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Every photographer needs a sturdy leather camera bag to carry their equipment around. Having a good camera and a nice collection of lenses, of course, is essential for every photographer. But, where would a photographer be without a way to carry all their equipment to the variety of jobs they get?

Some photographers have their own studios. Other photographers need to carry their equipment around, which makes all of our 8 leather camera bags a great option. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best leather camera bags for you to choose from. 

Before you decide which bag to get, it’s important to know a few things. For starters, you should know what kind of gear you need to carry. Just a camera requires a small bag, but if you need to carry a few lenses around as well, you’ll need a large bag.

You’ll also need to know if you want to carry your laptop along with your equipment or not. Once you know everything you need to store in the bag, buying one will be easier! Here is a quick overview of our best leather camera bags:

  • Best Overall Leather Camera Bag: ONA Bowery
  • Best Leather Camera Bag for Travel: Hudson All Leather Camera Bag
  • Best Professional Leather Camera Bag: Professional Leather Camera Messenger Bag
  • Camera Bag With High-Quality Leather: Prince Street Leather Camera Bag
  • Best Chic Camera Bag: Lily Deanne Mezzo Camera Bag
  • Most Versatile Leather Camera Bag: The Brixton
  • Best Italian Leather Camera Bag: Century Traveler Messenger Bag
  • Most Affordable Leather Camera Bag: Topixdeals Vintage Camera Bag

1. ONA Bowery Leather Camera Bag Insert (Overall Winner)

ONA Bowery Leather Camera Bags Insert  Image

The Bowery Bag is one of the best leather camera bags by ONA. This bag is made from classic thick hide leather that is long-lasting and durable. So, if you invest in this bag, you really won’t be needing another one for a good number of years. The bag also does a good job of compartmentalization. Though it seems large in pictures, the bag is smaller than it seems.

Don’t worry though it’s still large enough to fit your equipment yet not so large that carrying it around is a hassle. The strap of the bag is long and adjustable, so you can carry it around easily no matter your height!

The Bowery also has many additional pockets, although they’re all on the exterior, that is great for storing your phone, keys, wallet or additional batteries. The bag keeps its shape and quality even after getting wet! 

2. Jack by Jill-e Designs, Hudson All Leather Camera Bag

Jack by Jill-e Designs, Hudson All Leather Camera Bag  Image

This Hudson All Leather Camera Bag is a great choice for your next travel companion. The bag is made of full Colombian leather on the exterior and has nylon Velcro in the interior. There’s a rear exterior storage pocket where you can store any items you need to access quickly. The exterior walls are padded to ensure that your equipment is protected. 

If you’re a fan of compartmentalization, this is the bag for you! The Hudson All Leather comes with adjustable interior dividers so you can arrange your equipment the way you want to. There’s also a zippered pocket inside the bag that provides secure storage for valuable items like memory cards. 

3. Jill-e Designs Professional Leather Camera Messenger Bag

Jill-e Designs Professional Leather Camera Messenger Bag Image

The Professional Leather Camera Messenger Bag is yet another great bag by Jill-e Designs. If you need to carry more equipment than just a camera, consider this bag instead of the last one mentioned. The bag is quite spacious. It can easily fit a laptop up to 15″, two DSLRs, four moderately sized lenses, and one telephoto lens. The bag also has pockets for you to store other accessories that you need to carry.

This Jill-e Designs bag will protect your gear thanks to its padded exterior walls. Its configurable dividers allow you to arrange your gear the way you deem best. If this wasn’t enough, this camera bag is made of durable weather-resistant Colombian leather, so you can carry it around no matter what the mother nature throws your way!

4. ONA The Prince Street Leather Camera Laptop Messenger Bag

ONA The Prince Street Leather Camera Laptop Messenger Bag Image

ONA brings us another remarkable camera bag with their Prince Street Leather Camera Bag. The quality of the leather used is impeccable. This handcrafted Italian leather is designed to withstand all scratches and scrapes that may leave marks. Rest assured this bag can withstand some wear and tear. The bag has brass hardware with two mechanical clasps. 

