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5 Best Micro Four Thirds Cameras

Micro Four Thirds Cameras Image

The camera industry is rapidly growing, with more and more people choosing to go with mirrorless camera systems. However, Micro Four Thirds cameras still have their place in today’s marketplace and they offer some amazing features. Although these cameras haven’t gotten a lot of love these days, thanks to the relatively lower prices of full-frame cameras, they are capable

5 Best Gray Cards

Gray Cards Image

When you have been shooting for some time, using a gray card becomes a necessity rather than an option. This is especially true when shooting under artificial light, but the first question is why use gray cards in the first place? Our own eyes are very good at adapting to different lighting conditions and we

5 Best Canon 70-200mm Lenses

Canon 70-200mm Lenses Image

When it comes to lens focal lengths, 70-200mm lenses are the typical workhorse zooms used for anything from portraits to action, events, wildlife, and weddings. High-quality versions usually come with a fast f/2.8 or f/4 constant aperture and in many cases image stabilization and rock-solid build quality. These lenses can be used on full-frame as

6 Best Camera Holsters

Camera Holsters Image

Camera holsters, or toploader bags, are usually items we come back around to in our photography careers. Basically meaning, we start with one of these small carry cases, progress to a large camera bag, then buy a quality camera holster for short trips. In scenarios where you want to travel light with minimal gear is

5 Best Nikon 35mm Lenses

Nikon 35mm Lenses Image

A prime lens is an important piece of equipment for most photographers. These lenses are preferred over zoom lenses for a number of reasons. A 35mm lens on a full-frame DSLR camera body represents almost the same view as what you see with your own eyes. Another thing that makes these lenses popular is their

9 Best UV Filters

UV Filters Image

When shooting outdoors, you need to make sure that your camera has the same protection as your eyes. You may not have known this, but ultraviolet (UV) rays can affect the inner workings of your lens. Newer model lenses usually have special coatings that help prevent damage, but it’s always a good idea to add

5 Best Sony 85mm Lenses

Sony 85mm Lenses Images

The 85mm focal length has traditionally been a favorite of portrait photographers, providing a just-right angle of view and compression. This focal length isn’t just a great option for getting the most flattering images of humans, but also with a bit of creativity, it’s applicable to street photography or even landscapes in the right circumstances.

3 Best Sony 70-200mm Lenses

Sony 70-200mm Lenses Image

Recommending the best Sony 70-200mm lens seems on the surface like a very straightforward proposition. It’s Sony’s own 70-200mm, right? Well, the choices are never that straightforward, just like any lens type. There are obviously a few 70-200mm Sony offerings, and then there are third-party choices. There aren’t that many available, but they are out

5 Best Nikon 50mm Lenses

Nikon 50mm Lenses Images

50mm lenses are sometimes referred to as “nifty fifty” prime lenses. Generally, they aren’t so pocket-friendly, yet many novices and professional photographers love including them in their kit. Such lenses offer super-fast apertures and a fixed field of view. Hence, they can be used for various photography needs that include low-light shooting, macro, portrait photography,

5 Best Camera Sling Bags

Camera Sling Bags Images

Recently, a camera sling bag has become a trend that safely holds your photography equipment together. Its comfortable and unique design makes it one of the most favorite case types among photographers. Professionals and amateurs these days have started choosing compact camera bodies, going for mirrorless camera systems. This is ideal for the camera sling

5 Best Canon Lens Hoods

Canon Lens Hoods Image

I have to admit, a lens hood isn’t usually at the top of the shopping list when it comes to camera accessories, that’s until you lose or break one of the things. The use of a lens hood usually polarizes photographers, those who use them all the time and those who don’t. But what are

6 Best Canon Fisheye Lenses

Canon Fisheye Lenses Image

A fisheye lens is arguably the most fun piece of optics to use in any setting, providing in many cases an almost 180-degree view of the world. The best Canon fisheye lenses can be rendered with a different look depending on if they are used on a full-frame or crop sensor camera body, with also

5 Best Canon 85mm Lenses

Canon 85mm Lenses Image

The 85mm focal length has been a firm favorite of portrait photographers for many years, mainly down to it being a nice happy-medium lens. This essentially means images have a narrow-angle of view, but not too narrow. Images have a slightly compressed look, while not looking too bulbous like with wide-angle lenses. Which is why

7 Best Micro Four Thirds Lenses

Micro Four Thirds Lenses Images

It seems most of the camera manufacturers these days think that full-frame cameras are the only solution for top-notch quality and versatility. But, someone with a thick, heavy-weight DSLR dangling around their neck should know that this chunky camera design will soon make you frustrated. This where Micro Four Thirds (MFT) camera systems and their

7 Best Polaroid Cameras

Best Polaroid Cameras Image

The name Polaroid is synonymous with the fun, easy-to-use point-and-shoot instant camera. However, in more recent years, Polaroid has expanded production to offer a new range of cameras. Polaroid has been making world-leading instant cameras since the late 1940s. The iconic design was both aesthetically pleasing and extremely well-functioning. The company has added a few

6 Best Digital Photo Frames

Digital Photo Frames Image 1

Photos are the perfect items to decorate your home. They provide warm memories and brighten up rooms. Instead of using traditional photo frames and printed pictures, why not look at digital photo frames and show off more than one? Digital photo frames provide a whole new level of creativity and allow you to continually change

6 Best Canon 50mm Lenses

Canon 50mm Lenses Image

The 50mm focal length has been the photographer’s standard for many years, providing an almost as-you-see-it view of the world. These lenses are generally fast and lightweight, with the added benefit of great bokeh effects in the right circumstances. If you’re on the Canon platform, there’s a good bunch of these Canon 50mm lenses to

6 Best MicroSD Cards

MicroSD Cards Images

MicroSD cards may be small, but they carry a lot of responsibility. These cards can be used for smartphones, cameras, drones, and even for gaming consoles such as the Nintendo Switch. They can significantly expand the memory capacity of your device and enable you to have multiple or duplicate cards. However, choosing a microSD card

6 Best Photography Gloves

Photography Gloves Image

There are hundreds of different photography accessories available for your camera. But what about the tools you use to operate your camera – your hands? Are there any accessories you can purchase to improve your camera grip and control? Photography gloves. These are special gloves that allow you to comfortably operate your camera in adverse

5 Best 43mm Filters

43mm Filters Image

Lens filters in the digital camera world may seem like an option rather than a necessity, but they still have lots of useful applications. Many of the color correcting and special effects filters made for film cameras can be easily replicated in modern photo editing software. But, options such as ultraviolet (UV) and neutral density

5 Best Canon 24-70mm Lenses

Canon 24-70mm Lenses Image

Recommending the best Canon 24-70mm lenses should be a straightforward answer, right? Simply buy the latest Canon 24-70mm lens and you should be set. However, like most choices in life, the solution is not that straightforward, especially with the new RF lenses for mirrorless cameras and third-party solutions. There’s also the option of older versions

7 Best Memory Card Holders

Memory Card Holders Image

If you frequently use different digital devices, you need expandable storage. SD cards are the perfect choice. Keeping these small cards organized and easy to find, however, is difficult. This is where memory card holders are beneficial. These compact storage units usually have multiple slots for individual cards. Furthermore, they often accommodate various memory card

5 Best FLD Filters

FLD Filters Image

For the photographers out there who have been brought up exclusively in the digital age, using lens filters may seem like an antiquated way of working. Generally, most lens filters were inventions from back in the film days, where things like white balance correction or even lens effects had to be accomplished with an extra