7 Best Add-On Smartphone Lenses

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It’s straightforward to overlook the quality of your smartphone camera as it’s relatively simple to compensate for other flawed features. For example, you can work around low internal memory by installing a memory card, because it is relatively less complex to choose a memory card

On the other hand, to improve the quality of photos you take with your phone, it’s utterly necessary to use add-on smartphone lenses that deliver the quality you’re looking for. Add-on lenses not only enhance and improve image quality, but they also provide different perspectives. 

You can choose from a wide-angle lens to gather maximum imagery in your photo or a funky fish-eye lens to give an intense, creative swing to otherwise everyday smartphone shots. There are plenty of add-on lenses on the market today. Some of these lenses are adaptable and can be used for any smartphone while others are selective and work with few smartphones.

Hence, an add-on smartphone lens is a smart buy. They are inexpensive, and you have much control over the adjustments, unlike those rock heavy DSLRs which you needn’t carry anymore. Here is our selection of some of the best ones which will help you save that weary trip to the shops.

1. Moment Anamorphic Lens (Overall Winner)

Moment Anamorphic Lens Image

Dubbed to be the holy grail of filmmaking, the Moment Anamorphic Lens will convert your phone into a professional DSLR camera. The lens is one of the highest-quality add-on smartphone lenses on the market today, thanks to the high-quality materials used to make the product. These include aerospace-grade metal and hand-polished glass that’s used in 4K film cameras.

Though the product requires a Moment photo case or a battery photo case for attachment, buying either one is a good investment considering the Moment’s extensive range of add-on smartphone lenses. 

2. Olloclip Multi-Device 3-in-1

Olloclip Multi-Device 3-in-1 Image

This Olloclip multi-device has become one of the latest innovative add-on lenses among users. It’s compatible with iPhone 11, Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. It is excellent for video, time-lapse, panoramas and 360° VR photos.

The Olloclip 3 in 1 includes three popular lenses, i.e., the fish-eye lens, wide-angle, and macro lens. The design also works with Connect X Lenses, where you just have to switch it with other lenses. The macro lens comes with a zooming range of 7x to 14x and maintains focus throughout the magnification.

These lenses altogether deliver clear images and enhance the pixels to give a photographic effect to your pictures. The fisheye lens and the wide-angle have a Unique 180-degree wide-angle spherical effect and microscope-like magnification. The telephoto lens provides a 2X optical zoom to the images. Olloclip captures maximum perspective with its ultra-wide 155-degree action camera field-of-view. Olloclip can be clipped on any device having a thin or small frame.

3. Moment Macro Lens for iPhone

Moment Macro Lens for iPhone Image

The Moment Macro Lens works with iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy, and OnePlus Phones and is extremely compatible with the new Iphone11. However, you need to buy Moment Photo Case OR Battery Photo Case to attach the lens to your phone.

The Moment macro offers professional quality to your creative adventures. It’s made with aerospace-grade metal and glass used for high-end 4K film lenses. The best part about moment macro lens is that its efficient light diffuser eliminates the shadowy blur that gives that unclear ghosting effects to images.

Different from conventional macro photography, this lens works less than an inch away from the subject and locks focus precisely. You can quickly obtain life-size magnification images without having to adjust your phone angles. The lenses come with a removable diffuser hood for perfect focus and even lighting.

Moment’s macro lens comes with an easy twist and lock design and is mountable on the dual and single-lens phone. With a focal length of 25mm and 10X magnification, moment macro lenses are perfect for close up shots. On top of that, the distortion is less than one percent allowing you full control over your creativity. 

4. Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit Image

The Xenvo Pro lens is highly praised among the lens by professional users. It is a universal lens and is equally compatible with all Apple iPhones as it is with all android smartphones.

The Xenvo lens comes with a macro and wide-angle lens. The wide-angle lenses have a 0.45x broad-angle perspective that captures 45% more pictures with every snap. The macro lens offers remarkable magnification and can take shots at half an inch distance from the subject.

Besides a built-in flash, the lens comes with a GlowClip LED light clips that can be attached anywhere on your phone. This LED fills the surrounding with warm light and reduces the shadows and blur. Its made with a multi-element, coated glass lenses minimize ghosting, reflections, lens flare, and other artifices that disrupt your normal smartphone photos. 

5. Sony QX10

Sony QX10 Image

Sony QX10 is multifunctional. Apart from its range of distinct features, the lens is equipped with Wi-Fi and allow simple, one-touch connection with your smartphone.

The QX10 title implies the 10x optical zoom, which the lens delivers in your photos. All of the features of this lens can be obtained on your smartphone screen, thanks to NFC. The QX10 can also be used uncoupled from the smartphone for flexible shooting. Hold the camera in one hand and your phone in the other.

Its optical steady shot image stabilization locks in the focus clearly and removes all grain and noise from the photos. The lens has an 18MP 1/2.3” Exmor R® CMOS sensor for bright, crisp images even in low light conditions. You can record high-quality 1080/30p HD video with small grain and low noise in all surroundings. In essence, Sony QX10 is flexible and has excellent quality features that give an expert photography factor to your smartphone images.

6. SIRUI 18mm Wide Angle Lens (18-WA) 

SIRUI 18mm Wide Angle Lens (18-WA)  Image

The SIRUI 18-WA is a wide-angle lens, compatible with most phones. The materials used in this lens are extremely high-quality and include German Schott glass, aircraft-grade aluminum, and anti-reflective coatings. 

The fisheye angle of 205 degrees portrays a dramatic but soft rounded look in your photos. The lens successfully reduces the shadows, blurs, and flares in the image and works well in low light. 

Its focal length is that of a full-frame 18mm and the lens minimizes any distortions at the edge of pictures – a common feature in a wide-angle lens. Thanks to this SIRUI lens, you can capture perfect images with your phone! You can also attach it to your phone in three different ways: with a clip adapter, a mount adapter, or a protective case.

7. Aukey Ora Clip-On (Budget Winner)

Aukey Ora clip-on  Image

The Aukey Ora add-on smartphone lens is equipped with wide-angle and macro lenses. The wide-angle boasts a 120-degree angle that’s suitable for landscape photography.

Having a landscape photography element in a smartphone is a score. Not only can you capture those magnificent landscapes with your phone but also have more people in your selfies group picture. On the other hand, the macro lens comes with 15x magnification. With this degree of magnification, you can zoom in your objects without blurring the image.

The macro lenses remove unnecessary pixels and create a beautiful texture in the magnified shots. The lenses are compatible with a 52mm lens filter and do not require any additional clip-on. They are designed with rubber, which does not leave any marks or scratches on your phone cases.

These add-on lenses are universal on all devices and are very flexible on smartphones. They fit on the front and back cameras of most smartphones and tablets, and even works with laptop webcams. 

Final Words on Add-On Smartphone Lenses 

Many of the latest smartphones incorporate all the features of a professional quality camera so you wouldn’t require an add-on lens as much. While many camera apps boast a variant range of filters to enhance the quality.

Nevertheless, with an add-on smartphone lens, you can significantly improve your photos. These add-on lenses can be easily mounted on all thin and thick frames and leave no marks on the cases. With their myriad range of features and lenses, you can capture creative and dramatic shots effortlessly. 

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