Gitzo Adventury 30L Backpack: Made for All Types of Adventures

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Gitzo Adventury 30L DEALS

Gitzo has been making high-quality tripods for quite a while and has been a go-to brand for many professional landscape and wildlife photographers. A majority of their products are made just for that, the outdoors. Back in early 2018, Gitzo wanted to expand their company and made their way into the backpack market. That was when the Adventury 30L backpack line was announced.

This backpack was made for a photographer on an adventure, no pun intended, with their essential camera gear and a little more. But let’s take a deeper look and see how much adventure this backpack can actually handle and if it’s worth the purchase price.


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For starters, the Gitzo Adventury backpack comes in two sizes: the 30L and the 45L. But this time around, we will be discussing the smaller version, the 30L.

Once you feel the backpack, you will notice the material, straps, and all its zips are made of great quality. Something Gitzo never fails to present their products with. The color itself also screams wilderness as it comes in forest green. Unfortunately, that is the only color so if this isn’t your preferred color this bag is not for you.

When you put on the Gitzo Adventury 30L backpack, you will feel the padded shoulder straps that are extremely comfortable. The straps are stitched to the backpack’s body with a broad design that distributes the weight evenly. Not only that, the broad stitching keeps the straps attached longer as time passes.


The shell of the bag is water-resistant along with the base being waterproof. If you get caught in a downpour, there is a pocket that stores a waterproof cover to protect the entire bag.

In the main compartment, the exterior pockets have weatherproof zip closures. This might cause you to wrestle them a bit since the protection makes it harder to open than a standard zipper.

Features and Capacity

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To get into the main compartment of the Gitzo Adventury 30L backpack, there is a zipper in between the straps on the back. This was designed for extra security and prevent anyone from trying to steal wherever you are. Along with that, the backpack is designed around the inside which is padded with standalone pouches, also known as Gitzo G-Cushion. These pouches store all your camera bodies and lenses. You can also remove and replace the inner dividers to a layout the suits you best. There is also a double pouch that allows you to store a 15-inch laptop and tablet or book.

The exterior features many straps and pockets. One of the important straps is the mid-waist one that helps distribute the weight of the bag. It definitely helps when walking long distances and it doesn’t feel like it’s compressing the stomach area.

There are also a few side pockets that are suitable for a water bottle, car keys, snacks, a smartphone, or anything small that you’d want to be easily accessible. At the top of the backpack is a roll-close compartment that can carry extra clothes or food. Since the top rolls, it can either compress soft items and keep them small. But again, it can extend if needed.

A tripod attachment is on the outside, on both sides or on the back. A small or medium size tripod works best when attaching and with the secure straps, it won’t fall off, unlike other backpacks.   

How Does the Gitzo Adventury 30L Compare?

Gitzo Adventury 30LGitzo Adventury 45L
More compact but can still fit in a fair amount of necessities Bigger but heavier with all the gear
Preferred for photographers that are smallerDue to size, it can carry more cameras and lenses
Cost less Can be opened from the top and bottom to place a large tripod


The Gitzo Adventury 30L camera backpack can be considered heavy for a few photographers, especially if you fill it to the top. The 30L tends to be more manageable and practical only if you are not bringing any extra large lenses. It’s more expensive than the everyday camera backpack, but it’s strong and long-lasting, making it worth the price.

Overall, any photographer intending on being in the outdoors will find good use of the backpack. It is built with quality and it is weatherproof throughout the majority of the bag. Though it is the Gitzo Adventury 30L is the smaller version, its interior is deep and can hold a double-gripped camera along with multiple lenses. Even with all the gear, the padded dividers will keep your entire kit safe.

The Review

Gitzo Adventury 30L

The Gitzo Adventury 30L backpack will do the job in not only keeping your gear safe but also wrap around comfortably on your body. So if you’re an outdoor photographer, it will be great for you.


  • Great design
  • Lots of space
  • Has a roll top which allows you to compress or expand the bag


  • Can look a bit boxy
  • On the heavier side
  • Pricey

Gitzo Adventury 30L DEALS

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