Pelican 1510 Case Review: Protect Your Gear

Pelican 1510 Case Review: Protect Your Gear 1

Pelican 1510 Protector Case DEALS

Moving around with camera gear can be extremely risky, especially if you are traveling abroad with it. But regardless of where you are going, having a lens, a camera body, or any other necessity break is something photographer do not look forward to or want to experience. Of course, with weather, carelessness, or anything else that is against your favor, accidents happen and it is what it is.

With the excessive amount of camera bags, it’s hard to choose which one will keep your gear safe and protected. Don’t worry, it has already been determined. Pelican’s Peli 1510 Protector Case might look intimidating at first but will definitely come in handy to protect your camera kit at all times. To keep it simple, it is corrosion-proof, crush-proof, dust-proof, and waterproof. If that does not immediately intrigue you, then keep reading to take a deeper look at the features.  


Pelican 1510 Case Review: Protect Your Gear 2

Pelican is one of the many companies that has gained recognition for its hard-covered cases on their bags and the 1510 Protector Case is no different. From looking at the Peli 1510, it seems like a hefty bag and that’s exactly what it is. The case’s exterior measures at 22 x 14 x 9 inches which makes it compact enough to be considered a carry-on for most airlines if you plan on traveling with it. The only thing you will need to take into consideration when bringing it as a carry-on is the weight. An empty bag weighs about 12 lbs.

The case itself is made of sturdy plastic. It is crafted incredibly and known to last years in all types of conditions. It can definitely withstand some abuse. It comes in a variety of colors other than black so you don’t have to stick with the black.

The interior measures at 20 x 11 x 7.5 inches which either comes empty, the traditional padded inserts, foam inserts or TrekPak inserts. Just take note that if you decide to get the foam, the weight will go up to about 13.6 lbs.

For security, there are two latches that shut with a click to let you know the case the securely closed. If you want extra security, or happen to be leaving the case for a long period, there are also two large reinforced lock rings. This allows you to secure the case with fair-sized padlocks.

Features and Capacity

Pelican 1510 Case Review: Protect Your Gear 3

It has been reinforced that this case is extremely durable and can handle just about anything but its weight is not necessarily the lightest. There are also three handles—on the side, end, and one that extends for rolling. The weight of the case empty is what most photographers are probably used to so it will be easier to lug the case around.

The handles of the case are made of Polypropylene, like the body. You won’t find any type of cheap plastic in this case. Since it needs to support the weight of the bag, the handles won’t break or be flimsy. The extended handle comes out smoothly and is wide that easily hold the weight of the case. When you want to release the handle, it has a different design to it.

Pelican 1510 Case Review: Protect Your Gear 4

Unlike most luggage handles, there is not a button but a release on the back of the case. You will find it a few inches below the handle. This was made to prevent the case from sliding open if the case is inverted.

If in the event the case falls into the water, you won’t need to worry about it sinking. It has an automatic pressure equalization valve that makes it float if it weighs less than 65 lbs.

How Do They Compare?

Peli 1510 Protector CaseSKB iSeries 2011-7 Case
Interior can be empty or pre-order cubed foamInterior comes with custom foam
Weighs 13.6 lbsWeighs 11.8 lbs
Has an O-Seal ringA bit more expensive


The Peli 1510 Protector Case is a piece that is worth it but it does come with some compromises that will take some getting used to. One of them is being the weight which can be a downfall but with sturdy material comes heftiness. Aside from that, the case is perfect to bring if you want to protect some of your pricier lenses, cameras, or accessories. It is ideal for traveling long term or just storing in your closet.

Having your items in the case will also feel safe due to its security and of course, exterior material. To be straightforward, you won’t find any case like the Peli 1510 Protector Case.  

Has a lifetime guaranteeIs heavy
Has excellent protection and a sturdy builtDoes not have extra pockets for smaller accessories
Can bring as a carry-on for most airlines
Easy and simple organization system

Review Breakdown

Design: 9
Durability: 10
Security: 10
Price: 7
Overall Score: 9

The Review

Pelican 1510 Protector Case


Pelican 1510 Protector Case DEALS

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