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50mm lenses

7 Best Sony 50mm Lenses

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It’s fair to say that the 50mm focal length is one of the most commonly used. Often referred to as a standard focal length, a 50mm lens provides a view of the world almost identical to what the human eye sees which can be used for many different types of photography. In reality, some prefer

5 Best Nikon 50mm Lenses

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50mm lenses are sometimes referred to as “nifty fifty” prime lenses. Generally, they aren’t so pocket-friendly, yet many novices and professional photographers love including them in their kit. Such lenses offer super-fast apertures and a fixed field of view. Hence, they can be used for various photography needs that include low-light shooting, macro, portrait photography,

6 Best Canon 50mm Lenses

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The 50mm focal length has been the photographer’s standard for many years, providing an almost as-you-see-it view of the world. These lenses are generally fast and lightweight, with the added benefit of great bokeh effects in the right circumstances. If you’re on the Canon platform, there’s a good bunch of these Canon 50mm lenses to

7 Best 50mm Lenses

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A 50mm prime lens has been the universal standard view for many years, providing a more or less “as we see it with the human eye” perspective. It’s also generally a very compact lens, meaning if you don’t own any other piece of glass, either a prime or a zoom, choosing one of the best