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5 Best Canon Macro Lenses Under $1000

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To create effective macro photography, you need a specialist lens, but it’s understandable that you may not want to spend a fortune on new lenses. When choosing a budget macro lens, you should consider things like aperture, and focal distance. The maximum aperture is important as it is used to control lighting, but also depth

5 Best Cheap Telephoto Lenses for DSLR Cameras

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Telephoto lenses are extremely popular with wildlife photographers, street photographers, and landscape photographers due to their versatility and reliability. If you’re new to telephoto lenses, you’ve probably seen them ranging in the thousands of dollars. While there are high-quality telephoto lenses that can cost that much, you don’t need to spend thousands on a reliable

6 Best Lenses for Nikon D810

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Although the Nikon D810 has now been superseded by the D850, it’s still a highly regarded and cherished camera in Nikon circles. While the newer version may sport a higher pixel count and 4K video, the D810 still offers extremely high resolution for the largest of prints from its 37.09-megapixel sensor and 64–12,800 ISO range.

5 Best Manual Lenses

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We live in a time where technology is constantly edging towards automation. Automatic features in things like phones, computers, and cameras have opened the doors for companies to introduce amateur consumers to simplified, understandable forms of complicated processes. Photography has especially benefited from automatic technology; most modern lenses have the ability to autofocus, an advantageous

4 Best Nikon 70-200mm Lenses

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A 70-200mm zoom lens is an essential piece of equipment for professional photographers all over the world. With a quick and constant aperture, it offers great telephoto reach which is perfect for freezing the action with fast shutter speeds. It also helps deliver a tight depth of field. Extremely versatile, the Nikon 70-200mm lens can

6 Best Fuji Lenses

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While other manufacturers may be shouting from the rooftops about their incredible range of camera lenses, Fuji is still beavering away producing fine optics. This roundup of the best Fuji lenses includes the X-mount variations, which have been one of the main reasons why users still rely on this platform. The excellent X-Pro3 and X-T4

5 Best Nikon 50mm Lenses

Nikon 50mm Lenses Images

50mm lenses are sometimes referred to as “nifty fifty” prime lenses. Generally, they aren’t so pocket-friendly, yet many novices and professional photographers love including them in their kit. Such lenses offer super-fast apertures and a fixed field of view. Hence, they can be used for various photography needs that include low-light shooting, macro, portrait photography,

7 Best Micro Four Thirds Lenses

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It seems most of the camera manufacturers these days think that full-frame cameras are the only solution for top-notch quality and versatility. But, someone with a thick, heavy-weight DSLR dangling around their neck should know that this chunky camera design will soon make you frustrated. This where Micro Four Thirds (MFT) camera systems and their

6 Best Canon 50mm Lenses

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The 50mm focal length has been the photographer’s standard for many years, providing an almost as-you-see-it view of the world. These lenses are generally fast and lightweight, with the added benefit of great bokeh effects in the right circumstances. If you’re on the Canon platform, there’s a good bunch of these Canon 50mm lenses to

5 Best Canon 24-70mm Lenses

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Recommending the best Canon 24-70mm lenses should be a straightforward answer, right? Simply buy the latest Canon 24-70mm lens and you should be set. However, like most choices in life, the solution is not that straightforward, especially with the new RF lenses for mirrorless cameras and third-party solutions. There’s also the option of older versions

6 Best All-Rounder Camera Lenses

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When initially being tasked to find the best all-rounder camera lenses on the market, I thought there would be straightforward choices. As soon as I thought of one lens, a bunch of others immediately came to mind as well. You could argue that many lenses on the market have a wide range of uses and

5 Best 70-300mm Lenses

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With so many options available, how do you know what the best 70-300mm lenses are? If you’re looking to upgrade your telephoto lens game, read on to see our top picks for 2020. Using long telephoto lenses is an addictive hobby and once you get the bug, you will always be wanting for more reach.

4 Best 17-50mm Lenses

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A standard zoom is usually the first port of call as a first all-rounder lens. Generally speaking, this lens can cover wide-angle shots up to the standard 50mm focal length and also works great in low light. This is why a zoom lens that bounces around these focal lengths is a good solution for vloggers

6 Best 35mm Lenses

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The nifty fifty lens is usually recommended as the standardized focal length for general applications, but just as popular is the 35mm, which has a wider scope of view and a very natural perspective. The best 35mm lenses are usually recommended for the likes of photojournalism and street photography, but the 35mm has so much

The Best 18-35mm Lenses

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The world of wide angle zooms, which includes the best 18-35mm lenses, opens up many possibilities for creativity, not just for those who predominantly shoot landscapes. Wide-angle lenses can provide unique viewpoints, especially when you shoot your main subject close up and have a background falling off to infinity, all in sharp detail. The focal

7 Best 50mm Lenses

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A 50mm prime lens has been the universal standard view for many years, providing a more or less “as we see it with the human eye” perspective. It’s also generally a very compact lens, meaning if you don’t own any other piece of glass, either a prime or a zoom, choosing one of the best

5 Best 18-200mm Lenses

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The best 18-200mm lenses on the market today are usually categorized in the super zoom bracket. This means they cover far more focal range than traditional lenses, where the common thought process is to use two or more zoom lenses to cover the same distance. This is generally because there will be too much optical

5 Best 135mm Lenses

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The first question that usually arises when discussing the need for the best 135mm lenses around, is why the need? A personal perspective is usually the most straightforward explanation, which in my own case came from constantly using the very capable 70-200mm zoom lens for portraits. Zoom lenses are extremely versatile, but for the same

8 Best Cheap Lenses for Nikon

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When you buy a Nikon DSLR camera, it usually comes with a ‘kit lens’ – either an 18-55mm model or an 18-140mm model. This is generally the first lens that a photographer starts with. Kit lenses offer a fairly wide range and allow amateur photographers to get comfortable with their cameras. While these lenses are

6 Best 300mm Lenses

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Diving into the more specialist world of 300mm lenses may initially seem like a strange proposition, but these high-end primes have many advantages. There’s also the case that there are many telephoto zoom lenses which either stretch up to 300mm or include it in their focal range, such as the Tamron AF 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 Di