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Buying into a quality camera backpack is a needed essential for us photographers. The reasons are many-fold: a storage area for all our precious equipment, protection, easily accessible, weatherproof, comfy, and we can arrange everything inside to our exact needs. There are other considerations, which means a quality camera bag will always be the order of the day.

In this regard, we will be looking at the Beschoi Camera Backpack. A backpack, which on the surface looks like it covers all the bases for a working photographer.


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t familiar with Beschoi backpacks before trying this one. The name reminded me more of a Russian ballet school than anything else, but my narrowmindedness aside, the company has a good reputation for producing fine backpacks.

This particular one is simple in design and looks like a no-frills travel pack from the outside. A good thing in a way, as you don’t want to be advertising to everybody you have a few grand worths of camera equipment inside.

Beschoi Camera Backpack Image

The external dimensions of the Beschoi Camera Backpack are 17.3 x 11 x 5.5 inches with the internal dimensions being 16.1 x 10.6 x 5.3 inches. That’s enough room to hold one or two DSLR camera bodies, roughly 5 healthy sized zoom lenses, and a flash unit. There’s also an external pocket for carrying a tripod and the inner sleeve can fit a 13.3-inch laptop.

There’s a quickly accessible pocket at the front, with side pockets for holding small items such as batteries and cables. A mini zip pocket can also be used for storing things like memory cards. There are plenty of pockets and storage spaces inside for all your main bits of gear, along with all the accessories….as long as you don’t have too many.

Gauging the right size for such a camera backpack can be tricky. The makers don’t want to make it too big or too small, which makes the Beschoi Camera Backpack just about right for carrying the average amount of gear possibly needed for an all-day shoot. But, more on this later.

The whole backpack has reinforced stitching with weather-resistant nylon along with antitheft zippers for that extra peace of mind. Like many camera backpacks, the internal dividers have Velcro attachments for rearranging the inside to your own specifications. Nine times out of ten, the default arrangement works just fine, only needing slight adjustment for your own particular cameras and lenses.

Although the exterior of the backpack has a strap for attaching a tripod, the backpack isn’t like others that have loads of attachment points for hanging other gear. On one hand, this keeps the backpack looking plain and simple, but it will really depend on your individual needs for if you do need other ways to attach gear to the outside of the backpack.

As for the shoulder straps, they are thickly padded with mesh material which feels very comfortable when on your back and fully loaded. The breathable nylon and tear-resistant fabric is a welcome addition as is the inclusion of the chest strap. Even with the backpack half full, having things like chest and hip straps distributes the weight around the torso.

Beschoi Camera Backpack in Use

As stated earlier, a quality camera backpack has to cover quite a few bases. Even if it has loads of configurable sections inside and looks fantastic, it still needs to be durable. The Beschoi is definitely that.

The honeycomb design gives solid protection all around the backpack. If it takes a few knocks and hits throughout the day or even falls off a chair, you will have the peace of mind that everything inside is fully protected. The backpack definitely covers this area very well.

Beschoi Camera Backpack Image

Although there’s plenty of room inside for a couple of camera bodies and a bunch of lenses, the doesn’t seem to be enough compartments for other accessories. A few extra antitheft pockets would have been nice. Somewhere to store your non-camera essentials like car keys, smartphone, business cards and the like.

As for taking the backpack out all day, it definitely gives peace of mind that everything inside is protected. Going out in a light rain shower is no problem either. After a brief downpour, everything inside was bone dry with nothing to worry about.

One thing that may appeal to the fashion conscious is that’s the Beschoi is good-looking. There may not be any color options, but from the exterior, the backpack looks like a stylish carry pack which wouldn’t look out of place in any travel scenario.

How Does the Beschoi Camera Backpack Compare?

The Beschoi doesn’t have a huge price tag which means there are quite a few other options on the market. One big player in the camera backpack market is Lowepro. They have loads of different options at different price points, with the nearest to the Beschoi being the Lowepro LP37234.

Lowepro has gone for a different type of design with the LP37234. From the exterior look alone, it comes across as more like a regular backpack than a travel case. The tripod pocket is built into the backpack. This means that it can also be used for storing accessories you need quickly at hand. The other difference is that there is an external zip pocket for extra storage. Initially, it doesn’t feel like it can fit as much gear as the Beschoi, but there are three different sizes to choose from.

The Beschoi feels more comfortable on the back due to its better-padded straps and the Lowepro only has enough room for a 10-inch tablet. Which backpack is best really comes down to your individual needs, how much of your camera kit you want to pack in, and how the compartments are arranged to fit your needs.

  Beschoi Camera BackpackLowepro LP37234
Holds LaptopYesYes
Chest StrapYesNo
Accessible FlapYesYes
Tripod PocketYesYes


In total, the Beschoi is a quality made camera backpack that should serve you well for many years. It gives your camera kit thorough protection with just enough compartment and pockets to cover most bases.

It could do with a few more compartments and pockets for good measure and a few more external attachment points, but on the whole it’s a stylish solution, with a reasonable price point.

The Review

Beschoi Camera Backpack

The Beschoi Camera Backpack is a stylish solution that offers great protection for your camera gear. Configurable inside compartments and a rugged exterior give excellent features for the price.


  • Rugged and fashionable
  • Honeycomb design
  • Configurable space


  • Only one color
  • Needs more compartments
  • Can only carry a lightweight tripod

Beschoi Camera Backpack DEALS

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