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5 Best Canon Macro Lenses Under $500

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Macro photography is one of the most enjoyable types of photography to undertake as it offers great creative freedom. You can create abstract macro shots, close-up textures of materials, and beautiful detailed shots of wildlife, for example. The best Canon macro lenses under $500 will help you produce quality macro work. Canon has a decent

5 Best Macro Filters

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If you fancy the idea of capturing the smallest of subjects but can’t quite stretch to the cost of a dedicated macro lens, then macro filters are a good option. Also referred to as close-up filters, these inexpensive accessories are more lenses than anything else, turning any regular zoom or prime lens into a macro

6 Best Macro Attachments for Smartphones

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Smartphones today have amazing cameras. Some of these cameras have resolutions and features that even rival point and shoot and entry-level DSLR models. Whilst basic smartphone cameras are brilliant, you can enhance their usability further with attachable lenses. In this article, we look specifically at macro attachments for smartphones. These small lenses provide magnification for

6 Best Tripods for Macro Photography

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Macro photography is a specialist subject that allows photographers immense creativity. Using specialized macro lenses to take unbelievably detailed photos of close-up objects requires skill, imagination, and a reliable set of camera equipment. Using tripods for macro photography is incredibly important. As you are focusing on objects in fine detail, your camera must be stable.

6 Best Affordable Macro Lenses

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Capturing the tiniest of subjects in the world can open up a vast area of creativity, which means a macro lens is a highly needed piece of kit. One side benefit of macro lenses is that they can also act as regular focal length prime lenses and, depending on which focal length you choose, they

8 Best Macro Lenses

Macro Lenses

Macro lenses are used to capture close up photos of small subjects. Macro lenses have the ability to focus on tiny objects without blurring them, the way most regular lenses do. A true macro lens has a reproduction ratio of at least 1:1. This means that the size of the image on the sensor is