Peak Design Everyday Backpack: Taking Camera Bags to the Next Level

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Peak Design Everyday Backpack DEALS

Just like there is an endless amount of cameras, there is also an infinite amount of camera bags to go with them. With different price points, styles, and manufacturers, it is actually an overwhelming process to pinpoint which bags are dependable not only for your camera, but your lenses and extra accessories.

To figure out where to start, you need to determine the environment you and your gear find yourself in the most. There are chic bags that are not only convenient but also fashionable but then there are the bulkier kinds that are perfect for the outdoors.

Peak Design launched its first Everyday Messenger back in 2015. The idea of the bag was to create something where one could carry their camera gear along with some everyday essentials. With the success, the company released an upgrade: the Peak Design Everyday Backpack. There are two options, the 20L and the 30L size which will be discussed to see which one will suit you best.


One of the strong qualities of the Peak Design Everyday Backpack is not only is it practical but it looks good. Of course, looks are not the base of all camera bags but making a good first impression is always a bonus.

It has a modern, minimal, and simple design along with neutral tones. It comes in charcoal, tan, and black so if you are looking for something bold, unfortunately, this backpack is not the one. Aside from its colors, it is a well-crafted and sturdy bag that does not look like an everyday backpack, ironically. You will notice that each design, from its zippers to the stitching, is intentional when you put it to use.

The bag is made of nylon which will definitely protect your gear from any type of water, or weather, as it is weatherproof. So, not only does it look great but it will do the job to protect your necessities.

Feel and Fit

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With the amount of praise the backpack has received for its sleek and clean look, the fit is just as important. The Peak Design Everyday Backpack has wide and thick straps, making it comfortable to carry on your shoulders. Although, some might like a bit more cushion. There is also a swivel button to stop the straps from tangling.

When there is gear inside, the manufacturers designed the bag to evenly distribute the weight across your back. This won’t put much strain on your shoulders but allowing your entire body to support your bag. The back part of the bag is also padded.  


There are four access points in the Peak Design Everyday Backpack. The obvious one is the at the top that uses a flap cover is secured with Peak Design’s MagLatch. This allows easy blind access and the latch has multiple attachments which adjust and expands the upper section. You can either expand it to carry larger objects or tighten it to compress the backpack.

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Along the back is another access point that is meant for either a computer, tablet, or any flat object. Then there are two more on the side that are usually used to access cameras. These sections have full-length zipper opening on both sides of the bag. The purpose of this was to make it easier as you slip one shoulder strap off and convert the backpack into a messenger bag.     

Getting access in the bag causes no problems or frustration. You can look into one side of the bag without having to take anything out. The top section of the bag can be used for extra items you need to carry, whether it be snacks or extra layers, and you will still be able to grab your camera through the sides.

The only issue with this backpack is it doesn’t open completely where you will be able to see all your accessories.

The 20L or the 30L Peak Design Everyday Backpack?

The difference between the 20L and the 30L is simply the size. Both bags, disregarding the size, are completely identical. Of course, the 30L is bigger and when wearing it, it definitely feels like you are wearing a backpack. The 20L doesn’t feel as big for obvious reasons. It all depends on what you intend on carrying that determines which one to get. Due to its smaller size, the 20L is easier to get around with. But to put things in perspective, here is a breakdown of what environments work best for each size.

The 20L allows you to carry any mirrorless kits or small DSLR with smaller lenses. It’s great for getting around crowded areas or being a daypack. The size is also great if you want to take it as your personal item on the plane.

The 30L fits larger lenses and DSLR kits. It makes a great overnight bag and a carry-on. It can also fit a few textbooks. This size can more ideal for those who are taller.

How Does the Peak Design Everyday Backpack Compare?

Peak Design Everyday BackpackLowepro FreeLine Backpack 350 AW
Has a tripod support strapLaptop compartment fits a 15”
Laptop compartment fits a 15” (30L) or 16” (20L)Is water-resistant
Is weather-resistantHeavier than both the 20L and 30L


When it comes to functionality and looks, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack does not disappoint. It has flexible storage, easy access, and a sturdy built that can withstand a strong storm. But with a great bag, there are also some downfalls to it. The main thing being the price which might scare a few people. You must consider that you get what you pay for and with this bag, it is quality. Also, the straps could use more cushion but it’s not a complete deal-breaker.

The Review

Peak Design Everyday Backpack

For those looking for a bag to use on an everyday basis, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack is worth every penny.


  • Has dividers making it easy to store and find gear
  • Provides easy access to items without having to go through the whole bag
  • Has an external lash that allow more storage
  • Is spacious and having one area full doesn’t impact the entire bag


  • On the pricey side
  • Could use more padding on the shoulders
  • Subdividers can unfold due to heavy items and small things can slip through the dividers
  • Might not be able to stand on its bottom or side

Peak Design Everyday Backpack DEALS

Review Breakdown


Feel and fit



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