6 Best Doorbell Cameras Under $150

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With the rising rates of home invasions in the country, you want to feel safe and secure in your own home. Products such as alarm systems provide this kind of security, especially when indoors. However, doorbell cameras come with additional perks both inside and outside your home, thus being widely popular. 

The huge demand for these units is mainly due to their efficiency, enabling you to conduct your day-to-day activities without the worries of an insecure home. As a prospective buyer, you will be glad to know that these devices are not only digitally inclined to protect your home, but you can also get one without denting your wallet. There is an amazing variety of doorbell cameras under $150, without compromising on specs and quality.

What They Are and Why You Need One

A doorbell camera is a value-adding product in the home security scene, with its high definition features and variety of doorbell chimes. Most doorbell cameras offer the option to control the volume of both the chimes and the two-way audio.

For individuals who make it a mission to be alert while in the convenience of their homes, this device is an essential must-have. It enables you to monitor visitors who come knocking on your door, giving you a realistic sense of security and control. 

Ease of installation is another benefit that users can enjoy. Since most doorbell cameras are wireless, it really doesn’t take long to install one. Many of these home security inventions double as motion detectors that pick up movement and measure its parameters. 

When purchasing a doorbell camera, you need to look out for certain features. First is the night vision, as you want to get a doorbell camera that works 24/7. Secondly, you want to get a doorbell camera with high resolution for clarity. You can get this with 1080p HD units. 

Thirdly, a doorbell camera can be a multipurpose device, by serving as a motion detector with handy alerts, notifying you of unusual movements around your house. Some motion-detecting doorbell cameras even have advanced features, where they only notify you of human or animal-like movement to avoid unnecessary alerts.

Next, you want a camera with a wide view. That way, when you look through the camera, you get a front view of the door and also the sides. A doorbell camera with a 180-degree field of view is recommended. 

Cloud storage is important for convenience and security purposes. Most doorbell cameras offer storage plans on apps and some even have free trials ranging from seven days to three months. In case of any vandalism or unexpected movement, you are able to instantly review the video footage. 

Price is also a factor. You don’t want a doorbell camera that punches a hole through your wallet. Our list below will help you choose a doorbell camera under $150 that will meet your security needs while remaining within your budget.

1. Arlo Video Doorbell (Overall Winner)

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The Arlo franchise is known for its impeccable attention to detail. This video doorbell offers timely responses supported by two-way audio and a pre-recorded instant response for when you’re busy.

The doorbell camera gives you a 180-degree viewing angle in HD with HDR, so you can clearly identify that visitor or delivery person at your doorstep. Its night vision provides brighter views during dark nights. Unlike many CCTV cameras, the doorbell camera is water-resistant and built to endure the summer heat, winter cold, or windy autumn.

The Arlo Video Doorbell gives you next-level motion detecting capabilities, notifying you of people walking around your home, vehicles pulling up your driveway, animals prancing all over the yard, and packages delivered to your doorstep.

The built-in siren is triggered manually or automatically when there are unexpected movements. The sensor sends notifications to your mobile device through the Arlo Smart app whenever motion is detected. 

This doorbell camera offers a variety of fun and entertaining chimes to choose from, and it’s wiring is securely insulated. Its operational voltages range from 16V AC and 24V AC, and you must have a wired doorbell and chime already in place to complete the installation.

The Arlo Video Doorbell may be on the higher end of the pricing seesaw, but its incredible specs make it an overall winner for us.

2. remo+ RemoBell S

remo+ RemoBell S Image

Installation is easy with this slick-looking doorbell camera by remo+. It works with your existing doorbell wiring, giving you 24/7 surveillance of all front door activity.

The RemoBell S video doorbell camera has advanced video-based motion detection with customized motion zones. Digital connection to your mobile device allows you to see and talk to your visitors through the remo+ app (iOS 11 and above as well as Android 5 and above).

