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6 Best Third-Party Prime Lenses for Nikon

Best Third-Party Prime Lenses for Nikon Image

Nikon DSLR cameras users have access to a huge range of lenses. They can purchase official Nikon NIKKOR lenses, but there is also a top selection of third-party prime lenses for Nikon cameras too. Third-party lenses from manufacturers like Sigma and Tamron offer brilliant quality and great flexibility for your photography. While it ideal to

6 Best Third-Party Prime Lenses for Canon

Best Third-Party Prime Lenses for Canon Image

Photographers usually stick with official lenses for their DSLR cameras, leading to a misconception that third-party lenses are lower quality or may not produce the same results as an official manufacturer’s lens. We aim to dispel this myth by showcasing the best third-party prime lenses for Canon DSLR cameras. Prime lenses provide a single focal

5 Best Manual Lenses

Manual Lenses Image

We live in a time where technology is constantly edging towards automation. Automatic features in things like phones, computers, and cameras have opened the doors for companies to introduce amateur consumers to simplified, understandable forms of complicated processes. Photography has especially benefited from automatic technology; most modern lenses have the ability to autofocus, an advantageous

5 Best Sony 85mm Lenses

Sony 85mm Lenses Images

The 85mm focal length has traditionally been a favorite of portrait photographers, providing a just-right angle of view and compression. This focal length isn’t just a great option for getting the most flattering images of humans, but also with a bit of creativity, it’s applicable to street photography or even landscapes in the right circumstances.

6 Best Canon 50mm Lenses

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The 50mm focal length has been the photographer’s standard for many years, providing an almost as-you-see-it view of the world. These lenses are generally fast and lightweight, with the added benefit of great bokeh effects in the right circumstances. If you’re on the Canon platform, there’s a good bunch of these Canon 50mm lenses to

6 Best Affordable Macro Lenses

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Capturing the tiniest of subjects in the world can open up a vast area of creativity, which means a macro lens is a highly needed piece of kit. One side benefit of macro lenses is that they can also act as regular focal length prime lenses and, depending on which focal length you choose, they