Canon EOS 5DS: For Pros and Beginners

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Canon extends its 5D line with the Canon EOS 5DS, which has been revolutionary within the photography world. This line has combined qualities professional and amateur photographers want in cameras, allowing each to have an affordable camera that shoots full-frame. Aside from its full-frame sensor, it is also a bit smaller and lighter than other full-frame cameras that shoot at a professional level.

The Canon EOS 5DS is an addition to the full-frame sensors that have 50.6 million effective pixels along with the Canon 5DS R. This quality can be seen in the pricier 5D Mark III but neither camera is built to replace any model. As mentioned, the Canon 5DS was made for those wanting higher resolution while still being in a reasonable budget.

Design and Durability

Looking at the Canon EOS 5DS, it will seem like you are looking at the 5D Mark III. Both cameras have the same body style along with the controls being in the exact same position as well. But the 5DS has some minor changes to it which reduces the vibrations. If you are accustomed to using Canon, the 5DS will be no issue with handling and managing its controls.

As for the body, the Canon 5DS has a sturdy and durable feel that is expected with many other full-frame cameras.


Since the 5DS is a full-frame DSLR, the optical viewfinder is large, allowing you to get an incredible view of the entire scene without capturing anything you don’t want. Although the optical viewfinder gives a clear view of what you are capturing, the main screen and Live View allows you to spot finer details. It’s best to use when you are capturing still life or macro scenes that are motionless. The Canon EOS 5DS has been recognized as one of the best cameras to shoot with in those types of scenarios.  

For focus modes, autofocus point is set up by default but there are six Autofocus Area Selection Modes. The camera has Single-point Spot AF (Manual Selection), Single-point AF (Manual Selection), AF Point Expansion (Manual Selection), AF Point Expansion (Manual Selection), Zone AF, and 61-Point Automatic Selection AF.

Image and Video Quality

The Canon EOS 5DS has a high resolution of 50.6 megapixels which is a major feature of the camera that allows you to capture as much detail as possible and allowing images to be printed in large sizes.

But with the good, there is some bad. The pixels on the sensor are made smaller than on sensors with lower resolution making image quality weaker. Because of the weaker image quality, sometimes the product can have a low dynamic range and noise.

Another downside is the process to shoot these high-quality photos. With a high pixel count, each image takes a lot of power in order to process it and can make the shooting rates lag and reduce burst depths. And the high resolution creates large files so make sure you have extra memory cards. Not only your memory cards get filled quickly but also hard drives and image transfers can be slowed down.

If you plan on using the Canon EOS 5DS for video purposes, the camera was not necessarily designed to give you top-notch videography although it isn’t terrible quality either. When recording, the 5DS is targeted for still shooters looking to have fun making videos. For those who are serious videographers or are looking to get into videography, the Canon 5DS won’t fulfill your expectations. It is best to look into the Canon Cinema EOS series.

How Does the Canon EOS 5DS Compare?

Canon EOS 5DSNikon D810
Has a 50.3 megapixel resolutionHas a 36.3 megapixel resolution
Shoots 700 images per batteryShoots 1200 images per battery
The video rate is 30p at 1080MPThe video rate is 60p at 1080MP
Has one SD card slotHas 2 SD card slots
There are 156 lenses available for the bodyThere are 152 lenses available for the body


Those looking to get a camera probably won’t need a 50MP camera especially since the Canon EOS 5DS was designed to bridge both professionals and beginners. There is a high chance beginners won’t mind much about the megapixels. Since the camera’s megapixels is one of its main features, this importance is probably directed to those with a bit more experience. The Canon EOS 5DS is put in a middle-ground when it comes to its worth. Of course, the amount of megapixels it produces and full-frame has a huge impact along with its cheaper price.

Landscape photographers might be keen of the Canon EOS 5DS as it will allow them to make images larger. Wedding photographers and photojournalists will like the camera as well with its increased resolution over the 5D Mark III. When it comes to actions, the 5DS has a precise autofocus system so sports or actions photographers will find this super beneficial.

Depending on what your needs are or simply what you want in a camera, the Canon EOS 5DS will without a doubt give you incredible photos. Although, be aware that the video quality is good but not great. So if you’re looking for a video-focused camera, this one isn’t it.

The Review

Canon EOS 5DS

The Canon 5D series has turned many heads within the photography world. The company constantly produces superb models that never disappoints. The Canon EOS 5DS made its way into the collection with a purpose: to merge both professional and beginner needs. The full-frame high-megapixel camera has professional qualities but still made for those who simply enjoy photography.


  • Full-frame sensor
  • Captures a lot of details
  • Speedy and efficient autofocus
  • Loads of accessories and extensive features


  • No built-in WiFi
  • File sizes are extremely large


Review Breakdown




Image Quality

Video Quality

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