Insta360 EVO: An Impressive Camera for VR Media

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Insta360 EVO DEALS

Insta360 is at the forefront of revolutionary camera technology. The Insta360 ONE X, for example, is an impressive camera capable of capturing 360-degree footage. Building on this, the Insta360 EVO captures both 360-degree footage, but also 180-degree 3D footage.

This is an amazing device that allows users to create out-of-this-world immersive content. The 180-degree 3D footage is automatically combined together for viewing with either 3D glasses or virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Go and HTC Vive Focus.

Today, we’ll review the Insta360 EVO and see what it has to offer. It is certainly an exciting new device that looks to revolutionize digital media recording and photography and take action cameras to new heights.

Main Features

First, let’s look at the specs and main features of this exciting new camera. The Insta360 EVO benefits from two amazing high-quality cameras and is capable of capturing photos at 18MP. Furthermore, video footage has a maximum resolution of 5.7K.

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In addition to this, it supports several main image and video file formats including RAW photos and MP4 videos. In terms of size and scale, the Insta360 EVO is relatively small and light – it has a folding mechanism in the center to be used for 180-degree VR capture.

  • Weight: 4 ounces
  • Dimensions: 3.9 x 1.9 x 1 inches
  • Camera: 18MP (6080 x 3040)
  • Photo Formats: INSP, JPEG, DNG, RAW
  • Aperture: f/2.2
  • Video: 5.7K UHD
  • Video Formats: INSV, MP4, LOG
  • Image Stabilization: Yes

The standard package comes with the Insta360 EVO camera, 3D viewing glasses, a small tabletop tripod, and a charging cable. We feel this basic package is excellent as most companies would sell the glasses and tripod separately.


The Insta360 EVO looks amazing. It has a sleek black design made from a durable external material. To use the 180-degree VR functionality, the camera must be folded outwards. The folding mechanism is secure, and you can lock the camera in place for extra stability.

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One of the main downsides we saw with the design was the exposed SD card slot. The card slot is located on the side and there is no cover. When your card is sat in the slot, it is exposed and could potentially become dislodged if knocked or dropped.

Aside from this drawback, the design is OK. It has minimal buttons and is relatively simple to set up and use. In either 360-mode or 180-mode, the camera feels stable and the tripod mount is a nice addition too.


The Inst360 EVO has so many useful features that it is a joy to use and provides so much creativity. We have listed some of the main features below:

  • 180-degree 3D footage for use with VR viewing devices
  • 360-degree footage
  • FlowState Stabilization for smooth footage
  • Dynamic HDR recording
  • Ability to create “Tiny Planets”
  • TimeShift function for slow-motion footage

The 180-degree footage is automatically compiled for use with VR headsets. All you have to do is install the Insta360 VR app and you can playback footage quickly on VR compatible devices.

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It can be used various VR headsets, but it currently only has native support for the Oculus Go, HTC Vive Focus, and Samsung Gear VR. When used with other devices, the media files must be exported using the Insta360 Studio app.

The EVO features FlowState Stabilization technology – this allows you to create ultra-smooth footage even when moving. The other features like Time Shift and Tiny Planets are also handy and give you extra flexibility and creative options when using the Insta360 EVO.

Finally, the video quality and photo quality are fantastic. When taking 360-degree photos, you can benefit from the f/2.2 aperture and 18MP resolution. Furthermore, video footage is crystal clear and sharp.

Insta360 EVO vs. Insta360 ONE X

Let’s compare two popular Insta360 devices to see which one could be the better choice for you. The Insta360 ONE X is one of the company’s best devices currently available.

The main difference between the two is the functionality. Whilst the Insta360 EVO is capable of creating both 360-degree footage, and 180-degree 3D footage, the Insta360 ONE X can only create 360-degree footage. As you can imagine the price tag differs as a result – the Insta360 ONE X is cheaper.

In terms of basic specifications, the camera and video footage are virtually identical. Both devices have two 18MP resolution cameras and can record at 5.7K HD. Furthermore, both benefit from the myriad of Insta360 features like time shift, and image stabilization. The basic specs are listed below:

Insta360 ONE XInsta360 EVO
Weight3.2 ounces4 ounces
Dimensions4.5 x 1.8 x 1.2 inches3.9 x 1.9 x 1 inches
Camera Resolution18MP18MP
Video Quality5.7K UHD5.7K UHD

Which one you choose depends on the purpose and what type of media you want to create. Both cameras offer exceptional quality recording and photography.

If you feel you would use the 180-degree VR footage regularly then the Insta360 EVO is certainly worth it. However, if you think that you would mainly use the 360-degree footage, and only use the 180-degree 3D footage as a gimmick, the Insta360 ONE X or GoPro Fusion are better options.

Should You Purchase the Insta360 EVO Camera?

The Insta360 EVO is a brilliant device. Although there are a few design flaws, and things that could be improved, it would be a great purchase. As Insta360 refines the technology we can expect to see future additions and updates to this fantastic device.

If you want to create fun and interesting multimedia content, the Insta360 EVO is a must-have camera. You have unlimited creative options: still photos, 5.7K video, 360-degree content, and 180-degree 3D content. What other camera allows you do to this?

The price tag is also fantastic to compared to other 3D cameras on the market. Those who love experimenting with new technology and pushing the boundaries of multi-media content will love the Insta360 EVO.

The Review

Insta360 EVO

The Insta360 EVO is an exciting device capable of creating 3D footage for VR headsets. It also has excellent 360-degree capabilities. This is a fantastic camera that allows you to create unbelievable immersive media content.


  • Brilliant quality videos and photos
  • Excellent standard package
  • Amazing 3D VR quality


  • SD card slot exposed
  • Limited native support for VR headsets

Insta360 EVO DEALS

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