Leica M10-P: A Masterful Camera for Ultimate Professional Use

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Leica M10-P DEALS

The Leica M10-P is one of the most stylish and well-designed cameras we have seen. It has a rare combination of retro design (hailing back to early analog models) and advanced technology. This means it looks stunning but is also highly functional.

This a camera designed for professional usage only – this is certainly not a camera that hobbyists would purchase due to its hefty price tag. If you want ultimate image quality and usability, this is certainly a top device.

Main Features

First, let’s look at the basic specifications of this camera. The Leica M10-P is a full-frame camera with a CMOS sensor. Its maximum image resolution is 24MP and it features the Maestro-II processor. This basically means that the image quality is fantastic.

The M10-P also features a touch screen which is an upgrade from the standard version. The screen quality is excellent and it provides enhanced functionality when managing images and camera settings.

It is important to note the brilliant ISO range of 100-50,000. This means that the Leica M10-P can shoot exceptional low-light photography. We have listed the basic specifications of this camera below:   

  • Size: 139 x 39 x 80mm
  • Weight: 660g (including batteries)
  • Sensor: Full-frame CMOS sensor
  • Image Processor: Maestro-II Processor
  • RAW Images: Yes
  • ISO Range: 100-50,000
  • Connectivity: USB / WiFi
  • Touchscreen: Yes

This camera also has both USB and WiFi connectivity. Users can quickly download photos to external devices like smartphones.

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As you would expect from a camera with this price tag, the Leica M10-P looks fantastic. The design of this camera is sublime. It looks like a retro analog camera – the bottom half is covered in a textured material that provides an excellent grip. The top half has a matte finish and makes the camera look sleek and sophisticated.

These design features are complemented by the logically placed viewfinder and the range of easy to use buttons and dials. Everything about this camera has been carefully planned.

In addition to this, its longest length is 139mm which makes it an extremely compact camera. Even with an M-Bayonet lens and battery, it is still lightweight and easy to carry.    

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Whilst the Leica M10-P is impeccably designed, it also has amazing performance. The image quality is superior and it excels at low-light photography too. There are few cameras that can compare to the raw quality and power of the Leica M10-P.

Furthermore, this M-series camera features a separate ISO dial together with the standard program dial. This means that you can quickly control the ISO of your images which is perfect for changing photo conditions. Finally, this camera also has an extremely quiet shutter which is an improvement on the standard M10 design. When operating this camera it is virtually silent and unobtrusive.

The Leica M10-P also has a sturdy lens mount and accepts M-Bayonet lenses. This means that users can utilize a high-quality range of Leica lenses.    

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Leica M10 vs. Leica M10-P

To provide a fair comparison, we have compared the Leica M10-P with the standard M10 model. It isn’t easy to compare M-series cameras with other devices – they are so distinguished and unique that comparing with a standard high-end DSLR doesn’t really work.

The Leica M10 is a fantastic camera in its own right, so why should you consider purchasing the more expensive Leica M10-P? For a basic comparison, the devices have exactly the same design and technical specifications. Both have the 24MP CMOS sensor, and the Maestro-II image processer providing exceptional image quality. Furthermore, both cameras are compatible with Leica M-Bayonet lenses like the 50mm f/1.1 Nokton.

In terms of size and weight, the models are identical – they are both extremely compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. We have created a basic comparison table showing the specifications of these two cameras below:

Leica M10 Leica M10-P
Megapixel Count24MP24MP
Lens MountM-BayonetM-bayonet
Dimensions139 x 39 x 80mm139 x 39 x 80mm
Max ISO50,00050,000

You may wonder what the difference is? Why should you pay extra for the Leica M10-P? Firstly, the M10-P features an advanced shutter – it has virtually silent performance and is superior to the shutter of the standard Leica M10.

Secondly, the M10-P features a superior design. It removes the noticeable and obtrusive red Leica logo and instead places this on the top of the camera. This might seem like a small difference, but it does make the design and appearance better.  

Should You Purchase the Leica M10-P?

Leica is renowned for creating high-quality cameras with analog styling, and the Leica M10-P is no exception. It is a magnificent feat of engineering and one of the best-designed cameras we have seen.

If you purchase this camera, you can benefit from all the features of the regular Leica M10. This includes a 24MP CMOS sensor, combined with the Maestro-II image processor. Furthermore, this camera utilizes M-bayonet lenses which gives you greater flexibility in your photography.

Compared to the standard Leica M10, the Leica M10-P has an improved shutter that is infinitely quieter. Furthermore, the Leica logo has been moved and makes the camera less obtrusive.

Finally, the Leica M10-P has a high-quality touchscreen which the standard M10 model does not have. It is small details like this that make it a superior choice. If you appreciate style, retro design, and quality, the Leica M10-P is a great choice – you must consider the hefty price tag, however – it is certainly not cheap!

The Review

Leica M10-P

The Leica M10-P is an exceptional device. It is a professional photographer’s dream and offers unbridled quality. It builds upon the success of the Leica M10 and adds additional features. Moreover, it has some brilliant design features that make it more appealing. For professional-grade photography, this is a top choice.


  • Excellent design and features
  • Immaculate image quality
  • Compatible with M-Bayonet lenses


  • Hefty pricetag
  • Not suitable for beginners or hobbyists

Leica M10-P DEALS

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