In terms of storage, you can easily fit a camera with an attached lens, up to two additional lenses, and a laptop. Extra pockets allow you to have room for additional items still. There are two front pockets of an open size and a rear slip pocket.

One great aspect of this bag is its top handle. If you don’t like strapping a bag over your shoulder, use this bag’s removable top handle to carry it around in your hand. This is one of our favorite leather camera bags.

5. Think Tank Photo Lily Deanne Mezzo Premium-Quality Camera Bag

Think Tank Photo Lily Deanne Mezzo Premium-Quality Camera Bag Image

This Lily Deanne Mezzo Camera Bag by Think Tank Photo is another great option to store your equipment. Initially, this bag was made for professional female photographers, but it can easily be used by everyone.

This bag has extensive storage for your camera and professional lenses, including extensive pockets and compartments. You can easily fit a standard DSLR with an attached lens, up to three additional lenses, a mirrorless camera system, and a laptop or tablet up to 10”. 

Two exterior front pockets provide you with quick access to any accessories you may need on the job. The Lily Deanne Mezzo Camera Bag has a zippered front pocket for security and two dual side pockets where you can store a water bottle or your phone.

The bag itself is made from full-grain Dakota leather. Opening and closing the bag is made easy with an oversized zipper. The bag comes with a large adjustable shoulder strap with a non-slip pad so that carrying your equipment around is not difficult.

6. ONA The Brixton

ONA The Brixton Image

The Brixton is the third of the leather camera bags from ONA that makes it onto our list. This bag is an exceptional camera bag that will make it much easier for you to travel to and from jobs. The Brixton can hold a DSLR, up to three lenses, and a variety of camera accessories.

The bag can accommodate a laptop of up to 13″ and a handy rear slip pocket can hold a 10″ tablet as well. Inside, this bag has padded movable dividers to allow you to arrange your equipment the way you want to. The Brixton comes with both a top-grab handle and a shoulder strap. This allows you to carry the bag whichever way you’re more comfortable. 

7. Gitzo Century Traveler Messenger Bag

Gitzo Century Traveler Messenger Bag Image

The Century Traveler Messenger Bag is a remarkable camera bag by Gitzo. Made of genuine Italian leather, this bag defines comfort and can quickly become your new best friend.

The bag uses high-quality wear-resistant nylon to protect your bag from damage and its hard exterior means that it’s resistant to any damage caused by water. The bag can easily hold a DSLR camera with an attached lens, one additional lens, and a detached mirrorless camera. 

A soft-compartment can safely store a laptop of up to 13”. The bag opens and closes through a G-Lock flap closing system. This magnetic lock will ensure that your equipment remains safe inside the bag. The side pockets also have SecureLock zippers, and a safe flap on the top provides extra security. For security, the Century Traveler bag also has a secure lock zip. If you’ve had experience with equipment slipping out of bags, rest assured that won’t happen with the Gitzo Century Traveler Messenger Bag. 

8. Topixdeals Vintage Camera Bag (Budget Winner)

Topixdeals Vintage Camera Bag Image

This camera bag is unlike the others on the list. Namely, it’s smaller and cannot store as much equipment as the other leather camera bags we’ve mentioned. However, it’s still a great bag and is especially handy for those photographers that are amateurs or don’t have too much equipment to carry around. Made from premium PU leather, this Topixdeals bag is of the highest quality and feels remarkably soft. It also looks very fashionable. 

The main pocket can easily store a DSLR camera, and additional side pockets can hold accessories such as spare batteries or memory cards. An interior flap and cotton lining ensure that your equipment doesn’t get damaged too easily. For those photographers who don’t have a lot of equipment, this bag is ideal and inexpensive as well! 

Choosing Leather Camera Bags

There are a wide variety of leather camera bags available for photographers today. They range from small bags that can hold a camera to considerably large ones that will be able to store most of your equipment in one place.

Leather camera bags are a great investment, thanks to their durability, so regardless of which bag you choose, your equipment is in good hands!

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