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Do you ever go on an adventure only to be disappointed with the footage you shot? We all want to keep memorable relics of the adventures we go on with our friends and family, but this is a difficult task.

Hauling around a large DSLR can be tiring on vacation and often we find ourselves compromising on taking pictures and videos. Using phones may be a better alternative, but the quality of photos and videos is average at best. Luckily, GoPro action cameras provide us with the best of both worlds. 

These cameras are small in size, just like smartphones, but they don’t compromise on quality. They can produce both high-quality photos and videos. Their small size and endless accessories mean that you can mount GoPros on anything, from helmets to selfie sticks. If you’re ready to invest in a GoPro, we’ve compiled a list of the best ones available on the market today. 

1. GoPro HERO7 (Overall Winner)

GoPro HERO7 Image

According to GoPro, this is their most advanced camera yet. Given the number of features in one tiny body, there’s no denying GoPro’s claim. The HERO7 comes with Hyper Smooth Video Stabilization. This GoPro model can predict its user’s movements and correct camera shaking accordingly, giving you gimbal-like stabilization.

The HERO7 is also waterproof so you can really take it on any adventure you go on. Given the HERO7’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, it also has a live streaming feature. With this camera, you can share your adventure with Facebook Live.

If cool video features interest you, this model’s Time Warp Video feature will blow you out of the water. With Time Warp, you can capture a stabilized time-lapse video of your adventure. You can speed up your video by 30x to condense long videos. These are just a few of the many features the HERO7 can offer you!

2. GoPro HERO6

GoPro HERO 6 Image

The GoPro HERO6 is not far from HERO7 in terms of quality, but it’s considerably cheaper. The HERO6 records footage at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, so any video you shoot with it will be smooth.

The action cam has improved low-light video and photos capability compared to its predecessors. You can take all the late-night camping pictures you want.

The HERO6 also contains a GP1 chip. This chip ensures video stabilization. Mount your HERO6 onto your gear and go on your journey without worrying about shaky footage. The GP1 chip is optimized for GoPro usage, so other than image stabilization, it also ensures high-quality images. This GoPro model uses GPS to capture your path, speed, and elevation.

3. GoPro HERO5

GoPro HERO 5 Image

The GoPro HERO5 is another excellent camera that’s a bit lighter on the pocket than the HERO7, but that doesn’t mean it compromises on any features. The HERO5 can shoot 4K video, a stunning feat for such a tiny body. It can also shoot 12 MP photos in all modes – single, burst, and time-lapse. This model is also waterproof with image stabilization features. 

While HERO5 may not have a live streaming feature, it has QuikStories. This feature allows you to send your footage to your phone where an app automatically transforms it into an edited video – ready to upload on your social media. HERO5 also has voice control. You can control your GoPro without using your hands, so it’s easy to use when placed on your helmet or selfie stick.

4. GoPro HERO5 Session

GoPro HERO 5 Session Image

Sometimes the GoPro’s small size can still be too big. On some adventures, you can find yourself out of space entirely, and for those days the HERO5 Session is your companion. The HERO5 Session is similar to the HERO5, just smaller. This GoPro model manages to capture 4K video and 10MP photos despite its tiny body. 

The HERO5 Session’s image stabilization feature ensures liquid-smooth video captures no matter where you mount your GoPro. Its voice control features offer hands-free control so that you can enjoy your adventures the right way. The camera’s body is also waterproof – no external case needed.

The HERO5 Session has only two buttons that allow you to change settings and turn the camera on and off. This makes it easy to operate!

5. GoPro HERO4

GoPro HERO 4 Image

This GoPro model has a processor twice as powerful as the GoPros that came before it. This means the HERO4 shoots video at faster frame rates with even better image quality. With HERO4, you can capture your adventures on sharp and colorful video that captures all audio and visual details.

The HERO4 has two modes to help you take photos at night – Night Photo and Night Lapse. These modes allow you to capture fantastic photos in low-light environments. 

It has a Protune feature for photos and videos. Protune delivers compressed, cinema-quality videos. These videos have professional production quality and advanced manual controls that allow you to customize all elements of your footage, from color to ISO. HERO4’s QuikCapture also enables you to capture any moment quickly. With this feature, there won’t be a memory that you don’t have a picture of.

6. GoPro HERO

GoPro HERO Image

Use the GoPro HERO to take excellent captures of any adventure you go on. The HERO comes with a small two-inch touch screen that allows you to switch modes quickly. The touch screen uses a center grid system to frame footage and enables you to browse through the footage you’ve captured. 

The GoPro App allows you to move your photos and videos to your smartphone automatically. The whole process is hassle-free, thanks to the HERO’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. The HERO also has the QuikStories feature and works with other Quik applications as well.

7. GoPro Fusion

GoPro Fusion Image

The GoPro Fusion is different from the other GoPros we’ve listed here. The GoPro HERO models have a single lens that captures all the action at the front. The Fusion, however, has two wide-angle lenses facing opposite directions. This ensures that you can capture photos and videos at a 360-degree angle.

The spherical video boasts a 5.2K video quality. The Fusion also captures stunning 18MP images. The Fusion’s OverCapture turns high-resolution videos into simple 1080p videos so you can load them on your phone. You can also transform spherical photos into traditional cropped shots of a standard resolution. This makes it easier to offload pictures onto a smartphone to upload on social media or even update Google Street View.

The Fusion is waterproof just like all other GoPros. Another great thing about the Fusion is that it comes with a selfie stick and a ready mount. However, keep in mind that the GoPro Fusion is heavier than conventional GoPro models.  

8. GoPro HERO Session (Budget Winner)

GoPro HERO Session Image

This GoPro model is small, simple, and perfect for those on a budget. The Hero Session is an everyday camera model that has all of the GoPro features. It’s the ideal model for a complete beginner to buy.

The HERO Session will familiarize you with GoPro’s models and features without being too overwhelming. A single button will power on the camera and start recording automatically. When you stop recording, the camera turns off automatically.

The HERO Session is capable of taking high-performance videos and photos. This model shoots video at 1440 pixels per inch and shoots up to 100 frames per second. This ensures that all footage the HERO Session shoots is smooth and doesn’t lag during playback. It is also waterproof, so you won’t have to worry if you’re ever near water.

Bottom Line on GoPros

What GoPro you should buy depends a lot on your budget and what you want out of your camera. Some GoPros may be too complicated for your use while others may be too simple. If you’ve already dabbled in photography and film making before, we definitely recommend the HERO7. But, if you’re entirely new to this side of technology, the HERO is a good choice. For someone who wants the best of both worlds, the HERO5 is the best option. 

Though GoPros aren’t a large dent on the wallet compared to professional DSLRs, they are by no means cheap. Give a lot of thought to the model you’re going to invest in, and be sure that it falls within your budget and gives you the features that you’re looking for. 

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