8 Best Cable Organizers

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Take a look behind your television screen, peek under your work desk. No matter where you look in your house, we’re sure there’s one thing you’ll find. Lots of cables, all tangled up together.

As the number of tech devices available on the market grows, so does the number of cords. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet moved to a completely wireless world. This means the number of cables in our houses is just going to increase. 

A mess of cables not just looks untidy but can also be a tripping hazard. Instead of wasting time untangling cords, focus on effective cable management. A well-organized set of cables is necessary for everyone. It is visually pleasing and helps protect your cables from any wear and tear.

One of the most overlooked benefits of cable management is that it can also assist in preventing cable-related injuries. It also leaves an excellent first impression on other people if the cords on your office desk are properly organized instead of all over the place.

We’re sure you wouldn’t want your desk space or home to look like a mini hurricane just went through it, so we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best cable organizers for you. Keep reading if you’re tired of messy, jumbled up wires everywhere. 

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1. Blue Key World Cable Clip

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These cute little cable clips by Blue Key World work exceptionally great. The adhesive on these is extra strong, and they stick on all kinds of surfaces: glass, wooden, rubber, or metal. You can rest assured that these clips will not fall off. The greatest part about these clips is the fact they are eco-friendly. 

Made of certified and long-lasting plastic, they tend to last longer than most organizers out there. HDMI, USB, power cords, or gaming console cords, these clips will organize all your cables. These clips have a peel and stick time of only seven minutes, meaning you can start using them almost immediately. This is perhaps the biggest advantage that this cable clip has over other organizers. Where others take 24 hours for the adhesive to stick properly, these take less than a micro fraction of that time! 

2. Nite Ize Gear Tie

Nite Ize Gear Tie Image

Another effective piece of equipment for organizing your cables is the Nite Ize Gear Tie. Tie these around your cables to get a clutter-free space with organized cords. This product has a tough rubber exterior, and the interior contains a strong bendable wire. The wire makes it easy to bend the ties as many times as you want. These ties are reusable and durable. 

The most amazing feature is that they are water and UV resistant as well as resistant to scratches and marks meaning they can be used both indoors and outdoors. This also signals that these are good for long term use. You probably won’t have to keep buying new ones any time soon.

Their low price makes them an economical and viable option, specifically for tech device cables. These ties organize wires and add a dash of color to the process. They come in different shades, adding a bit of colored flare tom black and white cords. 

3. OHill 16 Pack Black Cord Organizer

OHill 16 Pack Black Cord Organizer Image

There’s still some time before the world goes completely wireless so investing a little in this multipurpose set of cord organizer is a wise move. The OHill Cord Organizer comes with 16 pieces. This package includes six pairs of single slot cable holders and six double slot holders that vary in size. It also contains two sets each of three and five slot holders.

The variety of sizes makes it the perfect cable organizer for all sorts of cables. From the cords of your charger to the mess of wires behind your television, it can organize it all. Another plus point of this set is the fact that it is damage free.

OHill 16 Pack Black Cord Organizer won’t leave those hard to remove glue pad marks like other organizers. The best part about this set is its self-adhesive function. Simply peel off the back layer and stick them anywhere you want. Remember to clean the surface with rubbing alcohol before you stick them anywhere, otherwise, these holders may fall off.

Other than the adhesive being a little weaker than it should be, this set seems to work just fine. This is what you should opt for if you have a huge number of cables that need organizing. 

4. Avantree Wire Organizer

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This cable organizer manages all of your cords and keeps them safe. It comes in a pack of 20 cable ties so you get a lot for a small price. These ties can be used for a wide variety of cables, no matter what the length or width.

The Avantree Wire Organizers are made from fabric that is both durable and reusable. With a special design that makes it easy to strap these ties on, this product is ideal for those that need to clean up quick. 

5. Tebatu Magnetic Cable Clips

Tebatu Magnetic Cable Clips Image

If you’re looking for cable organizers that are more on the elegant side, this is the product for you. The package consists of two different shape pedestals and three buttons for holding cables. These clips are a little different from the everyday organizers.

The sophisticated design makes them the perfect cable organizer for your workspace, though some people prefer stylish magnetic organizers like these for their cars.

Tebatu Magnetic Cable Clips are the trendy alternative for managing all your micro and mini cables. They are specifically useful for your cell phone chargers. Sleek and well designed, this is one of the most stylish cable management devices out there!

If you’re looking for an affordable accessory to gift your work buddy, this might be the best option available for you. After all, everyone seems to like a neat and tidy yet stylish looking accessory. 

6. Baskiss Hook Organizer 

Baskiss Hook Organizer  Image

This cable holder leads to clutter-free cable organization by putting them through hooks. Instead of using a single clip for every cord, the Baskiss Hook Organizer can organize all of them at once.

This is also a cool looking organizer for cables with a diameter of 6mm or less. This means it is the best option for organizing speaker cords, internet cables, camera wires, and headphone cords. The adhesive stays put even if you remove the organizer from one surface and put it on another. This makes it easy to reuse. An added quality is the durable material they are made of.

Baskiss Hook Organizer is less likely to break or chip away due to the strength of the silicon. Like most of the other organizers, this has the ability to stick to all surfaces. This organizing hook comes in three different sizes, large, medium, and small. You can choose the size according to your needs. The best part? You will never have to worry about your cords slipping out of these hooks, ever. 

7. BUBM Electronic Accessory Organizer

BUBM Electronic Accessory Organizer Image

Reaching into your bag for your headphones and coming out with a jumbled up mess of cords. All of us have been there. To avoid the frustration this scenario causes, all you need is this portable accessory organizer.

Carry all your essential cables around with this Electronic Accessory Organizer Bag. It is made of waterproof and durable nylon. Its 8.9″ length and 6.5″ width makes it easy to fit inside your bag. It has six mesh pockets that can expand to hold multiple wires of different sizes.

This portable bag also contains six elastic loops, ideal for carrying flash disks and cables. To help you keep all your things in one place, it has a large zipper pocket. It can be used to store your external hard drive or power bank. This is the organizer you would want to get for office use. Its simple plain black cover makes it look stylish yet professional. 

8. Bluelounge CableBox Cable Organizer

Bluelounge CableBox Cable Organizer image

This product keeps your excess cords safely hidden under your desk. The product is made from high-density flameproof material so you can rest assured that your wires will be safe. The box can fit into any extra space you have. It’s also available in a variety of colors so you can find one that suits your style! 

Choosing the Best Cable Organizers

By using cable organizers, you can turn your cable nightmare into a tidy little daydream. Keeping your cables organized will leave your place looking tidier. It also saves time and frustration from untangling those jumbled up wires.

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