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6 Best Nikon Zoom Lenses Under $500

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Nikon has a good selection of affordable lenses. In this guide, we specifically look at Nikon zoom lenses under $500. Yes – it is possible to purchase a high-quality zoom lens for under $500. There is a good choice available and a decent selection of lenses that cover various photography types. Zoom lenses offer excellent

3 Best Sony Zoom Lenses Under $500

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Sony has certainly been shaking up the mirrorless camera world since their early offerings. The company crams in tons of professional-level features into a very compact camera design, which has quite frankly been making other camera makers jealous. To show off the ultimate resolving power of these cameras, equally high-end optics were needed. This essentially

4 Best Canon Ultra Wide-Angle Lenses Under $500

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Wide-angle lenses and their ultra-wide counterparts may seem very similar on the surface, but in this department, a few millimeters can make all the difference. As we’re sticking to an affordable budget today, the choices are going to be hovering around the ultrawide to regular wide-angle versions. Fisheye lenses will generally give the widest possible

5 Best Canon Zoom Lenses Under $500

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Zoom lenses provide versatility, so instead of purchasing a handful of expensive prime lenses for various purposes, you can purchase a single zoom lens that can do it all. For example, a lens with a focal distance of 24-70mm can cover many photography types including wide-angle, portraits, street photography, and events photography. These lenses are

5 Best Canon Macro Lenses Under $500

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Macro photography is one of the most enjoyable types of photography to undertake as it offers great creative freedom. You can create abstract macro shots, close-up textures of materials, and beautiful detailed shots of wildlife, for example. The best Canon macro lenses under $500 will help you produce quality macro work. Canon has a decent