Other perks include high-quality HD resolution with a 180-degree wide-angle field of view, infrared day and night vision, plus a dewarping option that works with the live video view.

Worried about committing to a subscription without being certain of its performance? With this unit, you get to test out its FREE cloud storage for up to three days. This device is an elegant doorbell under $150 for any individual who is looking to make a purchase based on efficiency and a modest price.

3. YIROKA Smart Doorbell

YIROKA Smart Doorbell Image

The YIROKA Smart Doorbell is of relatively small size compared to other doorbell cameras under $150. Its size, however, should not fool you into thinking that it is less efficient. On the contrary, it offers convenience to the homeowner while providing the ideal tech features you would expect. 

This smart doorbell camera provides a video intercom with an adjustable volume. Its camera feature can capture visitors in 720p HD video clarity. Other awesome features include night vision (inclusive of a night light receiver) for those dark nights and a great motion infrared sensor.

The relatively economical doorbell camera is weather-resistant and saves on energy with great battery longevity that lasts for about three days when fully charged. The doorbell melodies provided easily connect with the bell without any hitch.

This bell provides a subscription-free built-in 16GB SD card for storage purposes that you can access using the ToSee app. It is not only proficient and easy to install, but it gives you excellent value for your money.

4. TMEZON 7-Inch Wireless Video Intercom System

TMEZON 7-Inch Wireless Video Intercom System Image

The TMEZON doorbell camera is a smart and innovative IP video intercom system with up-to-date technology and specs. With a reliable WiFi connection, the monitor supports WiFi network, providing accurate real-time video capture and an adjustable view for longer distances.

This product is cost-effective since up to two doorbells can be connected with four indoor monitors. It also provides night vision, infrared triggered motion detection, and a two-way intercom for easier communication with your guests.

To top it all off, you have more control in your hand, as the TMEZON video intercom comes with a remote control enabled electronic lock that can be utilized via your smartphone. This makes it really convenient to use from anywhere.



Impeccable quality, easy installation, a 180-degree vertical field of view, and clear imaging are just a few of the perks that this doorbell camera offers. You even get free three-hour cloud storage. 

This smart doorbell camera features instant motion detection with a laser beam siren, and adjustable volume and time plugs. On the app, the video footage can be zoomed in and out when viewing. EZVIZ has gone the extra step in aesthetics, giving you a variety of colors that you can choose from: white, sky blue, black, and dark brown.

For a moderately price-friendly doorbell camera, the DB1 smart doorbell is highly recommended and can easily be accessed on Android or iOS devices. 

6. UOKIER WiFi Video Doorbell Camera (Budget Winner)

UOKIER WiFi Video Doorbell Camera Image

At a rather low price point, this amazing device not only offers accurate real-time display at 1080p HD video but also has an instant recording sensor that sends a notification via the app to your smartphone or tablet. To assist with vision accuracy at night, the doorbell camera has a 166° degree wide viewing angle and a night vision feature.

The UOKIER Wi-Fi Video doorbell camera features a smart motion sensor. To avoid pseudo alarms, the sensor is configured to be activated only by human-like figures and also detects distance, measuring the parameter of the motion within about 10 meters of the house.

Battery longevity of the device is sufficient enough, lasting for up to four months while fully charged and giving you a “battery low” notification via the app. Apart from its pocket-friendly nature, the device is waterproof and offers optimal cover protection. There is no hassle while installing the camera, and it can be done in under 10 minutes.

It offers the cloud storage option with up to 32GB of space to work with at a reasonably small fee and a seven-day free trial period. With so many incredible features and the fact that it is extremely easy on the wallet, this is our ultimate budget winner.

Secure Your Home With Doorbell Cameras Under $150

You shouldn’t have to compromise on home security because of cost. We’ve shown you six inexpensive but high-quality doorbell cameras under $150 that will make you feel safe and in control in your own home, without putting a strain on your budget. Keep your loved ones safe, go about your life with peace of mind, and have more control through handy apps on your phone that connect to the devices.

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