5 Best Racing Drones

5 Best Racing Drones 1

You may have heard people somewhere talking about drone racing and you may be planning to take out your own Mavic Air or Spark to have some fun with your friends, but it’s not what they are made for. Drones made for racing are tough, small, and agile, and they come with FPV cameras and goggles.

Unlike the other high-tech camera drones, these racing drones are available at reasonable prices and are easy to get started. In this list, we have included some of the best racing drones that are perfect for your drone racing career.

But before we start to review these exciting flying machines, you must understand that these are very high-speed drones and can be very hard to control for first-timers. They also come with little to no flight assistance. So, before you jump into drone racing, it is recommended to learn some basics about these drones from a trainer.

Here are some of the best racing drones with their short descriptions and some highlighted features.


Blade Mach 25 Image

If you look at the design of the Blade Mach 25, it doesn’t seem like other racing drones. It’s because its thick carbon fiber body has some gorgeous graphics designs and aluminum supports, which makes the drone lightweight and incredibly durable. Underneath the body of the drone, you will find Spektrum A3174 receiver, ESC+PDB system, and a 1350mAh LiPo battery, which gives it a flight duration of around six minutes.

If we talk about the performance, the drone is equipped with a solid CCD FPV camera, which means you won’t face any latency issues. In addition, the Blade Mach 25 also boasts bright LED lights. It doesn’t come with a controller/transmitter and its receiver is only compatible with Spektrum radios.


5 Best Racing Drones 2

The next racing drone in our list is Starfall X from Odyssey, which is perfectly suitable for beginners. Like the Blade Mach 25, it’s based on the same concept and also doesn’t feel like a racing drone due to its rigid outer shell. A black/yellow color scheme on the drone looks nice in appearance and makes it visible at great distances.

The maximum operating range for the drone is 500 meters and its FPV does a great job up to 300 meters without any issues. Starfall X features a 1300 mAh battery which gives it a flight time of roughly eight to ten minutes. The package comes with an extra battery inside as well.

The powerful brushless motors are capable enough to fly the drone at a speed of up to 55 mph. That means the drone can win races. The 1080p camera will give you an amazing flight experience.


5 Best Racing Drones 3

Walkera has been able to deliver some great racing drones and become one of the most popular brands on the market. Their Rodeo 110 offers some great features and has got many customers’ attention. When it comes to 110mm racing drones, Walkera Rodeo clearly is a winner.

Walkera has installed a 600TVL wide-angle camera on such a small drone, which is a great thing. The drone’s 200MW/600MW transmission ensures the user doesn’t observe any latency issues. A small 850mAh LiPo battery may not give you the expected power capacity but it does quite well and can keep the drone flying for up to six minutes.

The Rodeo 110 has a carbon fiber frame and is solidly built. It features an F3 flight controller and supports flight stabilization, which keeps the drone insanely steady and is a welcome feature for beginner pilots. Its radio transmission only supports PPM and SBUS, however, you also have the choice to install other radios like Futaba.


5 Best Racing Drones 4

Eachine has successfully built an RTF racing drone which is an all-around performer. Their Wizard X220 features a solid frame and has been built so well that it can withstand some serious crashes. However, it would be a good idea to get some extra ESCs and propellers when you buy this drone.

The Wizard X220 comes with an F3 6DOF flight controller which supports both Mode 1 and Mode 2 controls. The drone uses powerful 2205 2300KV motors paired with the 20A ESCs to keep it in the air.

The 1500mAh 25C XT60 LiPo battery gives the drone enough power capacity to stay in flight for quite some time. However, it would be great if you have another one. The package includes some other accessories such as: a B3 charger, battery strap, antenna, and wrenches. The Wizard X220 comes with built-in King Kong props but you can replace them as per your requirements.

Eachine Wizard X220 boasts a great quality 700TVL CCD camera and a dedicated 5.8Ghz 48CH 200mw transmitter. Even though it’s an advanced racing drone, it doesn’t feature flight stabilization, return home and altitude hold functions. However, it’s incredibly responsive and lets you take control within no time.


5 Best Racing Drones 5

Arris is a respected drone manufacturer with years of experience. Their X-SPEED 250B V2 is a mid-level racing drone. It’s an RTF model that has everything one needs to start practicing. Certainly, there are people who want a more exciting flying experience, and they have the option to invest some more money to buy FPV goggles and take things to the next level.

The ARRIS X-SPEED 250B V2 has a Raptor 390 Tower, which makes the assembling of the racing drones more and more convenient. It features 30A ESCs, an F3 flight controller and a Radiolink AT9 transmitter. A 4S 1500mAh LiPo battery ensures that the user won’t face any power-related issues during flight.

The camera here is 700TVL 2.8mm, which is of great quality. Good thing is, you can adjust the tilt which allows you to find your perfect settings. Technically, if the FPV goggles and battery charger were included with the X-SPEED 250B V2, it would be a complete package.

Picking the Best Racing Drones

Drone racing has become a great source of entertainment and every drone enthusiast wants to check out this amazing experience. There are a variety of racing drones available on the market and we have listed some of the best above. Not only are they user-friendly but also come with some exciting features. Just get your best racing drone today. Happy flying!

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