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When it comes to shooting clean and bright photographs, bright lights are a must. In today’s market, there is an abundant amount of lighting that can give photographers this effect but which ones are worth the price? You can always opt for a professional setup but for those on a budget, the RoundFlash Ring is a budget-friendly lighting system that offers great results.

The RoundFlash Ring is one of the newer lighting systems on the market but it’s catching a lot of attention due to the price. Instead of having extra pieces to make the lights stand, it actually mounts onto your DSLR camera and uses an external flash, making it a convenient all-in-one ring light setup. Aside from its simple and easy setup, the RoundFlash Ring is compact and portable so you won’t have to worry much about it taking up too much space. But let’s take a look at the break down of this setup and if it is worth the purchase.  


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Once you open the package, you will notice the lights are put into a pouch. It might remind you of how headphones are packaged. This pouch is meant to keep the light ring protected and make it easy for you to travel with it. Also, the pouch will be relatively flat. That is because the lights collapse when it is in storage form. The lights are so compact, you can easily put them in your camera bag. To give you a better idea of its size: when the RoundFlash Ring is in the pouch, it measures 7.9 x 6.3 inches and when it is open, it measures 17.7 inches in diameter.

Features and In Use

To use the flash is quite simple. All you need is your camera and from there, you push the lens through the hole that’s carved out. At the head of the flash, you can tighten the straps so it stays secure on the camera. That’s about it. Although, you can change the size of the hole so it can work for multiple DSLR setups. But make sure you check the size of your camera at least before purchasing.

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The flash weighs only 11.75 ounces and with its soft material, the RoundFlash Ring can move around the camera since it is not as sturdy. But that should not be a deal breaker as it is not guaranteed it will move.

Since the flash is so big, it can block the view between you and your subject. It can also limit the access to your camera but even if it’s big, the result will make up for it. The product of the light will give you a soft and even look in the photo. The light from the flash bounces off the subject from many angles, which is the perk of its large size, and that reduces the harsh shadows.

How Does the RoundFlash Ring Compare?

RoundFlash Ring Flash Adapter Orbis Ring Flash Adapter
It is light and largeIt is heavy and bulky
Tends to be a bit flimsy when put on camera and can move around while shootingDue to its weight, it stays put on the camera
It is easily portable and fits anywhereNot the best for traveling
Only works in one way, if you put it around the camera lensHas multiple methods of being used – can place on top of camera or hold it while you put the camera lens through the hole


Overall, the RoundFlash Ring is an impressive lighting setup. Even though the ring light is best for portraits or events, it can be used for just about any situation. Not only does it do a great and efficient job at lighting portraits, but it is also cheap and can be brought just about anywhere. Although, it is best to practice how to open and close the lights before taking them out to professional events. It might end up looking like you are wrestling the lights.

But again, the lights are cheap and can be used just about anywhere. If you are in need of addition lighting and are on a budget, then the RoundFlash Ring is the ring light you have been looking for.

The Review

RoundFlash Ring

Overall, the RoundFlash Ring is an impressive lighting setup. Even though the ring light is best for portraits or events, it can be used for just about any situation.


  • Extremely bright and gives a great soft look to photos
  • Flash is compact and can be stored just about anywhere
  • Cheaper than many competitors


  • Large size of the flash can block the photographer from looking at the subject and camera itself
  • Flash is light which can cause it to move while shooting

RoundFlash Ring DEALS

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