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5 Best Macro Filters

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If you fancy the idea of capturing the smallest of subjects but can’t quite stretch to the cost of a dedicated macro lens, then macro filters are a good option. Also referred to as close-up filters, these inexpensive accessories are more lenses than anything else, turning any regular zoom or prime lens into a macro

7 Best 62mm Filters

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As your photography skills develop you will undoubtedly want to experiment with new accessories. Once you have purchased a selection of lenses, why not look at some filters? Lens filters can add protection. They can also improve your creative options and allow the utilization of different techniques. To show you the power and creativity available,

7 Best 52mm Filters

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Lens filters are an essential item that are often overlooked. People assume that if they purchase a high-quality lens, then that’s all they need. Whilst high-quality DSLR lenses certainly allow you to create beautiful photos, filters can make a huge difference. Lens filters attach to the end of your lens and provide additional functionality. There

7 Best 72mm Filters

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Lens filters are brilliant accessories that improve a photographer’s creativity. There is a fantastic range of 72mm filters available – from variable ND, and color graduated ND, to specialist contrast filters and circular polarizers. Each filter has a different purpose and it is wise to have a collection to use in different situations. For your

9 Best UV Protection Lens Filters

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When shooting outdoors, you need to make sure that your camera has the same protection as your eyes. You may not have known this, but ultraviolet (UV) rays can affect the inner workings of your lens. Newer model lenses usually have special coatings that help prevent damage, but a UV protection lens filter will make

6 Best 77mm Filters

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It’s arguable that camera lens filters are not as commonly thought about as they were in the film days. Since the advent of digital photography and post-editing software, many of the effects created with lens filters can be replicated. But, that doesn’t mean lens filters don’t have a use or relevance today. This is why

5 Best 43mm Filters

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Lens filters in the digital camera world may seem like an option rather than a necessity, but they still have lots of useful applications. Many of the color correcting and special effects filters made for film cameras can be easily replicated in modern photo editing software. But, options such as ultraviolet (UV) and neutral density

5 Best FLD Filters

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For the photographers out there who have been brought up exclusively in the digital age, using lens filters may seem like an antiquated way of working. Generally, most lens filters were inventions from back in the film days, where things like white balance correction or even lens effects had to be accomplished with an extra

10 Best CPL Filters

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CPLs (circular polarizer filters) may not feel like a necessity in the digital camera world, but they are ever so useful in the right circumstances. Polarizing filters are so named not because they polarize opinions on their usefulness, but due to their unique way of balancing light entering the lens. What Are CPL Filters? Most

8 Best Inexpensive Lens Filters

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Nowadays, there are all sorts of apps and filters that people use to achieve a desired effect and enhance the quality of their photos. Sure, downloading an app or choosing an Instagram filter is easy and convenient, but they can’t compare to real camera lens filters, at least not to a true photographer, regardless of