Become a Contributor

Want to write about the future of photography? Have a piece of gear you would love to review? Love being the first person to find out the latest tech gossip? If so, we would love for YOU to write for LUMOID.

We’re always on the hunt for new authors that will bring new and provocative ideas to our readers. Even if it’s not a new idea, but a clever twist on an ongoing conversation, we would love to publish it.

All of our authors work with our editorial team to refine and publish your final piece. You don’t need to be the next Hemingway, you simply need to a clear idea of what you want to write, the audience you are targeting, and an authentic voice.

What We Are Looking to Publish

  • Photography industry news
  • Camera, lens, and photo accessory reviews
  • Photography software reviews
  • Drone reviews and news
  • Photography contests, awards, and exhibitions
  • Opinions on the photography industry and its future
  • Essays related to the life of today’s photographer

What We DON’T Accept

  • Press releases or sales pitches
  • Spam SEO articles or lists
  • Content that has already been published elsewhere (we check every submission against three different plagiarism services)
  • Spun articles based on existing content

Voice and Tone Guide

  • We love opinionated pieces with a strong voice. However, pieces written solely for shock value or trolling will be rejected.
  • We love our writers to be clear, concise, and clever.
  • We love writers with an honest and authentic voice, where the reader feels as if they are being spoken to directly.
  • We love it when our authors avoid slang, use minimal industry jargon, and never assume the reader has a vast existing knowledge of the subject matter.

Submitting Your Work

Rough drafts are preferred. You may also submit a short pitch of one paragraph describing your idea, but we find it’s difficult to judge the quality of a potential article without being able to at least see its full outline first. The more you can send over the better chance your article has of being selected.

Length and Formatting

Most of our content is between 700 to 3,000 words, with the average being around 1,250. Many authors submit photos, illustrations, graphics, and tables to be embedded inside their piece. Video is accepted as well.

What Happens After You Submit

We’ll review your submission to see if it meets the above requirements and is something we feel will add value to LUMOID’s community. After one of our editors has reviewed your piece you will receive a response letting you know if we would like to move forward or not.

  • If your piece is selected, we will ask that you send us a link to your article as a Google Doc, as it’s the easiest way for us to leave comments, adjust structure and formatting, and share internally with our team.
  • Our editorial team will work with you on finishing the piece until it’s ready for publishing. This process can take a while, based on our experience.
  • You won’t be given a date that your piece will go live, however, we will make our best effort to give you notice ahead of time once we have set a publish date.

Please contact us at to apply.