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A Beginner’s Guide to Camera Lens Filters

A Beginner's Guide to Camera Lens Filters 2

I have to admit, I was a late starter to the lens filter game. Back in the film days lens filters were the norm, but with the advent of digital it initially felt like all the tricks photo filters could perform could be done in software. Oh, how wrong. It took some time to get

The Best Travel Lens for Canon & Nikon

travel- lens

The type of camera kit you travel with can be completely different from equipment used for regular day-to-day photography work. Depending on the job, a variety of equipment from different cameras bodies, lenses and lighting gear lets you choose the appropriate items for shooting a certain subject in a certain scenario. However, when it comes

Zoom Lenses vs. Prime Lenses: Which Is Right for You?


When deciding what’s the best glass to fit on the front of your camera, one of the main debates is always between prime and zoom lenses. Many times the debate centers around a quality issue. There may be other features to argue upon such as image stabilization, autofocus/manual focus, the different ways you use a

The Best Canon Lenses for DSLR Models

The Best Canon Lenses for DSLR Models 4

If you own a DSLR then you’ll eventually own a bunch of lenses. Which lenses you choose will come down to the subjects you shoot most often and your budget. The initial choices come down to if you own a crop sensor/APS-C or full-frame camera. The recent introduction of the EOS R range of mirrorless