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8 Best Affordable Lighting Kits

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An affordable lighting kit is an essential accessory for photographers who frequently shoot indoors. While nature controls the major lighting outdoors, once you step foot inside a building, there is limited natural light the sun can provide. Videographers also depend upon lighting kits for video when they can’t depend on natural lighting. Due to this

Genaray SP-AD75 SpectroLED-14 LED Light: Alternative Light Power

Genaray SP-AD75 SpectroLED-14 LED Light Image

Ever since tiny LED lights gained enough power and reliability to be used in commercial settings, they have been an option for not just video work, but also stills photography. Constant illumination may seem reserved for video work, but more and more photographers are using constant LED lighting as more predictable light-shaping solutions. This is

5 Best Strobe Lights for Portraits

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Lighting is to a photographer what a pen is to an author or a brush to a painter. It opens you up to multiple creative possibilities as you play with everything from shadow effects to glowing patterns. Your success here is determined by the kind of lighting you use, such as continuous lighting, on-camera flashes,

5 Best Monolights

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There comes a time in every photographer’s lighting journey when they need to progress from regular flashguns/Speedlights to a monolight. The issues with a flashgun may be about needing more light output or features, which a monolight can provide in droves. Monolights can then be used both in the studio and on-location work, fulfilling all

5 Best Lighting Gels

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If you’ve never come across the term lighting gels before, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s some sort of coagulated substance smeared onto a flash in some way. Instead, lighting gels are translucent, colored sheets of material that change the characteristics of a light source. These can be applied to a light source for many

5 Best Light Diffusers

Best Light Diffusers

It’s the usual way of things that once you venture into the world of artificial lighting, you’ll soon need a variety of ways to modify the illumination coming from your average flashgun or strobe. These can range from light diffusers which are huge units for the studio or small solutions that fit onto a hot

10 Best Light Meters

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Every serious photographer knows that light is one of the most critical components of a shot. The available lighting determines your ISO settings, shutter speed, and aperture. When shooting in automatic mode, it’s less crucial for you to pay attention to the lighting as your camera does it for you. When transitioning to manual mode,

5 Best Gray Cards

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When you have been shooting for some time, using a gray card becomes a necessity rather than an option. This is especially true when shooting under artificial light, but the first question is why use gray cards in the first place? Our own eyes are very good at adapting to different lighting conditions and we

6 Best Battery-Powered Monolights

Battery-Powered Monolight

If you have been using speedlites in your camera lighting setup for some time, there will come a point where you utter the Captain Kirk-like statement, ‘we need more power!’ Speedlites, or flashguns, are a great solution for most shooting scenarios, but they only have a relatively limited amount of wattage compared to studio lighting.

9 Best Cheap Lights for Photography

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Lighting for photography is crucial for taking high-quality photos. Proper lighting can help accentuate the subject of the image with clarity and sharpness. Good lighting for photography lets you bring your creativity to the forefront and create whatever photographic mood your heart desires. There are many photographers’ lighting options available, whether in the studio or

6 Best Studio Strobe Lights

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Creating your own lighting during shoots and not relying on natural lighting or your camera flash allows you to take full control of the mood in your photos. Good lighting is crucial for creating the perfect ambiance. There are plenty of ways to do this, be it the strategic angling of a lighting umbrella or

8 Best Ring Lights

Best Ring Lights

Ring lights are responsible for many of the great images and videos we see on social media. Have you ever swooned over how perfect your favorite makeup artists look in their tutorials? Or have you been in awe of how amazing the lighting is in the selfies your celebrities upload? Ring lights are affordable lighting

9 Best Softbox Lighting Kits

Softbox Lighting- Camera- DSLR- Lighting

While indoor photography comes with the advantage of giving you the ability to control lighting in your photos. Softbox lights make your indoor photography turns out even better. Softbox lighting kits soften the light from camera photography to reduce shadow, spread light in a shoot evenly, and minimize the exposure of glare. Even though softbox

Profoto B1 Review: The Best Lighting?

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There’s a reason why certain products become extremely popular or almost the standard when it comes to photography gear. One such example is the Profoto B1 portable studio monolight. It’s not the newest model on the market, but since its release in 2013, the B1 has been a consistent performer in both the studio and