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24-70mm lenses

3 Best Sigma 24-70mm Lenses

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There’s no denying that a 24-70mm lens is one of the most versatile zooms you can have in your kit bag. This particular zoom covers the standards of 35mm and 50mm, while also covering the relatively wide angle of 24mm and the longer length of 70mm. This means you’re essentially using the equivalent of a

5 Best Nikon 24-70mm Lenses

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Speaking in general terms, if you want a zoom lens that covers the most useful focal lengths, you cannot do better than a 24-70mm. This type of zoom is a common choice for photojournalists but can be equally applied to anything from landscapes, street photography or portraits. Basically, these lenses are in the Goldilocks zone

4 Best Sony 24-70mm Lenses

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The ever so useful 24-70mm zoom lens is arguably the best all-rounder, covering the most useful of focal lengths. This lens has been used for photojournalism to portrait shots and everything in between. Thus, the reason for outlining the best Sony 24-70mm lenses currently available. On the surface, this should be a short story, with

5 Best Canon 24-70mm Lenses

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Recommending the best Canon 24-70mm lenses should be a straightforward answer, right? Simply buy the latest Canon 24-70mm lens and you should be set. However, like most choices in life, the solution is not that straightforward, especially with the new RF lenses for mirrorless cameras and third-party solutions. There’s also the option of older versions

5 Best 24-70mm Lenses

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If there is only one zoom lens you have in your kit bag, it should be the 24-70mm. With so many lenses available on the market, this may seem like a bold statement, but the humble 24-70mm covers the most used focal lengths in one tidy package. Back in the day when I was progressing