a high-quality filter that will remove light falloff and vignetting, and provides excellent color and optical clarity.

This product drastically decreases ghosting and lens flare. It is made of raw materials, which is crucial for outdoor photography. These materials ensure the filter deepens intensity and eliminates glare. It is a very durable filter ideal for beginners and professional photographers.

8. Altura Photo Filter Kit

Altura Photo Filter Kit Image

This kit features three solid filters for your camera. They protect the lenses and control depth of field, light, and exposure. They are good for removing reflection and glare. They are made of high-impact plastic, which ensures durability. They quickly attach to the front of the camera and stay fixed in place. 

9. AmazonBasics UV Protection Lens Filter (Budget Winner)

AmazonBasics UV Protection Camera Lens Filter- 58mm Image

This AmazonBasics filter will absorb UV light and help you get a clearer picture. This is the key to a vibrant photo. It will also protect the lens from scratches, dirt, and dust. It is currently one of the most popular UV filters since it is ideal for everyday use and is also very cheap. It is sure to help you improve the quality of the outdoor photos and produce beautiful-looking images.

Choosing the Best UV Protection Lens Filter

With so many UV protection lens filters on the market, we decided to share just some of the most popular ones. Our goal with this selection is to help you keep your photos as clear as possible and keep the lens safe at the same time. 

Whichever UV filter you decide to use, you will definitely improve the quality of your photos and offer an extra layer of protection to your lens when trekking. After all, it is much easier to change the filter than spend money to replace scratched lenses.

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