10 Best Travel Tripods

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Many photographers do not realize the possibilities that they can achieve with a tripod, especially when it comes to landscape photography and taking photos in the outdoor world. The main issue that photographers tend to have when they do wish to take a tripod with them on their photoshoots is the size of these accessories. 

Fortunately, you do not have to settle for a shot that was taken with a shaky hand anymore. The market is now filled with a large number of tripods that are perfect for traveling. In fact, some of the best travel tripods that you will find today will be compact enough to fit right into your camera bag.

We did a significant amount of research to find which travel-sized tripods will give you the best value for your money, and allow you to take better shots outdoors. Below, we share our findings with you. Take a closer look at each of the travel tripods we share to determine which one will be the perfect option for your photography sessions. 

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1. Benro Slim Travel Kit

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First on our list is the Benro Slim Travel Kit. Just as the name of this package suggests, you get a complete kit that consists of four travel tripods, making this not only a great choice but also one that is not exceptionally expensive. The default option comes in a carbon fiber construction, but you can choose an aluminum frame as an alternative option.

The design is compact, and the tripod can easily fold to make storage easier. A camera plate is fitted on the product with an Arca-Swiss design style. The tripod is compatible with a range of different cameras and has a very light weight to it. The ball head on the top of the tripod can be removed if necessary. 

2. Vanguard VEO 2 GO 265HAB

Vanguard VEO 2 GO 265HAB Image

The next option on our list is a high-quality tripod that does come at a price that is higher than many alternative options out there, but you will find that the durability and sturdiness of this one surpass some of the competitor options. Vanguard tripods come in a variety of options, and you can choose a carbon fiber design if you desire.

The Vanguard VEO 2 GO 265HAB is compatible with various cameras. The attached ball head ensures perfect compatibility with compact system cameras, DSLR cameras, and mirrorless cameras. The rubberized twist legs also help to secure the tripod in place, making it a safer option for outdoor photography. 

3. MeFOTO Classic Aluminum Roadtrip Travel Tripod

MeFOTO Classic Aluminum Roadtrip Travel Tripod Image

If you are looking for something versatile in terms of design, then consider the MeFOTO Classic Aluminum Roadtrip Travel Tripod. This particular option also has a relatively higher price tag for a single tripod. It does come in 11 different color options, including titanium, green, red, and more. The tripod features 360-degree panning, allowing for your panoramas to be more accurate.

The two-leg angle position system adds more flexibility to the options that are available to you while you are using the tripod. This MeFOTO tripod folds into a compact structure and can easily fit right into your existing camera bag

4. GEEKOTO 58” Ultra-Compact Lightweight Aluminum Tripod

GEEKOTO 58” Ultra Compact Lightweight Aluminum Tripod Image

Next up is the GEEKOTO 58” Ultra-Compact Lightweight Aluminum Tripod. This is a much more affordable option compared to some of the other travel tripods that you are able to choose from. It comes with a maximum height of 58 inches, but to make this product great for traveling, the height can be easily adjusted. Once adjusted, the tripod easily folds to allow for easier storage and transport.

This tripod comes with a ball head that is capable of turning 360 degrees, making it a great choice for taking panoramic photos. It is compatible with a variety of different camera systems, including DSLR cameras. 

5. Oben CT-3535

Oben CT-3535 Folding Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod Image

The Oben CT-3535 is a high-quality option that comes with a few perks you do not see in many of the cheaper travel tripods on the market. This carbon fiber tripod comes fitted with a ball head at the top, which is helpful for mounting cameras and also provides improved rotation, allowing for more accurate panoramas to be taken.

The maximum load capacity of the Oben’s travel tripod is quite impressive – it can support a camera kit with a weight of up to nine pounds. 

6. Manfrotto Compact Action Aluminum 5-Section Tripod Kit

Manfrotto Compact Action Aluminum 5-Section Tripod Kit Image

For those looking for durable aluminum travel tripods, the Manfrotto Compact Action Aluminum 5-Section Tripod Kit might be an ideal option – and it comes at a very attractive price.

This kit features a 5-section design and has a hybrid head, providing improved compatibility and superior stability compared to more traditional options. The tripod comes in two different colors, including black and red. The tripod was designed primarily for SLR cameras, and a quick-release plate is also installed in this tripod. 


MACTREM 03 PT55 Travel Camera Tripod Image

The MACTREM PT55 tripod is a truly portable size, and its weight is definitely on the lighter side, especially when we compare this product to alternative travel tripods. This product has a very affordable price tag and comes with an included carry bag.

This tripod is made from aluminum alloy tubing, along with engineering plastic material. You can load a camera with a weight of up to 11 pounds on this tripod. The tripod itself, however, only weighs 2.6 pounds. 

8. Tycka Lightweight 65” Aluminum Travel Tripod

Tycka Lightweight 65” Aluminum Travel Tripod Image

Next, we have the Tycka Lightweight 65” Aluminum Travel Tripod. This one comes with a mid-range price tag. It features a useful length of 65 inches, which is quite impressive considering the compact size. When you are done using the tripod, simply fold it up, and it will fit into most standard camera bags that come with a tripod storage unit.

There is a quick-release plate installed on this particular tripod. It also comes with a ball head that features 360-degree rotation, allowing for panoramas and other great shots. 

9. ZOMEi Camera Tripod

ZOMEI Camera Tripod Image

This ZOMEi tripod is another option that has a more affordable price tag, yet still provides you with the features that you expect from travel tripods. The tripod has a maximum length of 55 inches, which can be adjusted according to your needs.

ZOMEi’s camera tripod folds up into a smaller structure to ensure you can store it in your camera bag and take it with you on your travels. It is compatible with most DSLR cameras as the maximum load capacity of the tripod is 11 pounds. 

10. AmazonBasics 60″ Lightweight Tripod (Budget Winner)

AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag Image

Our budget pick for this list is the AmazonBasics 60″ Lightweight Tripod. This is a complete kit that does not only include the tripod itself, but also a bag that makes carrying and protecting the product easier. This is definitely one of the most affordable travel tripods you are going to find.

This AmazonBasics tripod comes with a quick-release mounting plate, and the head features a three-way system with a swivel motion. There are also different options that allow you to vary between landscape and portrait modes. 

Finding the Best Travel Tripods

Taking a tripod with you on your travels can be a great help. These accessories can provide a significant helping hand in stabilizing your images, while also expanding the possibilities of the shot that you want to capture. We shared the best travel tripods in this post to help make your search for the perfect option easier and faster. 

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