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Drocon DC-65 Mini RC Drone: Small and Capable

Drocon DC-65 Mini RC Drone Image

The drone world has plenty of choice for us customers. Very affordable to very expensive, pro-consumer, professional cinema, beginners, racing, commercial and even underwater ROVs, there is something for everybody. In the photography world we would usually be looking at camera-equipped drones, either built-in or with the capacity to carry a camera payload. In this

DROCON Bugs 3: An Inexpensive Flyer

DROCON Bugs 3 Image 3

It never ceases to amaze me how drones are becoming easier to fly, more fully featured, and less expensive as the years go by. No longer solely coveted by RC enthusiasts, they now range from hobbyist units to business and military applications. Mainstream is the word here and that means there is now a drone

DJI Smart Controller Review: Is It a Necessity?

DJI Smart Controller Image

DJI is known for the drones and has been extremely successful with their user-friendly flying cameras. Those who fly drones notice that most upgrades happen within controllers which is why they are constantly released. With that, DJI happened to launch a new controller, the DJI Smart Controller. This controller is an accessory for DJI’s OccuSync

Skydio R1: A Fully Autonomous Consumer Drone

Skydio R1 Image

Firstly, the key words with the Skydio R1 are ‘Consumer’ and ‘Fully Autonomous.’ Being aimed at the consumer market usually means a budget version, but in this case, the term refers more to more general use than anything else as the unit still has plenty of software and hardware trickery. ‘Fully Autonomous’ means that the

Ryze Tello: Best Entry-Level Drone

Ryze Tello Image 2

It’s fun to fly drones and generally they aren’t educational, but the Ryze Tello is designed to be both. It allows you to fly the drone with an app or a Bluetooth remote. This drone is also programmable using Scratch, which is an open-source programming language developed at MIT. You can simply write the programs