Neewer Camera Bag: Perfectly Compact Backpack

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The Neewer camera bag is a perfect compact backpack for cameras and camera accessories. Photographers who have multiple lenses won’t find themselves in a difficult position as the main compartment can hold a wide variety of camera bodies and lenses.

The design of this Neewer camera bag is compact, as it primarily focuses on the main compartment, but doesn’t fall short of what is expected from a camera backpack.


The external material to the Neewer camera bag is made out of a quality waterproof nylon. Double YKK zippers are used to secure the main compartment closed and even allows for a small padlock to secure it shut.

This camera case doesn’t support a laptop, however, its compartmentalized interior provides for a wonderful range in different lenses and camera bodies. Other camera backpacks, unlike the Neewer camera bag, sacrifice further camera gear storage space for additional compartments like a laptop pouch.

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The backpack’s interior compartment features several different combinations for multiple lenses and camera bodies. The padded dividers can be removed to change the flow of the interior and distribute weight evenly. Mesh pockets on the inside of the main interior door allow for further storage of smaller camera accessories.

Exterior dimensions to the Neweer camera bag are 11.8 x 5.5 x 14.6 inches. At no shock, the weight of the camera bag is only 1.6lbs. This lightweight design of the camera bag is gained due to the fact that its compact nature sheds a few ounces that otherwise would have been used on external pouches or a laptop pouch.

The Neewer Camera Bag in Use

Adjustable shoulder straps can be found on this Neewer camera bag and they have been padded as well to provide double the comfort. Waterproof material on the exterior, which is constructed out of a polyester and nylon material, eliminates any worry of water damage to the inner electronics.

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While the Neewer camera bag doesn’t feature additional pockets for beverages or more accessories on the outside, it does hold a side pocket for a tripod or umbrella. This tripod pouch features a buckle strap that further secures the tripod or umbrella in fast-paced travel. The tripod pocket may even be used for small water bottles instead.

The interior of the Neewer camera bag has one of the largest capacities and widest ranges of different combinations for a camera bag. Detachable pads assist in the creation of different combinations while they protect the equipment housed within the main compartment. If a new section is desired, it can be created simply with a quick removal and application of a pad that is affixed by Velcro.

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It’s pretty simplistic when it comes to the Neewer camera bag. There aren’t any fancy bells and whistles with this camera bag, it’s straightforward and to the point. Perfect for photographers who don’t find the need to have an abundance of pockets or have a simple load-out to carry out into the field.

How Does It Compare to Competitors?

The Neewer camera bag isn’t the easiest to compare to competitors as it is designed to be compact and focus on its interior compartment. A similar competitor to the Neewer camera bag is the Peak Design Everyday Backpack. Both backpacks share a roughly similar compact design, while the Peak Design Everyday Backpack does hold some additional features.

The Neewer camera bag beats the Peak Design Everyday Backpack with an exterior appearance that could be considered a better peak design. A cleaner design is apparent with the Neewer camera bag and doesn’t clash as it has a streamlined appearance to it. On the other hand, the Peak Design backpack is a bit brutish on the outside. The lines to the backpack aren’t as clean and the bag isn’t as well-rounded as the Neewer camera bag.

Both camera backpacks exhibit a synthetic material, be it waterproof nylon or a waterproof polyester and neoprene combination. Also, both bags support a tripod or umbrella.

The Neewer camera bag is the option to go with despite its reduced feature load. It is the lightweight option, the compact option, and the option that presents itself the best.

The main shortcoming of the Peak Design Everyday Camera Backpack is the lack of focus on its main compartment. The Neewer camera bag has the ability to provide space for any camera body or equipment through its spacious inner camera compartment.

Neewer Camera BagPeak Design Everyday Camera Backpack
Laptop CompartmentNoYes
MaterialWaterproof polyester & neopreneWaterproof nylon
Side PocketsYes, tripod accessibleNo


In conclusion, the Neewer camera bag is the backpack to go with if a compact and lightweight backpack with a spacious main compartment is desired. The main compartment to the camera bag is next to unbeatable. It can be adjusted to fit any combination deemed necessary with the removal and application of the padded interior dividers.

At a base weight of 1.6lbs, this Neewer bag one of the lightest camera backpacks available on the market. Don’t hesitate when it comes to the Neewer bag, it can deliver everything deemed necessary and expected from a camera bag in a small, stylish package.

Any photographer who travels far into the sticks on or off the trail would find themselves more than pleased with this camera bag. This lightweight camera bag is perfect for those who need to travel light and not get bogged down and exhausted from a heavy travel load. In the end, the Neewer camera bag is the option to go with.

The Review

Neewer Camera Bag

The Neewer camera bag is the go-to option for travel photographers who need a lightweight backpack that exhibits a spacious and customizable interior.


  • Lightweight
  • Spacious main compartment
  • Removable dividers
  • Tripod holder with buckle
  • Double YKK zippers


  • No additional zipper pouches
  • No laptop pouch

Neewer Camera Bag DEALS

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