Patekfly 12-Inch Flexible Tripod: Affordable, Flexible and Durable

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Patekfly 12-Inch Flexible Tripod DEALS

If you are looking for a versatile tripod that is simple and dependable, the Patekfly 12-inch Flexible Tripod might be the one for you. This tripod is suitable for a variety of different environments whether it be something for your desktop or an attachment for your bike. The tripod has a sturdy and flexible feature that will ensure you that whichever camera is attached to it will stay on.

From mirrorless to larger DSLR cameras, the Patekfly 12-Inch Flexible Tripod can handle it. But let’s take a closer look at how the tripod is built and the other features it has to see if this one is exactly what you are looking for.


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Instantly looking at the Patekfly 12-Inch Flexible Tripod, it looks like any standard tripod when its three legs are straight. Of course, its main feature is the fact that it can bend and wrap around many objects. Although there are many other flexible tripods on the market, this one is different. When looking into flexible tripods, you will notice that most of its legs are wrapped in foam or consist of multiple balls attached. With the Patekfly, it has a rubbered rope with rubber balls at the end of each leg.

Each leg is 12 inches long and an inch thick. It also has a sleek black design to it as many tripods do. Appearance-wise, it is simple.


Another main quality of the Patekfly 12-Inch Flexible Tripod is the material it is made of, specifically the legs. As mentioned, other bendable tripods are normally foam-wrapped or consist of plastic balls. The rubbered-textured silicon that Patekfly uses for this tripod is both sturdy and durable. This is evident as you simply hold and feel the legs. Aside from it feeling sturdy, this material provides stability on an array of surfaces.

Even with an excessive amount of bends, the rubber material is strong enough to withstand from breaking. And it is hefty enough to grip and stay placed in all types of surfaces without coming loose.  

Features and In Use

The Patekfly 12-Inch Flexible Tripod looks like a simple and regular tripod, but don’t be fooled. Due to its quality build and design, it can withstand much more than you would expect. Patekfly says the tripod’s maximum weight capacity is about 1.8 pounds but has been shown to hold more than that. This is due to the flexibility of the tripod and the way it distributes the weight through the rubber feet at the end of each leg. Although, it is not the best idea to have a DSLR camera on it while holding the tripod horizontally.

When Patekfly made this tripod, the company did not fall short when it came to making a flexible-legged tripod. The legs actually bend into a full binding look that can clamp to an edge or pole.

A great additional feature to the tripod is its 360-degree ball mount. It is surprising to see this on such a low-priced tripod.


With the amount of praise this tripod has been receiving, it does not end yet. Due to its compact size, it is easily portable. It can fit in just about any space whether it be a backpack or duffel bag without taking up much space. You can also place it outside any bag and it won’t necessarily stick out. Although, it is a bit heavier than expect weighing at 1.65 pounds. This is shocking since most full-sized aluminum tripods usually weigh three to four pounds. The weight should not be a setback since the weight won’t impact how your bag feels.


The tripod has the standard 0.25-inch screw interface. If you intend on also using the tripod with a smartphone or GoPro, Patekfly included the necessary accessories in the package which attack to the 0.25-inch screw.

How Does the Patekfly 12-Inch Flexible Tripod Compare?

Patekfly 12-Inch Flexible TripodJoby GorillaPod 3K
Maximum weight capacity is said to be 1.8 poundsMaximum weight capacity is 6.6 pounds
Legs have a rubbered surfaceLegs consist of the plastic balls
Can easily bend around any object or surfaceBendability is a bit stiff


Given that there is much to say about this tripod, the price point makes it a no-brainer that this tripod is the one. For a cheap price, you will definitely get more than expected and every time you use it – it will deliver. From the top of your desk to the handle bar of your bike, your gear is safe with the Patekfly 12-Inch Flexible Tripod tripod.

The Review

Patekfly 12-Inch Flexible Tripod

Patekfly created a reliable and flexible tripod that not only is durable but affordable. With its silicon-textured body, it holds onto surfaces easily. And the bending wires reassure your camera’s safety to hang on to all types of places.


  • Has a great built with quality material
  • Comes in a nice accessory package
  • Has handy and interesting extra features


  • The weight capacity is relatively low
  • On the heavier side
  • Does not replace the average tripod

Patekfly 12-Inch Flexible Tripod DEALS

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