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Camera Accessories

7 Best 62mm Filters

62mm Filters Image

As your photography skills develop you will undoubtedly want to experiment with new accessories. Once you have purchased a selection of lenses, why not look at some filters? Lens filters can add protection. They can also improve your creative options and allow the utilization of different techniques. To show you the power and creativity available,

7 Best 52mm Filters

52mm Filters Image

Lens filters are an essential item that are often overlooked. People assume that if they purchase a high-quality lens, then that’s all they need. Whilst high-quality DSLR lenses certainly allow you to create beautiful photos, filters can make a huge difference. Lens filters attach to the end of your lens and provide additional functionality. There

10 Best Light Meters

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Every serious photographer knows that light is one of the most critical components of a shot. The available lighting determines your ISO settings, shutter speed, and aperture. When shooting in automatic mode, it’s less crucial for you to pay attention to the lighting as your camera does it for you. When transitioning to manual mode,

7 Best 72mm Filters

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Lens filters are brilliant accessories that improve a photographer’s creativity. There is a fantastic range of 72mm filters available – from variable ND, and color graduated ND, to specialist contrast filters and circular polarizers. Each filter has a different purpose and it is wise to have a collection to use in different situations. For your

5 Best Gray Cards

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When you have been shooting for some time, using a gray card becomes a necessity rather than an option. This is especially true when shooting under artificial light, but the first question is why use gray cards in the first place? Our own eyes are very good at adapting to different lighting conditions and we

5 Best XQD Cards

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Memory card technology is continually advancing. We have a myriad of different card types with an exciting new card type that is becoming increasingly popular being XQD cards. XQD cards are still relatively new, and there are a limited number of cameras and video recorders that use this storage type. Nikon and Sony are two

6 Best 77mm Filters

77mm Filters Image

It’s arguable that camera lens filters are not as commonly thought about as they were in the film days. Since the advent of digital photography and post-editing software, many of the effects created with lens filters can be replicated. But, that doesn’t mean lens filters don’t have a use or relevance today. This is why

5 Best Camera Sling Bags

Camera Sling Bags Images

Recently, a camera sling bag has become a trend that safely holds your photography equipment together. Its comfortable and unique design makes it one of the most favorite case types among photographers. Professionals and amateurs these days have started choosing compact camera bodies, going for mirrorless camera systems. This is ideal for the camera sling

5 Best Canon Lens Hoods

Best Canon Lens Hoods Image

I have to admit, a lens hood isn’t usually at the top of the shopping list when it comes to camera accessories, that’s until you lose or break one of the things. The use of a lens hood usually polarizes photographers, those who use them all the time and those who don’t. But what are

6 Best Digital Photo Frames

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Photos are the perfect items to decorate your home. They provide warm memories and brighten up rooms. Instead of using traditional photo frames and printed pictures, why not look at digital photo frames and show off more than one? Digital photo frames provide a whole new level of creativity and allow you to continually change

6 Best MicroSD Cards

MicroSD Cards Images

MicroSD cards may be small, but they carry a lot of responsibility. These cards can be used for smartphones, cameras, drones, and even for gaming consoles such as the Nintendo Switch. They can significantly expand the memory capacity of your device and enable you to have multiple or duplicate cards. However, choosing a microSD card

6 Best Photography Gloves

Photography Gloves Image

There are hundreds of different photography accessories available for your camera. But what about the tools you use to operate your camera – your hands? Are there any accessories you can purchase to improve your camera grip and control? Photography gloves. These are special gloves that allow you to comfortably operate your camera in adverse

5 Best 43mm Filters

43mm Filters Image

Lens filters in the digital camera world may seem like an option rather than a necessity, but they still have lots of useful applications. Many of the color correcting and special effects filters made for film cameras can be easily replicated in modern photo editing software. But, options such as ultraviolet (UV) and neutral density

7 Best Memory Card Holders

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If you frequently use different digital devices, you need expandable storage. SD cards are the perfect choice. Keeping these small cards organized and easy to find, however, is difficult. This is where memory card holders are beneficial. These compact storage units usually have multiple slots for individual cards. Furthermore, they often accommodate various memory card

5 Best FLD Filters

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For the photographers out there who have been brought up exclusively in the digital age, using lens filters may seem like an antiquated way of working. Generally, most lens filters were inventions from back in the film days, where things like white balance correction or even lens effects had to be accomplished with an extra

6 Best Camera Purses

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I have to admit that when I started my photography journey, I would use any old bag to cart around my camera gear. It soon became apparent that not only was more protection was needed, but carrying around a satchel that looked like a throwaway from a thrift store didn’t exactly look professional. A huge

6 Best Tripods for Macro Photography

Tripods for Macro Photography Image

Macro photography is a specialist subject that allows photographers immense creativity. Using specialized macro lenses to take unbelievably detailed photos of close-up objects requires skill, imagination, and a reliable set of camera equipment. Using tripods for macro photography is incredibly important. As you are focusing on objects in fine detail, your camera must be stable.

6 Best Battery-Powered Monolights

Battery-Powered Monolight

If you have been using speedlites in your camera lighting setup for some time, there will come a point where you utter the Captain Kirk-like statement, ‘we need more power!’ Speedlites, or flashguns, are a great solution for most shooting scenarios, but they only have a relatively limited amount of wattage compared to studio lighting.

7 Best Battery Grips

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When tracking down the best battery grips currently on the market, there is luckily a wide choice available from native brand makes to third-party offerings. They range from the very expensive to budget models, all having the same idea in mind, to extend the power of the camera and add functionality. However, battery grips seem

Essential Camera Accessories All Photographers Should Have

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While a camera and few lenses are the basics of any photographer’s camera kit, there are a few extra accessories that are crucial for all photographers to have on hand. Even though there is a large selection of accessories on the market, they are not all equally essential. We did a little research and considered

7 Best Monopods

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Without stability, images can turn out unfocused and blurry. Having some sort of camera support, whether a tripod or a monopod, is absolutely essential for a photographer.  While most of us know what a tripod is, a monopod is exactly what it sounds like – a tripod with only one leg. This may not make