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Camera Accessories

9 Best Camera Straps

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Most cameras that photographers tend to invest in will come with an included strap. In most cases, this will be a neck strap and will provide basic functionality that allows you to easily keep your camera with you – directly around your neck – making it easy to take a shot at any time. The

5 Best Camera Clips

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A camera clip is an essential item for photographers that move around and are active in their work. Unlike a camera strap, a clip simply clamps your camera in place to either your belt, or a bag strap, keeping your camera from wildly flailing around and risking damage. In most instances, camera clips will fix

5 Best Macro Extension Tubes

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A macro extension tube is typically purchased in a set of multiple tubes and makes a fantastic tool for getting much closer macro shots without having to purchase multiple dedicated macro lenses at various focusing distances. Instead of a standalone lens, these tubes are attached to your camera between the lens and the camera body.

5 Best Camera Cases

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Photographers on the go should seriously consider a durable camera case. One of these is recommended for outdoor photoshoots as well as transporting extra camera bodies and lenses. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to use a camera case on a regular basis. Paired with a high-quality camera bag for your primary camera

5 Best Lens Cap Holders

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I quite honestly didn’t even know that lens cap holders were a thing until very recently. I used to follow the usual course of action as used by most photographers when storing lens caps and that’s improvisation. Like most, lens cap storage usually involved any spare pocket that was available, stuffing it somewhere in my

5 Best CFexpress Cards

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Now that the next generation of professional cameras is here, next-gen memory cards have arrived as well in the form of CFexpress cards. These memory cards are currently the fastest memory cards on the market and serve as the successor to XQD memory cards. The best models offer write speeds of up to 1,480 MB/s

5 Best Sling Camera Straps

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Most DSLR or mirrorless cameras are supplied with their own neck strap. This is initially a very useful addition to a camera purchase, but they are not always the most practical in the real world. There are plenty of other options available, and today we’ve gathered together the best sling camera straps. But, why do

4 Best Wireless Camera Microphones

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A microphone is perhaps one of the most important tools in modern-day multimedia. Whether you’re filming a video, interviewing someone, or lecturing an audience, the use of a microphone is always necessary. High-quality microphones lend a strong vibe to your visual content by producing excellent audio. Wireless options are becoming even more important in this