5 Best Gadget Birthday Gifts for Teens

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Sometimes, buying a gadget birthday gift for a teen can be a bit of a headache. It’s hard to know what the latest, coolest thing is and what your teenager might be into at that particular moment. Their opinions, wants, and desires are always shifting.

Regardless of this, one thing has proven to be a constant over and over again. Teenagers like to have cool stuff. Their definition of “cool stuff” might be different based on their interests, but in the end, many teens like to have the prettiest and sleekest gadgets that money can buy. 

Here, we cover five different gadget gifts that are sure to be a hit for your teen’s upcoming birthday.

1. VOCH Night Light Bluetooth Speaker (Overall Winner)

VOCH Night Light Bluetooth Speaker Image

From Spotify to Apple Music to SoundCloud, there are many platforms today that provide music. Considering that, it’s not really surprising that teenagers are so hooked up to their sounds. Their favorite music combined with the glow of a soft night light, this is one of the best gadget birthday gifts for teens.

This night light Bluetooth speaker has multiple colors with adjustable brightness. The Bluetooth speaker allows users to set a sleep timer between 10 and 100 minutes. This is perfect for when your teen needs music to usher them to dreamland. After they’ve fallen asleep and the time is up, the music stops automatically.

This speaker is universally compatible and can work for about 12 hours, nonstop. The only downside is the loud “Bluetooth on” when you push the power button. Other than that, the excellent quality and great colors are sure to make any teenager happy.

2. UBeesize 8″ Selfie Ring Light

UBeesize 8" Selfie Ring Light Image

A selfie ring light is a great gift for the teen photographer in your life. This 8-inch light by Ubeesize comes with a tripod and cell phone holder, making a nice little lighting setup for the shoot.

This makes it perfect for teens who shoot YouTube videos with their phones. Another catch is its remote control that lets you adjust the settings without having to lift a finger. Well, except the finger you use to push the button.

There are different levels of brightness to match your needs, and you can adjust the color to match your skin tone. The phone holder can be a bit low, but it’s not a major issue. All things considered, if this ring light isn’t the definition of perfection for your teen makeup artist or vlogger, we don’t know what is.

3. ONXE USB LED Clock Fan

ONXE USB LED Clock Fan Image

This little gizmo is pretty sleek and will make a great gift if your teen is a fan (pun intended) of cool gadgets. It is both a fan and an LED clock.

It has an easily adjustable gooseneck and soft blades to prevent accidental cuts. The convenient on/off switch makes it possible for you to keep it plugged into a power source without necessarily using it.

It is incredibly lightweight and compact. So much so that it’ll connect to your laptop and send you that steady stream of breeze when you need it. Above all this, though, its most redeeming feature is its looks because let’s be honest, it is pretty cool to look at.

4. SWZA Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet

SWZA Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet Image

Made of carbon fiber, this minimalist wallet performs all the functions of a normal wallet. It makes for an excellent place to store money and any cards you might need to keep. Above all, it makes you stand out because of its sleek and minimalistic design. 

It’s quite secure as the wallet features an RFID blocker as well as sometimes being hard to open. If your teenager is old enough to own and keep a credit card, they don’t have to worry about theft.

5. HORI Compact PlayStand (Budget Winner)

HORI Compact Playstand Image

Our budget choice is a perfect gadget for Nintendo Switch gamers. It offers better comfort for your teenager while they are playing games using the Joy-Cons. Nintendo itself licenses this product, which affirms its excellent quality.

The HORI PlayStand offers different angles that you can easily adjust while playing. Even if you do not see the use for this feature, a true Nintendo Switch gamer will be able to attest to its importance. This is so because consistently bending your neck to get a good look at the screen can be pretty tiring. It is even worse when you always have to adjust the screen itself.

Another thing your teenage gamer is sure to be grateful for is that you can charge the Switch even when the stand is angled. That equals unlimited hours of gameplay as long as there’s a steady power supply. It goes without saying, though, that this product would be pretty useless if your teen doesn’t have a Nintendo Switch console.

The Best Gadget Birthday Gift for Teens: Functional, Fun, and Great Eye Candy

The internet today is teeming with the latest camera gear and high tech gadgets from this blog and that. Many of them believe theirs to be the best and they market it as such. Sadly, they usually fail to take the individuality and diversity of teenagers into account. 

In this article, we paid special attention to those two things. That’s why each of our products checks three boxes: looks, function, and fun. If you’re looking for something awesome for your teen, you should definitely consider one of these trendy gadgets. 

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