Pacsafe Camsafe V17 Anti-Theft Camera Backpack: Taking Security to the Next Level

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Pacsafe Camsafe V17 Anti-Theft Camera Backpack DEALS

Whether you are traveling the world or going to a photo session in your city, protecting your gear is crucial. Getting your valuable materials stolen is no fun, especially when in a foreign location. And because of that, Pacsafe released their anti-theft camera backpack to make sure your items are secure.

The company is no newbie in the camera backpack industry. They have been making these bags since the late 1990s and have gained recognition for their anti-theft backpacks so you can definitely depend on their bags to give you the best of the best.

With the Camsafe V17 Anti-Theft Camera Backpack, the intention was to make an adventure backpack that is lightweight, comfortable, and inconspicuous. But let’s take a closer look at the practicality of this backpack.


Looking at the backpack, it definitely looks like a bag you will take when going on an adventure. It has a similar style to many North Face backpacks but with a simpler look as there are not many strings. The design is unisex and is suitable for any type of activity.

For starters, if you are looking for a vibrant backpack, or something that is not black, this backpack is not it as it only comes in black.

Now, the backpack is comfortable and lightweight as mentioned earlier. There is a lot of padding through the backpack that will put a strain on your body. This being the shoulders and back. The backpack is comfortable to wear as it is adjustable and breathable. It is also wear and tear resistant. This makes the backpack one of the most durable camera backpacks.

On the outside, the material is 400D oxford nylon. The sturdiness of this nylon prevent any type of water or thermal damage. The interior is made of PU1000mm lining that connect the bag. On top of that, these stitches are wire reinforced so you can assure yourself that it won’t loosen.

There are five anti-theft features which are the eXomesh slashguard, Carrysafe slashguard straps, lockable zippers, and RFID-blocking pockets.  


The Pacsafe Camsafe V17 Anti-Theft Camera Backpack takes security to the next level. Even when wearing the backpack, it secures itself to your body. The padded straps have a turn-and-lock hook with a smart lock mechanism. This makes the bag lock itself to you so snatch-and-run won’t happen.

As for the zippers, they attach to discrete hooks to prevent thieves from opening your bag. There is also an RFIDsafe Blocking Material in the front pocket where you store your IDs and credit cards. This protects any hacker scanning.

Any vulnerable areas in the backpack has the eXomesh slashguard stuffing. Although it might be vulnerable, it is still designed to protect from slash-and-run theft.

Capacity and Access

So what can you fit in this backpack? It allows you to carry one DSLR camera body with a mid-range lens, along with one more lens. It has a space for a laptop, or any other flat object, of up to 13 inches. You can also opt for putting a 16L hydration bladder as there is a hydration port. Also, is a stretch pocket and a side compression strap dedicated for a tripod.

You will find many smaller compartments for accessories that can easily get lost in the smaller compartment. There are slip-in pockets for up to two memory cards, a phone pocket, a key or wallet fastener, and a pen holder. It also has a compartment for a 3L hydration bladder.

When opening the larger zipper, there is a drawstring inner divider that is a 16L compartment. This compartment, which can also be considered the camera compartment, has removable and padded velcro dividers.

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On the size of the backpack is a zippered side compartment that allows quick access to your camera. It is actually a zippered sleeve so when you want to take out your camera easily, you won’t have to shuffle through anything else. There is also another secure zippered side compartment that give you access to your gear.

How Does the Pacsafe Camsafe V17 Compare?

Pacsafe Camsafe V17 Anti-Theft Camera BackpackPeak Design Everyday Backpack
Comes in one color and designed more for outdoor activitiesComes in more than one color, two sizes, and is suitable for any type of situation
Is anti-theft Has a sleeker and every day design
Looks like a camera bag but one would never tell it is anti-theft


You can’t go wrong with the Pacsafe Camsafe V17 Anti-Theft Camera Backpack, especially if you are looking for an anti-theft backpack. It has a clean look but definitely looks like an outdoor backpack. It is not bulky so that is always a plus.

The Review

Pacsafe Camsafe V17 Anti-Theft Camera Backpack

If you want something more fashion-friendly, the Pacsafe Camsafe V17 Anti-Theft backpack probably won’t fulfill your needs. But if you want something secure, this backpack will be everything you wanted and more.


  • Leightweight
  • Built-in security features
  • Has access through the top and the sides
  • Not an obvious anti-theft backpack - does not call attention


  • Might not be ideal for those looking to carry more gear
  • The organization options do not cater for smaller camera accessories

Pacsafe Camsafe V17 Anti-Theft Camera Backpack DEALS

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