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When traveling with camera gear, it can be tedious getting through security. If you’re lucky, you won’t be asked to take out any cameras or accessories, but that’s rarely the case. So to all photographers who tend to travel a lot with the camera gear, the Think Tank Airport Advantage bag might be perfect for you.

This bag is like a backpack on wheels and will make your life easier when going through security, storing in the airplane cabinet, and traveling through the airport. Unlike bulky camera backpacks or too small messenger bags, this roller bag is slimmer and has the ability to carry a surprising amount of gear.

Think Tank built this bag mainly for travel, but that doesn’t stop it from being great for daily use. Let’s take a closer look at the functionality of this bag.


When it comes to the products Think Tank releases, don’t expect anything less than top quality, and the design of this roller is just that. The material and quality of this bag is incredibly crafted and has a strong touch. Even the velcro and zippers are made of good material, which ensures that your bag will survive any type of trip. As for the inside, the padding has sufficient cushion to make sure all your gear remains intact. It’s perfect for all types of adventures.

Think Tank Airport Advantage Image

The maneuvering of the bag might be a bit annoying for a few, as the wheels are unidirectional. It might have been better for the designers to make them omnidirectional, but it’s not too much of a concern.


Since this bag was mainly built for travel purposes, there are certain features that can help make your voyage go smoother.

Nylon isn’t the best water-resistant material, but the included rain cover prevents the nylon exterior from getting soaked and keeps your accessories safely covered. There is some drawback with the cover, however, as it is a bit complicated to put on. If you are in a rush, the rain cover will definitely not be worth it.

You’ll find handles on three sides of the Airport Advantage bag which make it easy to grab and put in the overhead cabinet. There’s also a bottom handle that stabilizes the feet of the bag so it’s not tilted.

In Use

The Think Tank Airport Advantage Roller Bag is meant to be used during a specific scenario – when going to the airport. As a carry on bag, it does a great job at helping you zoom through the terminals smoothly and efficiently, but some might think it’s not necessarily a “camera bag.” The roller bag does pack equipment and gear extremely well though, and it can handle quite a lot, but you will still need to bring an extra bag.

Even though the roller bag does have wheels, it’s meant for solid grounds, so going off-road isn’t the best idea. On top of that, there are no backpack straps for you to put on if you want to take it with you everywhere. The alternatives are the well-padded handles on various sides of the bag.

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On the left side of the exterior, you can use the pocket as a tripod attachment. There are loops that will secure it into place.

But the space in the roller bag is beyond what you would expect. You can fit multiple large lenses, a few camera bodies, flashes, controllers, and smaller accessories.

How Do the Think Tank Airport Advantage Bags Compare?

Think Tank Airport Advantage Roller BagThink Tank Airport Advantage Plus Roller Bag
SecurityNo TSA built-in lockHas lockable zipper sliders
Includes travel pouches
SizeCarry-on sizeMay not be carry-on size (check airline)


This bag is great for airport travel but not great to go off-road with. Whether you’re a globetrotter, studio photographer, or just an all-around photographer that moves a lot, this high-capacity roller bag will be perfect for your needs. But, if you are someone that barely has the equipment to fill a regular camera bag then you won’t find much use for this one.

To all the photographers who find themselves lugging around a lot of camera gear, the Think Tank Airport Advantage bag roller bag won’t disappoint.  

The Review

Think Tank Airport Advantage

The Think Tank Airport Advantage Bag was built with airplane travel in mind. With a slim profile and ability to fit an astounding amount of gear, this roller bag makes TSA travel a breeze. Crafted with sturdy materials and a generous amount of padding, this bag makes sure your gear stays safe in any situation.


  • Compact and light
  • Ample interior space
  • Made from sturdy materials


  • Complicated raincover
  • Uncushioned laptop and tablet sleeves
  • No built-in TSA lock

Think Tank Airport Advantage DEALS

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