Godox AD200Pro Pocket Flash: New, Compact, Portable Lighting

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Godox AD200Pro Pocket Flash DEALS

Godox has become well known for offering very good quality flash units at a remarkably affordable price. This is why the introduction of the Godox AD200Pro Pocket Flash was so exciting. It offered studio-level light output in a compact design and at a price point which was not too far off what most would spend on a same-brand flashgun.

Usually, studio strobes are large, unwieldy, and expensive, so to have the same functionality in something which is roughly the same size as a regular flashgun is very appealing. But unique design aside, will the Godox AD200Pro cut it in the real world and deliver the same quality of light as expected?


The Godox AD200Pro Pocket Flash comes in a high-quality kit case which includes a Godox H200 Speedlite flash head, bare bulb flash head, flash tube, battery pack, charging cable, and mounting bracket.

The total output is rated at 200W, with nine steps of adjustment from 1/256 to 1/1, recycle times of 0.01 to 2.1 seconds,. It features Manual, TTL, and Multi modes, and the fastest output time is 1/15,380 seconds. The rechargeable lithium battery is good for 500 full-power flashes, which should be enough for most shooting sessions.

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Other pertinent specifications for the AD200Pro include a dedicated stable color temperature mode, wireless 2.4 GHz Wireless X System with a built-in wireless receiver, LCD panel, and a basic but very usable umbrella mount.

The unit has been kept plain and simple with the bottom side featuring just a simple tripod screw mount, with another on the side and USB port. The top side of the unit having the usual light sensor. The side of the unit has two release buttons for swapping out the two heads and battery, while the rear features the control panel and simple button layout.

The menu system on the flash is extremely simple and straightforward. It features a simple jog wheel to rattle through the settings and a large red button to quickly test the unit.

Overall, this is well thought out design with just enough features to access the most important settings while not being overwhelming.

The Godox AD200Pro Pocket Flash in Use

As the Godox AD200Pro Pocket Flash is designed to be a compact studio strobe, it won’t exactly fit onto a camera’s hot shoe, but neither can a Profoto B1. This unit is aimed squarely at off-camera lighting, with far more output than a regular flashgun at roughly the same size.

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The inclusion of the H200 Speedlite flash head and bare bulb flash head give plenty of options for the quality of light which is emitted. As the AD200Pro will be most likely used with a softbox accessory or umbrella, each flash head will give a good starting point for ultimate light diffusion.

The unit covers full TTL and manual modes, with fully automatic TTL providing respectable exposures without having to minutely dial in specific settings. For the most control, manual settings can be easily dialed in for just the right amount of light coverage. If more advanced features such as first and second curtain and High-Speed Sync are needed, then these can be quickly accessed via the rear panel.

The unit benefits from a built-in wireless receiver, which is compatible with Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, and Fuji TTL. There’s also the option of stacking up two AD200Pro units together with the optional Godox Dual Power Flash Bracket. This is a Bowens S-type version which will be suitable for regular studio strobe sized softboxes.

The 200 watts of total output power is sufficient enough to fill the gap between the highest output studio strobes and a regular flashgun. There’s enough coverage from the unit for full body shots as just one light source or part of a multi-light setup. This means that unless you need huge amounts of light output, the AD200Pro is more than capable of covering most lighting situations.

How Does It Compare?

As the Godox AD200Pro pocket flash fits such a narrow niche being a super portable strobe, its nearest neighbor has to be the Godox AD200 which can be seen as the previous version. On paper, both units seem to have more or less the same power output and features, but the AD200Pro has slightly tweaked operations. Both units have a built-in modeling light and can be easily triggered via their wireless systems.

For the slight increase in price, it’s worth diving into the AD200Pro. As with all these things, it’s a good chance that some of the behind-the-scenes bugs have been ironed out with the latest version.

 Godox AD200ProGodox AD200
ControlsTTL, Manual, MultiTTL, Manual, Multi
Color Temperature5600k5600k


Godox has either unwittingly or very strategically slotted the AD200Pro into the narrow camp of those who need strobe-like output, in a regular flashgun sized package. There’s enough power in this unit for both studio and outdoor work, with the unit being compact enough to fit into a regular camera kit bag at a push.

However, the included carry case is recommended to use at all times, with especially the bare bulb head. The unit itself needs careful handling as it doesn’t feel like it can take the bumps and knocks of a regular flashgun, studio strobe.

This is where Godox has slotted into the camera world in general. Providing similar features to same-make versions, just with a looser build quality. However, with careful handling, this unit should last you in the long run.

The flash unit can also be expanded with a bunch of very useful accessories including the previously mentioned dual power flash bracket, along with rounded flash heads and replacement bulbs.

In total, the AD200Pro is a very capable flash with all the facilities you could need if you’re happy with its 200W output. The price point is also reasonable considering its power, which makes it a great companion for those who need to travel light.

The Review

Godox AD200Pro Pocket Flash

The Godox AD200Pro Pocket Flash provides a very compact lighting unit that provides studio level power in a small package. The unit is also competitively priced.


  • Compact size
  • Flash output
  • Build quality


  • No hot shoe

Godox AD200Pro Pocket Flash DEALS

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