DJI Osmo Action: A Brilliant 4K Slow Motion Action Camera

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Not only does DJI produce some of the best civilian drones available, but they also produce a superb range of action cameras and accessories. The DJI Osmo Action is one such device that offers excellent recording quality and a solid design that can withstand extreme weather conditions.

This 4K action camera holds up well against other similar action cams like the GoPro HERO8. As you will see in this DJI Osmo Action review, it could be the perfect device for recording extreme adventures, and outdoor sports like skiing and mountain biking.

Main Features

First, let’s look at the basic specifications of the DJI Osmo Action. For such a small device, it is packed full of a myriad of features. With a solid construction, high-quality lenses, and excellent video recording features, this action camera is suitable for both photography and video footage.

  • Weight: 0.12kg
  • Dimensions: 2.6 x 1.7 x 1.4 inches
  • Camera: 12MP with CMOS ½.3” sensor
  • Video: 4K UHD / 8x Slow Motion
  • Image Stabilization: Yes (Patented RockSteady technology)

The size and weight of this device are tiny – it weighs practically nothing and easily fits in the palm of your hand. This makes transporting the DJI Osmo Action easy – just make sure you don’t lose it!

This 12MP camera is high-quality and can be controlled via voice activation. In addition to this, the device has a myriad of useful control features so that you can quickly record footage and take photos.

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We love the design of the DJI Osmo Action. It has two LCD screens – one front-facing and one rear-facing. This allows for excellent creativity. Furthermore, it provides fantastic control when recording footage of yourself from a monopod – you can simply look at the smaller front-facing screen that is positioned next to the camera.

The design is also minimalistic – the exterior is not cluttered with a myriad of buttons. It has a couple of buttons for recording and control, and that’s it The rest of the space is dedicated to the lens and screens. This is a device that was built for usability.

Speaking of the exterior, it’s made from durable material that can withstand extreme weather conditions. It is waterproof up to 11m and temperature resistant up to -10 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the case has a watertight seal and hydrophobic coating to provide additional protection.

DJI has also included a high-quality battery that is also weather resistant. It performs well and offers an excellent battery life even in cold temperatures.

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The DJI Osmo Action has a brilliant design, but it also performs well too. The basic functionality is fantastic, and you can easily control the camera to record video or take photos. There is an accompanying DJI Mimo App – this allows you to fully control the camera and quickly download footage.

It has a standard action camera mount that can be connected to most monopods. In addition to this, the standard package has a flat adhesive mount – this allows you to attach the camera to a helmet or flat surface.

The functionality is improved via an intelligent menu system. There is a custom mode that allows you to store and create set shooting modes – this improves the recording process. If you want to create a set of repeat recordings, the custom menu greatly helps.

In addition to this, there is a Quick Switch button. Using this button, you can quickly switch between different shooting modes and change the camera settings instantly.

If you prefer, you can control the camera via voice control. When recording footage of yourself, this is an invaluable tool.

We can’t fault the performance of the DJI Osmo Action – it is highly functional and gives users an enjoyable, stress-free experience.

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DJI Osmo Action vs. GoPro HERO8

To understand the quality of this device, let’s compare it to one of the most popular action cameras available – the GoPro HERO8. The GoPro range is always considered the top range available for action cameras.

So how does the DJI Osmo Action compare to the behemoth of action cameras? At first glance, the basic specifications do not differ too much. Both action cameras have 4K UHD recording quality and a 12MP resolution for stills.

Furthermore, the size and weight are quite similar. The GoPro HERO8 is lighter, but the overall dimensions are virtually the same. Essentially, both devices are highly portable and suitable for action footage. We have listed the basic comparative specifications below:

DJI Osmo ActionGoPro HERO8
Dimensions2.6 x 1.7 x 1.4 inches1.1 x 1.9 x 2.6 inches
Camera Resolution12MP12MP

So which is better? There isn’t much to distinguish between them. It may be a case of personal preference. We cannot pick one defining feature that makes either camera a clear winner.

The GoPro HERO8 does have some excellent features like automated time-lapse capability. Furthermore, it has the option to live stream videos at 1080p. This functionality is something to consider for vloggers.

The DJI Osmo Action is not short of features however and it offers just as much in terms of recording flexibility. The GoPro HERO8 could be the better option for vlogging, but the DJI Osmo Action could be the better choice for extreme weather recording.

Should You Purchase the DJI Osmo Action Camera?

If you want to record outdoor footage in varied weather conditions, the DJI Osmo Action is a top choice. It is small, lightweight, and durable. Furthermore, it performs extremely well. The 4K video recording and built-in image stabilization allow you to create amazing footage.

In addition to outstanding video, the 12MP sensor gives you the option to create excellent stills as well. This action camera is also fully operable from a smartphone with the compatible DJI Mimo App which provides additional creative options.       

The Review

DJI Osmo Action

The DJI Osmo Action is a great contender and an unexpected find in the action camera market. This camera offers excellent recording capability and a brilliant set of features. It is the perfect device for recording adventure footage and sports.


  • Control via DJI Mimo app
  • Dual screens


  • No live streaming

DJI Osmo Action DEALS

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