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Memory Cards

5 Best CFexpress Cards

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Now that the next generation of professional cameras is here, next-gen memory cards have arrived as well in the form of CFexpress cards. These memory cards are currently the fastest memory cards on the market and serve as the successor to XQD memory cards. The best models offer write speeds of up to 1,480 MB/s

5 Best XQD Cards

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Memory card technology is continually advancing. We have a myriad of different card types with an exciting new card type that is becoming increasingly popular being XQD cards. XQD cards are still relatively new, and there are a limited number of cameras and video recorders that use this storage type. Nikon and Sony are two

7 Best Memory Card Holders

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If you frequently use different digital devices, you need expandable storage. SD cards are the perfect choice. Keeping these small cards organized and easy to find, however, is difficult. This is where memory card holders are beneficial. These compact storage units usually have multiple slots for individual cards. Furthermore, they often accommodate various memory card

6 Best SDHC Cards

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Most digital devices have basic internal storage. Smartphones, for example, have minimal storage available on their SIM cards. Other devices like point and shoot cameras and mirrorless cameras require an external storage card – this is why SDHC cards are so important. Firstly, SDHC cards increase the minimal internal storage capacity of certain devices. Secondly,

6 Best SDXC Cards

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As digital cameras evolve, so do the related accessories. An important piece of equipment every photographer must own is an SD card. In most instances, it is beneficial to have two or three SD cards as backup. SDXC cards are going to be the best fit for only needing one memory card. The latest iteration