Zecti Camera Backpack: Durable & Perfect for Harsh Weather

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Zecti Camera Backpack DEALS

The Zecti Camera Backpack is a durable, waterproof backpack that can handle the toughest rainstorm. This Zecti camera bag comes with a removable rain cover as well as a high-density waterproof canvas design. These two waterproof qualities provide peace of mind against any possible water damage in even the heaviest rainstorm.

Zecti’s line of camera bags are is constructed of quality materials and designed with long-term use in mind. Any photographer will be more than pleased with the Zecti Camera Backpack, especially one who ventures out into the wilderness and finds themselves rained on often.


The Zecti Camera Backpack appears to resemble a design with a classic material that one might find from an L.L. Bean catalog. Overall, the design to the Zecti Camera Backpack is crisp, sleek, and low-key for the most part.

There aren’t any “flashy” elements to the backpack as all the pocket lines blend in with the rest of the backpack. No accents are present on the bag, apart from a Zecti brand patch on the lower right-hand corner.

There is an absence of double zippers on the bag, which normally would allow for a padlock, however it has other features to make up for it. A detachable sleeve bag for the interior is an option to bundle together a bunch of loose accessories in the main compartment. A side pocket allows for a water bottle or reusable beverage bottle to be carried. Apart from other camera bags, the Zecti Camera Backpack has a hidden pocket to carry a tripod if needed.

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The Zecti Camera Backpack measures in at 12.2 x 7.5 x 16.1 inches. Measurements of the bag provide for a spacious inner compartment at 10.6 x 7.5 x 16.1 inches. The spacious inner compartment allows for easy storage and transport of a 14-inch laptop or smaller. At a total weight of 3.74lbs, this waterproof camera bag does come in at a heavier weight when compared to other camera backpacks

The Zecti Camera Backpack in Use

The Zecti Camera Backpack will not let any photographer down in the field. Waterproof construction partnered with a rain cover for the harder, more torrential downpours eliminates any worry about water damage. With several pockets to choose from, there isn’t anything that the backpack can’t carry in a spot that is less than perfect for it.

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The multiple sections to the Zecti Camera Backpack breakdown into two compartments. A top compartment in the backpack holds accessories like batteries, filters, chargers, cables, and more combinations of assorted camera accessories. The bottom main section of the Zecti Camera Backpack is mainly geared toward a combination of the main camera body and multiple camera lenses.

Additional sections to the Zecti Camera Backpack include a velcro compartment for quick and easy access for a quick battery swap or a lens cloth to remove a pesky dust speck or smudge.

The main part of the Zecti Camera Backpack is the bottom compartment that can be customized in any way deemed necessary. Dividers in the bottom section are easily removed to fit the combination of lenses required. A longer zoom lens can take the place of two shorter lenses and still fit snugly within the backpack with the adjustment of only one or more padded dividers. These padded dividers can be entirely removed to convert the camera backpack into a normal backpack.

A different point of the backpack that has it set in a world apart from its competitors is a hidden tripod holder. Competitors often have a removable attachment for when a tripod is needed. However, the Zecti Camera Backpack has a hidden pocket that only needs to be taken and straightened out from the side of the backpack. Then, the tripod can simply place into the pouch and velcroed onto it with a strap from the side.

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The Zecti Camera Backpack shares a quality that is often touted as the most important quality of outdoor camera backpacks — breathable construction and design. An ergonomic and breathable pad is designed to target and cover the shoulder areas, lower back, and main shoulder straps.

These areas provide full air circulation and prevent moisture buildup from sweat through long-term wear. The pads also provide relief on areas of the body that the backpack will weigh down on over an extended period of time.

Lastly, the Zecti Camera Backpack is made with high-density canvas. The quality canvas used to make this backpack helps to prevent it from wear and tear through even the harshest of forest environments and more.

How Does It Compare to Competitors?

It isn’t hard to be swooned by the Zecti Camera Backpack due to a few of its primary features. The fact that the backpack can be converted into a normal backpack with the simple removal of the main compartment pad case is a huge selling point. An individual who needs a new camera bag, but also could go for a new backpack, could easily purchase the Zecti Camera Backpack and nail two birds with one stone.

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A similar competitor to this Zecti Camera Backpack is the Lowepro ProTactic BP 350 AW II. Both camera backpacks share similarities in breathable design, adjustable main compartment configurations, and the option to combine a waist strap along with the two shoulder straps.

Despite some similarities, there is an extreme difference in price between the two camera backpacks. The Lowepro is nearly $70 more than the Zecti Camera Backback, yet doesn’t come with better or more features than the Zecti. It would even be possible to believe that the Zecti has a better outer appearance than the Lowepro.

A way that the Zecti Camera Backback beats the Lowepro is through its weight class. The Zecti is more than a pound lighter than the Lowepro and would suit a photographer who prefers lightweight travel.

Overall, the Zecti Camera Backback is the best option to go for. The Lowepro, and other competitors, don’t have the feature to transform the camera backpack into a regular, run-of-the-mill backpack with the easy removal of the divider holder. At tens of dollars less than the Lowepro, the Zecti has more features, more options, and an overall better outer look to the backpack.

Zecti Camera BackpackLowepro ProTactic 350 AW II
WaterproofYesNo, weatherproof
Dimensions12.2 x 7.5 x 16.1 inches11.8 x 7.1 x 18.5 inches
Tripod HolderYes, concealedYes, with two straps
Side Drink HolderYesNot Included


In conclusion, the Zecti Camera Backback has got what it takes for even the most rugged of outdoor photographers. This camera and laptop backpack, that also converts to a primary backpack, can withstand intense rains and can hold up in harsh terrain with its high-quality canvas material.

Photographers that travel and subject themselves to the great outdoors don’t have to worry about the Zecti Camera Backback failing them. Breathable material, adjustable compartments for cameras and camera lenses, and a chest support strap, as well as a waist support strap, will provide the best camera backpack experience.

The Review

Zecti Camera Backpack

The Zecti Camera Backpack has the most bang for one's buck when it comes to features and high-quality canvas construction. It isn't one to pass up because of its waterproof construction, ability to transform into a traditional backpack and several additional pockets or sections for further storage.


  • Converts into normal backpack
  • Adjustable dividers
  • Streamline outer appearance
  • Quality canvas material
  • Breathable construction


  • Slightly overweight
  • Only one tripod stabilization strap
  • No double zippers for padlocks

Zecti Camera Backpack DEALS

Review Breakdown



Material Quality


Storage Capacity

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