GEEKOTO AT24 Traveller 58” Ultra-Compact Lightweight Aluminum Tripod: Best Travel Tripod

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The GEEKOTO AT24 Traveller 58” ultra-compact lightweight aluminum tripod is the ideal choice for a travel photographer who needs a lightweight tripod for the field. This 58″ tripod is constructed out of a high-quality, durable aluminum alloy and can handle even the most rugged of outdoor environments.

Photographers out in the field need a dependable tripod, and this GEEKOTO 58” tripod is the perfect travel tripod to go with. The design of this tripod doesn’t stop at a quality tripod, it combines the ability to change into a monopod, a rocker arm, and an inverted tripod for macro photography to boot.


The GEEKOTO AT24 Traveller is made out of a quality aluminum alloy that gives it its lightweight ability. Even though the total weight is only 2.8lbs, the tripod is able to reach a maximum height of 58″ and a minimum height of 19.68 inches at its most compact.

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A design that is often highly sought after by outdoor photographers is the ability to disassemble a foot tube and convert the tripod into a monopod. This assembly is easily done through the removal of one of the foot tubes via the central axis screw. The monopod is where the GEEKOTO AT24 Traveller aluminum tripod is brought to its full length of 58 inches

The GEEKOTO 58” tripod doesn’t stop at the monopod conversion as its final trick. This tripod comes with the ability to become a rocker arm, or what is also commonly referred to as a “selfie stick“.

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Other features that the tripod includes is full 360-degree support to create the sharpest, crispest panoramic photos possible with its panorama ball head mount.

The complete dimensions to the GEEKOTO AT24 Traveller is a working height from between 15 to 55 inches and a storage length of 14.5 inches.

The GEEKOTO AT24 Traveller in Use

The GEEKOTO 58” ultra-compact lightweight aluminum tripod is one of the best travel tripods that there is available on the market today. Features that the tripod holds, especially the inverted mount option, make it the complete all-in-one tripod for photographers of all types and skill ranges.

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When using the AT24 Traveller to capture a panoramic photo, there are no worries as the stability provided by the tripod and its specifically designed pan ball head will eliminate any pesky y-axis movement that would otherwise create imperfections to a panoramic photo.

The GEEKOTO AT24 Traveller has the ability to double as a monopod and as a selfie stick. This is a critical difference that sets the tripod apart from competitors as its rapid, easy conversion in the field paves the way for photographers to capture many different shots. Conversion to the monopod is a simple as a quick detachment of the main leg.

Lightweight, lightweight, lightweight. The total 2.8lbs to the AT24 Traveller means that it is hardly felt when added to a travel photography backpack or carried in its included carrying bag.

Lastly, the tripod’s inverted mount option that supports macro photography gives an excellent edge for photographers who are focused on the smaller details that are much, much closer. The tripod simply inverts the mount from the top to between the legs for a close look at a surface that is located directly underneath and between the tripod legs.

How Does It Compare to Competitors?

The comparison that the GEEKOTO AT24 Traveller compares to other travel tripods isn’t one that can be easily beat. Tripods in the travel category often fall short of features that were sacrificed to shed weight and maintain a tight construction.

A similar competitor to the GEEKOTO 58” tripod is the Zomei 55″ Travel Tripod. Both tripods share a similar aluminum alloy construction and pan head mounts, but that’s about where the similarities stop for the most part.

The 58″ AT24 Traveller is one that can’t be beaten by a tripod like the Zomei 55″ travel tripod because of its ability to morph into the monopod and selfie stick. Yes, the Zomei is lighter, by only 0.5lbs, but that difference in weight takes away features it could’ve had.

One of the ways that the GEEKOTO AT24 Traveller smashes the competition is its support of macro photography. Other tripods can convert into a monopod, like this one can, but not many can support the monopod conversion, rocker arm conversion, and the inverted tripod mount for macro photography to top it off.

GEEKOTO AT24 Traveller 58” Ultra CompactZomei 55” Travel Tripod
Quick ReleaseYesYes
MaterialAluminum alloyAluminum alloy & ABS environmental plastic
MonopodYes, with rocker arm & inverted mount optionNo


In conclusion, the GEEKOTO AT24 Traveller is the winner when it comes to travel tripods. The features that it holds make it the champion of the travel tripod category.

The tripod has a solid aluminum alloy constriction that brings it to a lightweight total of 2.8lbs and doesn’t fall short of added features. This tripod can convert into a monopod, selfie stick, and an inverted mount tripod in less than a few minutes. These features put it up as one of the best travel tripods and even as one of the best tripods of all time.

Professionals and amateur photographers should go for this travel tripod. It has a lightweight design out of aluminum, features that can’t be found in competitors, and a quality overall build that can be felt when held.

This GEEKOTO tripod should be regarded as one of the best travel tripods and considered as one of the first options when shopping for travel tripods due to its quality design and convertibility into a monopod, rocker arm, and inverted mount tripod.

The Review

GEEKOTO AT24 Traveller

The GEEKOTO AT24 Traveller 58" tripod is the perfect choice for photographers who venture out into the field often. Its aluminum alloy constriction makes it super light, and the tripod can convert into a monopod, rocker arm, and even an inverted mount for macro photography.


  • Monopod conversion
  • Rocker arm conversion
  • Inverted mount for macro photography
  • Quick-release legs
  • Lightweight construction


  • Max height is when in monopod mode


Review Breakdown



Construction quality



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