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Peak Design Everyday Messenger DEALS

When it comes to photography shoulder bags, there is an infinite amount to choose from. You have shoulder bags that are perfect for your commute and others that have been designed for your camera and extra accessories. And while some are hits, there are also many misses. It can be a tedious process having to constantly change from bag to bag to suit you best but lucky enough, Peak Design has you covered this time.

For starters, Peak Design has been making incredible products that consumers can depend on. With the Peak Design Everyday Messenger, its purpose is to be your everyday bag. Aside from its stylish design, there are compartments that are meant for daily functionality.


The Everyday Messenger comes in two sizes, 13-inch and 15-inch. In this case, the 13-inch will be discussed and evaluated. It also comes in three colors: tan, charcoal, and ash. Not the most vibrant colors but tones that can suit many outfits and any environment.

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Once you look in the inside of the bag, it is evident that your daily essentials can actually fit in the bag. There are separate expanding pockets in the front of the bag along with elastic compartments to hold smaller accessories like external hard drives, memory cards, pens, and more. If you carry a laptop, it slides in a separate compartment at the back but the size of the bag determines what size laptop is able to fit.

A tripod even fits in the messenger bag. On the inner surface of the lid is a tubular sleeve that will hold the tripod. Silicone straps are also stored in the long zippered compartment that secure the legs. This is best used for small to medium tripods.

The amount of space is more abundant than it looks and even when packing it full, it still remains compact. This is due to the MagLatch closure system. Instead of the bag getting wider, this systems expands vertically like a ladder.  

Features and In Use

You can say the entire Peak Design Everyday Messenger is a feature in itself due to its design down to the compartment it has. But aside from that, the bag has loads of useful functions as it lives up to its name.

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The FlexFold pocket system is one of the bag’s main feature. This allows you to manipulate the pocket dividers and place them in different layouts. They can be shaped in cubbies, shelves, or in normal height as regular dividers. Along with the dividers being easily shaped, it’s also easy to do. There is no hassle when wanting the change the layout as it’s simple and to the point. The only difficulty you might have is finding the perfect arrangement.

In Use

When carrying the Peak Design Everyday Messenger around, it is comfortable and flexible. The shoulder straps have a nice padding to it and it is easily adjustable with the Quick Adjust slider. There is also a rubber grip finish at the bottom of the strap to prevent it from sliding on clothes. An optional stabilizer strap is also included in the strap system which secures the bag more. This stabilizer can connect from under your arm or around your waist.

If you don’t want to carry it on your shoulders, there are also leather-finished handles that allow you to carry it like a briefcase.

How Does the Peak Design Everyday Messenger Compare?

Peak Design Everyday MessengerPeak Design Everyday Sling
Comes in two sizes: 13-inch and 15-inchCarries 10L
Meant for everyday useMeant for everyday use
Has FlexFold divider systemHas FlexFold divider system
Is weatherproof, made with 400D nylon canvas shellIs weatherproof, made with 400D nylon canvas shell
Has a flat bottom so it won’t slant when standing straightIs meant to be packing inside another bag


The Peak Design Everyday Messenger is a great and versatile bag, designed for those who need to carry a variety of items. Although, it seems to be most suitable for photographers as it has certain features catered towards them like the tripod holder. But again, Peak Design did not make this bag for it to be just a camera bag.

Whether you need it for your daily commute or decide to take it abroad, the Peak Design Everyday Messenger won’t disappoint. It is carry-on approved by all major airlines and there is even a new version that makes it easy to carry on top of any roller bag.

The Review

Peak Design Everyday Messenger

If you’re looking for a quality bag that is durable, the Peak Design Everyday Messenger is the one. You might have to pay a bit more but it’s worth the money.


  • Has a stylish design
  • Perfect for packing photography gear, commuting, and travel
  • Pocket for either a laptop or tablet
  • Extra front pocket for accessories


  • Has a fixed capacity due to semi-rigid structure
  • The FlexFold dividers could be cushioned more

Peak Design Everyday Messenger DEALS

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