Datacolor SpyderX Pro Review: One of the Fastest Monitor Calibrators

Datacolor SpyderX Pro Review: One of the Fastest Monitor Calibrators 1

Datacolor SpyderX Pro DEALS

You can set your camera to get the most accurate color and even use some of the top post-production programs out there but all that means nothing if your monitor is not displaying the correct color.

Luckily, you can correct this in a quick and easy way. All you have to do is adjust the monitor’s calibration. It takes a couple of minutes to calibrate your monitor and once it is done, you will notice the drastic change of what you thought was accurate.

If you are looking to go beyond adjusting the monitor calibration with a program, Datacolor is the one to go with. It is one of the biggest names in monitor calibration and its Spyder series has been known and respected for the accuracy and easy usage. With that, Datacolor released a successor to its Spyder5 with the SpyderX.

The SpyderX is meant to increase calibration speed and ensure color accuracy. But aside from that, it also has loads of other features. Let’s take a deeper look at its functionality.


Looking at the SpyderX, it has a similar structure as most Datacolor calibrators have. You might think it looks just like the Spyder5Pro – both are the same size and shape. The main physical difference is the white cover and the lens is built into the SpyderX.

This new design is quite useful as the lens’ “cap” is a great counterweight. It ensures that the calibrator is aligned to the monitor and properly pressed on the screen.  

Features and In Use

Datacolor SpyderX Pro Review: One of the Fastest Monitor Calibrators 2

The lens might make a great counterweight but that is not the reason why this lens is so pivotal to the calibrator. Datacolor built the SpyderX with a new and improved lens-based sensor system. This new system is claimed to increase the calibration accuracy even in the lightest and darkest areas of photos.


Prior to releasing the SpyderX, Datacolor was heavily promoting the speed and to say the least, it lives up to the hype. For many, time is extremely valuable and with this product, you won’t be disappointed. It has a sub-two minute calibration time which makes it the fastest Spyder calibrator ever. Datacolor kept a similar calibrator software that many of its other calibrators use which still makes it easy to use.

This software has a single click and calibration capability and allows you to work on multiple monitors. For those working on multiple monitors, the quickness of the SpyderX will be extremely useful. Those who only use a single monitor might not find much of a difference and not necessary to upgrade your calibrator because you are not working with other monitors.


Datacolor makes it easy for their users to understand and work the program. It is suitable for any type of user, whether you are a beginner or professional. The SpyderX app pops up on and the colorimeter rests on the right side of the screen. From there, you can manage your profile and easily turn the calibrator on and off. You can also select which host from the different options the app provides you and control the preferences. The simplicity of the SpyderX is what makes this calibrator different.  

How Do They Compare?

Datacolor SpyderXX-Rite i1 Display
For those who are on a budget. Starts selling at $200Starts selling at $300
Calibrates within two minutes or lessMost accurate calibrator
Made for all types of usersHas unlimited lifetime product support


As companies improve calibrators, the more enhanced they will become with each new launch. This means it will need to do more than just be extremely quick. But in the meantime, the Datacolor SpyderX does hold the crown within the market. There is a huge benefit with its quick process and is worth the upgrade, especially if you use multiple monitors.

When it comes to Datacolor products, it can be difficult to upgrade since many of its previous products have incredible systems so only so much can change. But what is really incredible about the SpyderX is the simplicity of the program. As mentioned before, it can be managed for all types users. That is a whole plus since sometimes these programs can get tricky to work around.

Easy and simple to useMore expensive than the Spyder5
Works quick and efficient, even if you have multiple displaysSoftware display looks a bit outdated
Is three times faster than the Spyder5 EliteCould use improvement in calibration accuracy but nothing drastic
Has a load of different features in comparison to other programs

Review Breakdown

Design: 9

Durability: 9

Quality: 9

Price: 10

Overall Score: 9.25

The Review

Datacolor SpyderX Pro


Datacolor SpyderX Pro DEALS

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