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Essential Camera Accessories All Photographers Should Have

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While a camera and few lenses are the basics of any photographer’s camera kit, there are a few extra accessories that are crucial for all photographers to have on hand. Even though there is a large selection of accessories on the market, they are not all equally essential. We did a little research and considered

6 Best SDHC Cards

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Most digital devices have basic internal storage. Smartphones, for example, have minimal storage available on their SIM cards. Other devices like point and shoot cameras and mirrorless cameras require an external storage card – this is why SDHC cards are so important. Firstly, SDHC cards increase the minimal internal storage capacity of certain devices. Secondly,

6 Best SDXC Cards

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As digital cameras evolve, so do the related accessories. An important piece of equipment every photographer must own is an SD card. In most instances, it is beneficial to have two or three SD cards as backup. SDXC cards are going to be the best fit for only needing one memory card. The latest iteration

8 Best SD Cards


All cameras require a memory card of some kind. While some cameras require CompactFlash memory cards, the majority of consumer-level cameras use an SD card. When choosing an SD card for your photography needs, there are three key things you need to keep in mind. Types Of SD Cards That You Can Buy There are