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7 Best Polaroid Cameras

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The name Polaroid is synonymous with the fun, easy-to-use point-and-shoot instant camera. However, in more recent years, Polaroid has expanded production to offer a new range of cameras. Polaroid has been making world-leading instant cameras since the late 1940s. The iconic design was both aesthetically pleasing and extremely well-functioning. The company has added a few

8 Best Film Cameras

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We’ve put together a list of the film cameras, which are still popular, even with the new photography technology available on the market. Shooting with film can be a time-consuming process that yields unpredictable results, but photographers love film because of its timeless and vintage look.  While film photographs don’t always turn out as intended,

Tips for Buying an Old Film Camera

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In such a digital age, it seems counter intuitive to be considering using film cameras for your imaging needs. Almost like your next car being one with a carburetor and leaf spring suspension. However, with brands such as Kodak producing classic film stock which gives a distinctive look to the images replicated by many smart