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Third-Party Lenses

5 Best Third-Party Zoom Lenses for Canon

Best Third-Party Zoom Lenses for Canon Image

Contrary to popular belief, if you own a Canon camera, you are not stuck buying expensive official Canon lenses. Fortunately, there is a range of quality third-party zoom lenses for Canon cameras too. Manufacturers like Tamron and Sigma produce high quality, affordable lenses for Canon DSLRs. Instead of limiting yourself to official Canon lenses, why

6 Best Third-Party Prime Lenses

Third-Party Prime Lenses Image

In the past, third-party prime lenses used to be the definite second option to the same make variety, but not anymore. This is especially true as the third-party manufacturers slowly started to produce versions for the latest mirrorless camera platforms, taking advantage of faster autofocusing and newfangled features such as lens control rings. At the